Best Toro Mowers

Best Toro Mowers (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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As a landscaper, I always go with Toro. And of course, these are so many mentionable reasons behind it.

I know you are very passionate about Toro. Then let’s be more convinced with some amazing products. I want to just share my experience with you.

I have been with this brand for the last 2 years. I found no negative sides to mention with the mower I used. And so finally, I’ve decided to share with you 7 best Toro Mowers that have proven track to me.

Should you wait more? No way. Let’s start exploring.    

7 Best Toro Mowers Review

What are you going to get here? You will get to know all these 7 products with detailed features and specifications. Most importantly, we’ve brought up a comprehensive buying guide so that you can learn what features to check out before buying a Toro Mower for you.      

1. Toro 22 in. 20353 Lawn Mower

Toro 22 in. 20353 Lawn Mower

Boasting an all-wheel drive system and self-propelling feature,  the Toro Recycler 22 in. Lawn Mower is highly efficient to mow your yard. Actually, this is a gas lawn mower that runs on a powerful engine from the Briggs & Stratton. 

This mower comes with a user-friendly design that makes it incredibly easy to use. Apart from that, it is featured with superb mulching capability. In fact, it comes with a heap of amazing features that makes it smarter. 

And with the powerful features, you will get better control while mowing the lawn. You will also get excellent maneuverability and improved traction even on the toughest terrain, thanks to its self-propelling features. 

Features and Benefits:

Power: The mower is fitted with a 163 cc Briggs & Stratton engine that offers enough torque to increase the power. And the fuel tank of this engine has the capacity to hold 1.1 qt. 


With a 22” heavy-duty stamped deck, the mower can effectively mow the lawn. The deck of this mower is made from top-quality steel that increases its strength. 

Cutting Quality

Featuring a 21.75” cutting path and shaper blade, the mower has amazing cutting capacity. The blade speed is 17,082 ft./min.

Cutting Height

The cutting deck can be positioned in 9 positions from 1 inch to 4.5 inches.


The mower comes with 8” durable wheels that ensures excellent maneuverability. 

Now, if you are looking for a premium-quality lawn mower, then this residential lawn mower should be the best option for you.

2. Toro 21 in. 21387 Lawn Mower

Toro 21 in. 21387 Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a sophisticated mower that comes with elegant design, then look no further. This mower is perfect for you. 

This stylish mowing device will not only offer the sharpest cutting but it also makes your lawn greener and healthier. It is featured with the Super Recycler’s Cutting System that makes it highly functional. 

With this mower, you can mow the lawn comfortably, thanks to the FLEX Handle suspension system. Besides that, it features hassle-free maintenance. 

Most importantly, you can easily start this mowing device with a simple push. You may even carry and store it with ease.

Features and Benefits:


The mower is fitted with a 8.75 HP powerful engine from Briggs & Stratton. And the engine features 1.1 qt. Fuel tank capacity.

Cutting Quality

The mower features 20.895 in. cutting width and 17,082 ft./min of blade speed. So it offers high-precision cutting.


The mower is equipped with a 21” fabricated deck that is made from durable metal, cast aluminum to be exact.

Height Adjustability

You can adjust the cutting height in 7 different positions, ranging from 1” to 4.5”. 


Featuring 8” front and rear wheels, the mower offers better traction on the hilly slope or terrain.

Additional Features

The mower is featured with a large grass bag for easy disposal of grass. It comes with a foldable handle for convenient operation.

On the whole, this mower will be a great addition for those who are looking for a high-performance residential lawn mower.

3. Toro 30 in. 21199 Lawn Mower

Toro 30 in. 21199 Lawn Mower

You can get your job done with this powerful lawn mower. This mowing device is mainly intended for large lawn. Moreover, the mower runs on a powerful Briggs & Stratton OHV engine that delivers more than enough power. 

Moreover, it comes with a wider cutting path that can cover enough grass with a single pass. So you can complete the mowing fastly and efficiently. In fact, it will save your valuable time as it is highly capable of doing more in less time. 

The mower comes with the safety feature. It will allow you to start and stop the mower with ease. You may even adjust the speed depending on your needs.

And with the self-propelling feature, the mower offers better maneuverability even in the tighter spaces.  

Features and Benefits:


The mower boasts a 223 cc engine that delivers superb power. In fact, this 10 HP engine incorporates a 1.2 qt. Fuel tank. 


The mower comes with a 30 inches mowing deck that is made of heavy-duty steel. So it will last longer. And this stamped deck features 0.09 thickness.

Cutting Quality

Featuring a couple of sharp blades, the mower can excellently mow the lawn. 

Cutting Height

The device will allow you to adjust the cutting height in 7 positions from 1.250 inches to 4.250 inches. And it features the blade speed of 18,000 ft./min which is really incredible.

If you are looking for the best Toro self-propelled lawn mower under $1000, then you can consider this model for sure.

4. Toro Timecutter 60 in. 75760 Zero turn Mower

Toro Timecutter 60 in. 75760 Zero turn Mower

Have you been looking for an extremely powerful lawn mower to mow a substantially large lawn? If so, then the Toro Timecutter 60 in. 75760 Zero Turn Mower is surely a perfect option for you. 

With a 60 inches large cutting deck, the mower performs well while mowing your lawn. In fact, the IronForged deck is built to last longer.

Basically, this mower is engineered for residential purposes. It features key ignition starting type. And this mower runs on a 4 cycle powerful engine that is powered by 10W-30 oil. 

Features and Benefits:


The Toro 75760 is fitted with a 24.5 HP engine with the displacement of 708 cc. You know the engine is incredibly powerful to mow a large lawn. It has a 2.5 qt.fuel tank that has the capacity to contai 3 gallon.

Cutting Deck

Boasting a heavy duty deck, the mower is highly capable. In fact, the deck of this device is made from durable 10 gauge steel that makes it long lasting.

Mowing Capacity

With 3 sharp blades & 18,995 ft./min of blade speed, the mower is highly reliable to cut the overgrown grass. For efficient cutting, you can adjust the blade height in 7 options from 1.5” to 4.5” depending on your needs.

Special Feature

The mower is featured with the Smart Speed Technology that makes it really special. 

To sum up, the Toro 75760 is surely a reliable option thanks to its heavy duty configuration and zero turn capability.

5. Toro Titan 54 in. 75302 Zero-Turn Mower

Toro Titan 54 in. 75302 Zero-Turn Mower

The Toro 75302 is a pro in terms of mowing a large lawn. Actually, it comes with a rich set of features. And this is a gas-powered zero turn lawn mower.

The mower is powered by a high-performance engine. Not only that but it also has excellent cutting capacity. With this zero turn  mower, you can make your lawn well-groomed.

With the key ignition starting system, you can easily operate this lawn mower. And for your convenience, the mower comes with an 18” comfortable seat back where you can sit for a long time while mowing the lawn.

Seems great? Keep reading to know more…

Features and Benefits:


Boasting a 24.5 HP engine, the mower is surely a great device. This 708 cc engine delivers a significant amount of power to mow your lawn. And this engine is featured with a 2.5 qt. fuel tank.


When it comes to talking about the deck, it is mentionable that the mower comes with a really high-performance deck. This 54” deck is made of top-rated steel that makes it significantly durable. In fact, it can cover a wider area with a single pass.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of this mower is really impressive, thanks to its 3 sharper blades. In fact, you will be allowed to adjust the cutting height in 13 positions for custom cutting. So you adjust the height from 1.5” to 4.5” based on the grass density. 


Owing to the zero turn capacity, the mower is incredibly easy to maneuver even in the tighter spaces.


The mower is featured with the canister style air filter. Apart from that, it also incorporates a rubber made discharge chute.

Do you have enough budget? Then you may consider this device.

6. Toro Timecutter 42 in. 75743 Riding Lawn Mower

Toro Timecutter 42 in. 75743 Riding Lawn Mower

The Toro 75743 is a high-performance riding lawn mower that features ignition key starting. This mower even runs on a top-rated engine that delivers.

When it comes to cutting capacity, the mower remains excellent, thanks to its durable deck. You may even be allowed to adjust several cutting heights that makes it more convenient to cut the grass.

In addition, the mower is featured with an ergonomically designed seat with cushion that makes it really comfortable to use.

Features and Benefits:


The mower boasts a Kawasaki engine that is rated at 23 HP. The engine comes with a large fuel tank that can contain 3 gal. However, it is powered by gas. In fact, the 4-CYCLE 10W-30 is recommended for this engine.

Mowing Quality

It comes with superb mowing quality. Moreover, the mower will allow you to adjust the cutting deck in 7 positions ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. 

Cutting Deck

Like other Toro Mowers, this model also comes with a top-quality cutting deck. And the deck is made from 10 gauge steel that makes it durable.


The mower is armed with 18” rear wheels and 7.5” front wheels that offer better traction. 

You know this mowing tool is one of the best riding lawn mowers in this price range. Then shouldn’t you consider it?

7. Toro Timecutter 54 in. 75754 Zero-Turn Mower

Toro Timecutter 54 in. 75754 Zero-Turn Mower

Well, this is also an amazing riding mower that comes with zero turn capability. Basically, it is designed for residential usages. 

The mower is fitted with a gas engine. Besides, the device is featured with the variable speed control system. 

In addition, the mower is featured with the maximum forward speed of 7 mph. In contrast, it features the maximum reverse speed of 3 mph.

Let’s see more.

Features and Benefits:


The mower runs on a powerful 24.5 HP gas engine that is powered by 10W-30 type oil. The engine itself has 3 gallon fuel capacity. 


The mower comes with a 54” fabricated deck. And the deck will last longer as it is made from durable materials. 

Cutting Quality

The Toro 75754 Zero-Turn Mower is equipped with 3 ultra-sharp blades that increase its cutting capacity.

Height Adjustability

You will be allowed to set the deck height in 7 positions from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches.


With the 11 inches rear wheels and 5.5 inches front wheels, the mower offers improved traction. It is also easy to maneuver due to its zero turn capability.

Special features

The device is featured with the MyRide Technology. It also features the Smart Speed Technology.

By considering all these features, the mower might be a great option for you.

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Toro Mowers

toro mowers

Toro is surely a top-rated brand. And it comes with a multitude of product range. So you need to look for some certain things to choose the best toro mowers. Let’s explore the factors.

Engine Power: This is the first and foremost thing in terms of choosing the best mower. Alright, so you have to make sure that the mower is featured with a powerful engine or motor before making a purchase. The engine over 18 HP can be considered as a powerful engine.

Mowing Deck: The mowing deck should be wider. In fact, it depends on some factors. Well, let me explain please. If your lawn is small, then you may choose the mower with a smaller cutting deck. But it is highly recommended to choose the mower that comes with a wider deck. 

More precisely, the mowing deck should be 42” or above if you own a large lawn. Because you will be able to do more with minimal time. However, one thing you must have to make sure that the deck is durable enough.

Cutting Quality: Basically, the cutting quality depends on the number of blades and the sharpness. So make sure that the mower has sharp blades before purchasing it. 

Apart from those, you have to ensure that the mower will allow you to adjust the cutting height. 

The Toro come with multiple height adjustment systems with their mowers, ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. So you will be able to get expected cutting.

Zero Turn Capability: If the maneuverability is your top-priority, then then choose the model that comes with the zero turn capability.

Final Thought:

To recapitulate, the Toro is one of the top-leading mower brands in the world. And so, here we’ve reviewed 7 Best Toro Mowers. You know these mowers have a ton of amazing features that you’ve already learned .

However , if you still have confusion, then read through the article once again. However, do not forget to consider the above things to choose the best toro mowers.

And to say about our top pick, we strongly recommend Toro 22 in. 20353 Lawn Mower. Engine power to cutting capacity, this one is up to the mark from all sides.   

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