Who Makes Ego Lawn Mowers

Who Makes Ego Lawn Mowers?

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Lawn mower is common outdoor power equipment. Every person who loves mowing, desires to keep a decent lawn mower in his possession. And the mower must be efficient and easy to operate.

If you’re gonna buy a lawn mower, then Ego Lawn Mower is the best option for you. These lawn mowers have become very popular in the market, for their exciting features.
I guess you haven’t heard of this lawn mower before. So, you might be thinking, who makes Ego Lawn Mowers?

You should know the answer before buying the tool. That’s why, in this article, we are going to share detailed information regarding this.

Who Makes Ego Lawn Mowers:

Ego Lawn mower is a product of EgoPowerPlus, which is one of the most famous brands in the field of outdoor equipment production. In1993 it was a manufacturing wing of Chervon.

Their target was to introduce the technology of cordless outdoor equipment to the users. Now they have become one of the most successful companies in the world. Currently they are supplying their products upto 65 countries.

Who Makes Ego Lawn Mowers

Features and Benefits of Ego Lawn Mower:

Ego Lawn Mowers have a lot of eye-catching features. Here are some of the main features and benefits of this mower.


  • It is a cordless lawn mower.
  • It is also self-propelled.
  • An EGO 56V ARC-Lithium battery is used as the power source.
  • Has a cutting width of 42 cm.
  • Built with sturdy material.
  • Comes with fast charging technology.


  • You can adjust the height of the handle according to your comfort.
  • You can easily fold it up. This makes the storing job easier.
  • Since it doesn’t use any kind of fossil fuel, it is an environment-friendly tool.
  • Takes 30 minutes to get fully charged.
  • Once it is fully charged, you can mow for more than 45 minutes.
  • The battery works very efficiently.


I guess now you know who makes Ego Lawn Mowers? We have also mentioned some of the features and benefits of this tool. So you can easily keep trust on Ego Lawn Mower as your mowing partner.

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