Are you very concerned about the environment and don’t want to emit any fuel while mowing. Then the push mower should be your go to mower. And I know you are looking for the best one. 

Well. Thanks for your concern for the environment. But you know choosing a good push mower that will meet all your requirements won’t be that easy. 

But why? Because the mower market is saturated with lots of low quality products. And you may be the victim of purchasing the wrong one.

Then what to do? Nothing, Just stay with us till the end!

We’ve come with 6 best push mowers for the money that will really save your valuable money. 

Now, let’s start digging more.  

6 Best Push Mowers For The Money

To ensure the best product for you, we did everything we could. We didn’t depend only on market research, we tested out sort listed products thoroughly. We analyzed the user experience who have already used these mowers.

And finally we’ve got these 6 push mowers that you can pick. Let’s explore the amazing 6 push mowers.   

1. Greenworks 2507502 Brushed Push Mower

Greenworks 2507502 Brushed is the Best Push Mowers For The Money

Well, we are starting with an amazing lawn mower that comes with Greenworks. Although it’s comparatively cheap in price, it has amazing features. And Greenworks is always a reliable name for the power tool users. 

Alright, Greenworks 2507502  is an electric lawn mower that features push-button starting. In fact, it’s one of the most popular models of Greenworks. And the model features a 10 Amp motor that has a voltage rating of 120 volts. Moreover, the mower is featured with a 17 inches cutting deck for efficient cutting. 

Features and Benefits:

Power: The mower runs on a powerful Greenworks motor that is rated at 10 Amp.  

Drive: You have to push the mower to operate it as it is a push mower. However, don’t need to be worried. The mower is easy to operate.

Deck: Featuring a 17” heavy duty fabricated deck, the mower can outstandingly cut the overgrown grass of your lawn. The deck of this mowing device is made out of durable materials. And the deck is 3 mm thick which makes it more durable. 

Cutting Quality: The mowing quality of this device is really outstanding, thanks to its sharp blade. 

Mowing Options: The mower comes with 2 mowing capabilities. So you will be allowed to mulch as well as rear discharging. In fact, you will be able to switch the mode whenever you want. 

Cutting Height: It will allow you to adjust the cutting height in 5 different options between ⅝”  to 2-⅝”.

Wheels: The mower is fitted with the 7 inches rear as well as 6 inches front wheels. 

Attachment: With this mower, you will get a 20” x 13” grass bag. The grass bag can contain 14.5 gals. of grass. 

On the whole the mower is designed for residential uses. In fact, it can perfectly mow up to 1/4- 1/3 acres of even terrain. You should consider it. 

2. Troy Bilt TB170XP SpaceSavr™ Push Mower

Troy Bilt TB170XP SpaceSavr™ is the Best Push Mowers For The Money

The Troy Bilt TB170XP is one of the best push mowers for the money. The mower is powered by a Troy-Bilt OHV engine that features simple and reliable starting. The remarkable thing about this device is its space-saving design. 

The mower is designed in such a way which will let you carry and store it with ease. And with this mower, you will get an innovative rear clip that will keep your device secure as well as stable even in an upright position. 

The cutting capacity of this device is also great. However, the mower features a deck wash port for efficient disposal of the grass clippings.   

Features and Benefits: 

Engine:  The TB170XP comes with a Troy-Bilt 149 cc engine that features auto choke. 

Deck: The mower boasts a 21” superb durable cutting deck that is made out of advanced materials. 

Mowing Options: The mower has 3 Cutting Modes: mulching, side discharging, and rear discharging as well. You can switch the mode depending on your needs. 

Cutting Height: With the dual lever, the mower will allow you to adjust the cutting height in 6 positions between the 1.25″ – 3.75″. 

Wheels: The mower has 8’’ rear wheels as well as 7’’ front wheels. 

Attachment: The mower features a large grass bag that has the capacity to hold 1.9 Bushels of grass clippings.

So, if you are looking for the best push mower under $300, then you can consider this model.

3. Great States 204-14 Push Lawn Mower

Great States 204-14 Push Lawn Mower

The Great States 204-14 is a 4-Blade reel mower that offers high-precision cutting like a scissor. And you do not need any fuel to run this mower.

The mower is fitted with sharp blades that spin smoothly. Moreover, the tool is featured with the easy-roll wheels that offer better traction.

For your convenience, it comes with the height adjustment features. However, you will get a well-groomed lawn with this mower without any hassle.   

Features and Benefits: 

Cutting Quality: Basically, the mower features a 4-blade ball bearing reel that features 14” cutting width. The blades are made of heat-treated alloy steel. So the sharpness will last longer. And with the sharper blades, the mower can excellently cut the grass of your mower. 

Height Adjustment:  Well, the mower features a quick height adjustment system which will allow you to adjust the cutting height between 0.5″-1.75″.

Maneuverability: The mower has 8.5″ Composite wheels that offer excellent traction. You will also be able to maneuver it with ease.

Comfort: The mower comes with a comfy gripped T-style handle so that you can easily operate it. 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use push mower, then surely this one would be the best option for you.

4. Cub Cadet SC 100 HW High Wheel Push Mower

 Cub Cadet SC 100 HW High Wheel Push Mower

The Cub Cadet SC 100 HW is a top-rated push mower. It comes with a heap of impressive features.

The mower is powerful enough to take care of uneven terrain without any hassle. You can run this mower fastly and mow the lawn efficiently. The mower comes with a high-performance OHV engine that makes sure smooth and dependable starting.

Moreover, it has an amazing cutting capacity. Want to know more about this model? Well, keep reading! 

Features and Benefits:

Engine: This heavy duty push mower runs on a high-performance 159cc OHV Engine that is featured with the thermal auto choke. The engine is powerful enough to mow up to ¼ acre of flat terrain. 

Cutting Quality: The mower has a 21” cutting deck that can sharply cut the grass of your yard.

Height Adjustment: With the dual lever, you can balance the mowing height in 6 different options, ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. 

Mowing Options: The mower boasts three mowing options: mulching, bagging as well as side discharging. 

Comfort: It features an ergonomically designed comfy gripped handle that can be adjusted in three positions. 

Attachment: The mower is featured with the deck washing system with the Patented SmartJet high-pressure.

Considering all the features, surely, the mower is a smart option for the homeowners.

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S Push Reel Lawn Mower 

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Scotts 2000-20S is a classic push reel mower with which you can make your lawn nice-looking. In fact, this mower is a great tool to take care of your yard even without emitting any fumes. 

With the gas-powered mower, you can tear essential fluids from the grass to prevent them from insect attack that causes diseases. However, there is no tearing with this reel mower. You can easily cut the grass just like a scissor. 

Again I want to mention that this mower is one of the best tools to make your lawn greener as well as healthier. This compact and lightweight mower is fairly easy to assemble. You also can store this mower with ease.  

Features and Benefits:

Ease of use: The Scotts 2000-20S push mower doesn’t require any motor or engine to run. You can assemble it without any hassle.

Cutting Quality: The mower features 20″ cutting width. And it is equipped with a 5-blade ball bearing reel that makes sure high-precision cuts. 

Cutting Height: This reel mower comes with the height adjustment features. You will be allowed to quickly adjust the cutting height between 1″-3″. 

Maneuverability: Featuring the 10″ dual tracking wheels, the mower is fairly simple to maneuver in the tighter spaces. 

Blade: The blade of this mower is made out of heat-treated alloy steel that makes it incredibly durable. 

Storage: As the mower is compact and lightweight, you can easily carry and store in a small space. 

Comfort: The mower features an ergonomically designed handle with cushion grip. So you will be able to operate it with the ultimate comfort.

If you want to make your lawn beautiful in a healthy and efficient way, then this lawn mower is surely an excellent option for the homeowners.

6. Troy-Bilt TB115 Push Mower

The Troy-Bilt TB115 is another excellent mower that you can choose to make your lawn greener and healthier. The mower is featured with a Troy Bilt engine that comes with more than enough power.

And when it comes to talking about mowing capacity, the mower is surely an excellent option. It comes with several mowing options. In fact, the mower comes with all the features like a pro. 

Features and Benefits:

Engine: The mower runs on a Troy-Bilt engine that is featured with the Auto choke. Actually, you can start the mower with ease, thanks to this powerful engine.

Mowing Options: The mower has three mowing features including mulching, rear bagging, and side discharging as well. And with these three options, the mower is highly versatile. You can easily dispose of the grass clippings after mowing the lawn.

Cutting Deck: The mower has a 21 inches symmetrical mowing deck that is perfect to mow a small to medium-sized lawn. The deck of this push lawn mower is made out of 15 gauge steel that makes it highly durable.

Cutting Quality: The mower is featured with the TriAction Cutting System that features a rake guard. 

Height Adjustment: The mower comes with the dual lever which will let you adjust the cutting height between the range of 1.25 in. – 3.75 in. 

You know this one has a rich set of features. So you can pick this with confidence. 

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Push Mowers

Best Push Mowers For The Money

You know there are some important things you need to consider while choosing the best push mowers for the money. And so we’ve brought up those important considerations.

Let’s explore the factors.

Type: Well, the push mower can be electric-driven or gas-powered. It also can be a reel mower. However, all of these are push mowers. Now the question is which type of push mower would be the best to mow your lawn.

Basically, it will depend on your own preferences and needs as well. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and a medium powerful mower, then an electric-driven push mower would be the best for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-performance mower, then the gas-powered one would be perfect. However, the reel mower is also an eco-friendly option. In fact, it is the easiest to use. You won’t face any hassle with a reel mower.

Power: It’s really such an important factor that you can’t ignore anyway. Whether you purchase a gas-powered or an electric push mower, you need to concentrate on the power of the device. Because performance mostly depends on power.

If you’d like to purchase a gas-powered push mower, then make sure that it comes with a powerful engine. Likewise, you need to make sure that the electric mower comes with a heavy duty motor that delivers more than enough power.

Mowing deck: Basically, push mowers are perfect for the small to medium-sized lawn. However, it is better to choose a mower that has around 20” cutting deck. 

Indeed, more mowing options would be helpful for you. So try to choose a model that has several mowing options.

Cutting Quality: In my opinion, this is the most important consideration when it comes to choosing a mowing device. So you have to ensure that the mower has sharp blades that have high-precision cutting capacity. 

Moreover, the cutting height adjustment system is a must-have feature for efficient cutting.

Final Words:

Here we’ve reviewed 6 best push mowers for the money. Basically, here we’ve included three types of push lawn mowers: electric, gas-powered, and reel mower. And you can choose the type depending on your needs.

If you have yet to know which one would be the best, then I’d say the Greenworks 2507502 Brushed Push Mower would be the overall best. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S Push Reel Lawn Mower is also a great option for those who are looking for the best reel mower. Troy Bilt TB170XP SpaceSavr™ Push Mower is perfect for gas mower lovers.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment down below. 


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