Greenworks Mower 60v

Greenworks Mower 60v Review

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You have decided to buy a 60v mower as you need a more powerful electric mower for your large yard. But is that enough? Not at all.

The mower industry is packed with lots of 60v mower. Then which one should you choose. 

Here you should go with a trusted brand like Greenworks. They are manufacturing the best electric lawn mower.

I guess you need more specific information. And it will be better if you get to know the best 60v mower of this brand, right?

Then let’s know about Greenworks mower 60v with their best product.  

Why Is The Voltage Of A Lawnmower Important? 

The voltage of the battery is the most prominent feature of a battery-powered electric lawnmower. Typically, a higher voltage means that the lawnmower is more powerful. 

The power output of the lawnmower you’re going to buy should be according to your yard’s size. If you have a large yard, you’ll need a more powerful mower. So you must consider buying a mower with a higher voltage. 

On the whole voltage is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing an electric lawnmower. 

Greenworks Pro 60-volt Push 21-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks Pro 60-volt Push 21-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworkstools has had immense success with its series of cordless electric lawn mowers in recent years. And the Greenworks Pro 60V mower is part of that series. If you want a powerful electric mower to mow lawns that are really challenging, then this mower would be ideal for you. 

This cordless electric mower features highly efficient motors, and it’s powered by a universal 60V battery that can also be used on other Greenworks equipment. 

The Greenworks Pro 60V mower comes with a robust single-lever height adjustment system. In fact, you can easily change the cutting height in order to get the optimal performance from your lawnmower. 

This mower features three types of discharge options for the grass clippings. It comes with a large bagger, a mulching plug, and also a side discharge chute. You can install them on your lawnmower quite easily, and you won’t have to use any tools for that.

Greenworks Pro 60-volt Push 21-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Features and benefits:


The handlebar of this mower features two height options, and it can also be folded entirely to about 180 degrees. You can eventually fold the handle and store this mower vertically inside your garage. It will save you up 70% of storage space. 

Greenworks Mower 60v review

Height Adjustment:

As mentioned before, you can adjust the height of the four wheels at the same time using the lever located at the back of the lawnmower. It features a seven-position height adjustment mechanism and the heights range from 1.38″ to 3.75″. 


The Greenworks mower 60V features a brushless motor that propels the lawnmower. This motor is quite energy-efficient, and it will provide the mower with a massive amount of torque. Moreover, this motor is whisper-quiet, and it won’t cause any noise or vibrations. 


Starting this mower is quite easy, and it won’t require you to pull a cord. Since it features an instant push-button starting mechanism, you can start and stop this mower’s engine just by pushing a button. 


This mower has a battery capacity of 4Ah, and it will provide you with a maximum runtime of about 60 minutes. That’s enough time to mow a medium or large-sized yard. And the mower’s cutting range is .25 acres to .5 acres. 

Overall, the Greenworks Pro 60V mower is an outstanding lawnmower with a ton of innovative features. Anf from the above discussion, it should be pretty clear why this mower is so well-received and popular among the landscapers and homeowners. 

best Greenworks 60v lawn Mower


How long does Greenworks 60v battery last?

The Greenworks 60V battery will provide you with a total runtime of 30-40 minutes. You can finish mowing a medium sized lawn in that amount of time.

Are Greenworks 60V and 80V batteries interchangeable?

These two batteries are quite similar to each other as they have the same type of construction. You can modify them in order to make them interchangeable. 

Does a higher Ah battery give more power?

The “Ah” of a battery refers to the amount of charge it can store. That means if a battery has a higher Ah, it also has more power. The Greenworks 60V battery has a capacity of 4Ah, and it’s quite powerful. 

Greenworks 60v lawn Mower

Final Verdict

Now that we have finally reached the end of our comprehensive review of the Greenworks Pro 60V lawn mower, it’s time for you to decide whether it is the right choice.

And did our review help you make up your mind about whether you should buy it or not? We can assure you that the Greenworks pro mower would be a better option for you than the other electric mowers currently available in the market. You’ll surely be satisfied with its cutting performance and ease of use. 

So, why wait? Have a try on it right now. 

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