Hotwire Crank Your Lawn Mower Without A Key

How To Hotwire A Lawn Mower? Step-By-Step Guide

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Having any problem with a lawn mower surely makes you uncomfortable. When you face a new problem like hotwiring a lawn mower, it seems more hectic to you, right?

When using any product it’s only natural that you may face some difficulties. Most of the time you can repair the ruined part of the product or you may need to change that part.

Sometimes, we can have a quick solution to a problem without needing to do any upgrade or change. A similar type we commonly face in the case of a lawn mower starting problem. 

This problem can be easily solved by hotwiring the lawn mower and bypassing the ignition system and starting the engine.

Now, let’s learn how to hotwire a lawn mower.

How To Hotwire A Lawn Mower

How To Hotwire A Lawn Mower

A lawn mower engine may not start for a number of reasons. For instance, the ignition coil or the solenoid of the lawn mower might be burned.

The engine might have faulty wires or damaged wires, the battery of our lawn mower would have been damaged. So there are a couple of reasons that our lawn mower is not starting properly.

Thus, comes the hotwire solution. Though it is a difficult task, with proper precautions and using safety measurements, we can easily hotwire a lawn mower and make our lawn beautiful again.

Rubber gloves, jumper cables (or you can use any thick wires with rubber coating to keep you safe)
Screwdriver(alternate approach)

Step #1

Put your lawn mower in neutral.

Step #2

Now with your rubber gloves on, locate the solenoid of your lawn mower, it is usually beside your seat or under the front hood.

Step #3

In the solenoid, locate a red cable that goes straight to the battery. And locate another wire with a different colour (this colour depends on your system), going to the relay box and from there. The same wire goes to the ignition switch.

Step #4

Now take your jumper cables, then touch on the end of your jumper cable with the red wire (that goes in the battery). Now touch the other end of your jumper cable with the wire which is attached to the ignition switch.

Now, your lawn mower will start.

Alternate Methods

#1 Using Plugin relay Box

If you locate the relay box, then you can see that a wire (red) is connected from the battery. And at the opposite side of that relay, another wire is (not black or red) connected from the ignition box.

If you connect the jumper cables in these two holes, they will eventually connect the battery and the ignition switch and start your engine.

#2 Using a Screwdriver

If you are unable to find any jumper cables or any thick wire to make the connection, then you can start your engine with a screwdriver.

 First, you have to perform steps 1, 2 and 3.

Next, if the two wires (one connected from the battery with the solenoid and another connected with the ignition box from the solenoid) are close to each other, then you can take your screwdriver and connect the two wires. Now that will eventually start your engine.


If you want to hotwire your lawn mower, you have to make sure that you are capable of maintaining any risk you encounter. So, you must be an adult or with an adult while doing this whole process.

Secondly, before connecting the wires, you have to make sure that your brake is on.

One important thing, when connecting the wires, do not be afraid if you see any sparks.

Lastly, if you want to stop the lawn mower, in your relay box (see alternate method) you need to connect your jumper wires with the other two wires.

If that seems a bit difficult, just turn the throttle down, and the engine will stop.


It is often disappointing to know that you have a working lawn mower. But just because your lawn mower has a starting problem, it can not mow until it’s fixed.

If you want to start our mower to make our lawn look wonderful again, a quick solution for this problem is to hotwire your lawn mower.

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