Who Makes Ariens Mowers? Answer Here

Who Makes Ariens Mowers? Answer Here

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In this modern era, people are becoming more interested in gardening or grooming beautiful lawns at home. So, lawn equipment, like lawn mowers, is becoming increasingly popular. Though so many brands are available, some always stand out.

For homeowners and some high-end consumers, the Ariens lawn mower is one of the top choices. If you have ever looked for efficient and advanced lawn mowers, you must hear the name. But then comes the question, “Who makes Ariens Mowers?” or “Are they good enough?”

Well, this article will give you all of the answers.

Who Makes Ariens Mowers?

Ariens mowers are made by an American company named “Ariens”. It was founded in 1933 in Wisconsin, USA. Since then, they have been producing lawn tractors, zero-turn lawn mowers, and snow blowers for the global market and still growing each day.

Essentially, they manufacture products for commercial and high-end industries. The company is also renowned for producing efficient and advanced lawn mowers. Although, sometimes people get confused between Ariens and Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Outdoor Products made Ariens tractors, but Ariens owns the brand now. Maybe you’ve heard the name “Gravely mowers” as well? This brand is also owned by Ariens company.

What Type Of Mowers Does Ariens Make?

Ariens manufactures a variety of models of lawn mowers. For over 75 years, they have been producing some great riding mowers that are available on the market. In the beginning, they started with self-propelled and walk-behind mowers, but now they have more varieties, even with the older types.

Currently, Ariens produces two types of mowers:

  1. Classic Type
  2. Razor Type

With some models of classic types, there are benefits like a bigger engine and more fuel storage capacity. On the other hand, Razor types have a greater cutting ratio and are light in weight. The choice depends on the size of your lawn and the demand you want to meet.

Ariens is famous for its riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers are another popular product of them. All these products are extremely popular among lawn owners. By reducing the cutting time, these models also ensure a fantastic mowing experience for users.

Are Ariens mowers good enough?

Well, of course, if you have read this far just to know about these mowers,  then the answer should be yes. Not only are they good, Ariens makes high-quality lawn mowers and also offers other gardening equipment too. For over 70 years, they have been one of the leading brands in this market.

They are known for their long-lasting design and excellent performance. The blades of Ariens lawn mowers are strong enough and capable of cutting the grass easily. These mowers are more efficient than most other available mowers too.

The engine is always a primary concern for a lawn mower. So, Ariens, of course, doesn’t compromise on this. They use Kawasaki engines, which are great for power and dependency. The medium size engine produces perfect power for moderate size lawns in residential areas.

They also have larger mowers that can cover multiple acres of lawns. Even after heavy uses, consumers have said, the engine or other parts of mowers lasted long enough. So, if no problems occur, one can run these mowers for years, without taking that much hassle.

Recently, Ariens mowers’ popularity has been growing beyond just the USA. From a four-employee company to a multinational brand of 1,500 people from different countries, this was not an easy journey of course. They are still producing new models and upgrading features.


Lawn mowers are something that we don’t buy frequently. Rather, it’s wise to invest once and maintain the model for a long time. In that sense, Ariens can be trusted. They have a long history of serving with the best product and never compromising on quality.

From our analysis, I can suggest some best mowers from Ariens. Ariens Zoom, 7000 series, Ariens 991086 zero-turn, Ariens ZTR are some of the best products of the brand. For domestic uses or industrial purposes, all of them will perform well.

So, now you know who makes Ariens mowers and how they perform. If you are thinking of buying one and if the budget supports it, then go for it. I hope you won’t hesitate.

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