When you are in search of a spool replacement for your Black and Decker trimmer, you will surely get stumble in choosing the perfect one. You know you have to consider several factors here.

It has to fit with your Black and Decker trimmer, and has to be top in quality and service. If any meets all of the requirements, only then you can hope to have the best one for you.

But to be sure about all of that, you have to spend huge time in research and market analysis. But I know you want to save your time as well as choose the best suitable one for you. 

Then you can rely on us. From our list of the best 5 Black and Decker automatic feed spools, you will find your desired one, be sure.

Let’s see.   

Top Five Black And Decker Automatic Feed Spools Review

NameImageItem WeightProduct Dimensions Price
GARDENOK Line String Trimmer Replacement SpoolGARDENOK Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool1.32 pounds
2.6 x 2.6 x 1.07 inches
Replacement Spool, AF-100 Trimmer String, 30 FeetReplacement Spool, AF-100 Trimmer String, 30 Feet5.6 ounces
8 x 2.7 x 1.4 inches
BLACK+DECKER Trimmer Line Replacement SpoolBLACK+DECKER Trimmer Line Replacement Spool
2 ounces
1 x 1 x 1 inches
RONGJU 6 Pack Weed Eater Replacement SpoolsRONGJU 6 Pack Weed Eater Replacement Spools7.2 ounces
8.74 x 6.06 x 1.5 inches
Black & Decker DF-080 Dual-Line Replacement Spools0.16 ounces
2.88 x 8.64 x 2.88 inches

In the following list, you’ll see the most well-received trimmer line spools that are currently available in the market. 

And after reading our reviews, you’ll surely find the best Black and Decker automatic feed spool in the industry. So, let’s begin: 

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1. GARDENOK Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool 

GARDENOK Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool

Each of the spools in this 12 pack Gardenok string trimmer replacement spool contains a 40 feet line that has a diameter of .065 inches. It’s actually 30% longer than any regular string trimmer spool. 

This trimmer line will definitely help in keeping your string trimmer operational at all times. 

It’s also quite durable, and it has a robust construction. And as it has a three-sided arc, you’ll be able to install it on your string trimmer easily. 


  • This string trimmer line is compatible with the Black & Decker af100 series.
  • It also has compatibility with Craftsman string trimmers. 
  • It’s categorized as an auto-feed spool, and it comes pre-wound. 
  • It uses centrifugal force in order to feed the cutting string automatically. 

Overall, the Gardenok trimmer line will work as an ideal replacement for your Black & Decker string trimmer. 

2. Replacement Spool, AF-100 Trimmer String, 30 Feet

Replacement Spool, AF-100 Trimmer String, 30 Feet

Are you looking for a high-quality replacement spool for your string trimmer that’s even better than the original Black & Decker line? 

Well, you’re in luck because this 30 feet AF-100 replacement spool is unbeatable in terms of quality and durability. This spool is reliable, and it’s easy to set up. 

At first, press the tabs and then pull the cover off. After that, take the old spool out of its hub. Insert the brand new spool through its eyelet. Keep rotating it until it drops into its place. Put the cover back on, and you’re done.


  • This trimmer line is made out of nylon.
  • Just like the previous entry on our list, it also has a diameter of .065 inches. 
  • It’s capable of replacing AF-100 string trimmers, and it is pre-wound. 
  • This package contains three spools, and each spool has a length of 30 feet. 
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On the whole, it’s a premium quality replacement spool, and it can cut through any kind of grass and weeds no matter how tough it may be. 

3. BLACK+DECKER Trimmer Line Replacement Spool

BLACK+DECKER Trimmer Line Replacement Spool

If you don’t want to go through the tiresome process of manually hand-winding the spool yourself, then we suggest you go for this dual line AFS trimmer line replacement spool. 

It features an auto-feed system, and it is also factory-wound. Just like the first entry on this list, this spool uses centrifugal force in order to auto-feed the string. It can also avoid hitches and bumps with ease. 


  • It’s a dual string trimmer line spool.
  • This one has a length of 40 feet and a diameter of 0.065″. 
  • It’s compatible with Black and Decker GH750 and GH700 string grass trimmers. 
  • It has a sturdy construction, and it’s quite similar to the original trimmer line in terms of quality. 

Although this Black and Decker automatic feed spool is a little expensive when compared to other options available in the market, it’s definitely worth considering. 

4. RONGJU 6 Pack Weed Eater Replacement Spools

RONGJU 6 Pack Weed Eater Replacement Spools

There is no need to worry if the spool of your string trimmer or weed eater has received some damage. The Rongju 6 pack spools will work as an excellent alternative to your original spool. 

And these spools are also quite affordable. It’s really easy to install, and it won’t require you to perform DIY winding. 


  • The cable has a length of 200 feet, and it comes pre-wound.
  • It won’t get tangled that easily. 
  • This product includes six weed eater replacement spools that are compatible with Black and Decker weed eater models: GH3000R, GH3000, LST540B, LST540.
  • You can quickly snap it into your string trimmer as the installation process of this spool doesn’t require any tools.

To sum up, the Rongju six-pack spools are high-quality automatic feed spools that are made of sturdy polyamide nylon. They are also cost-effective. 

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5. Black & Decker DF-080 Dual-Line Replacement Spools

Black & Decker DF-080 Dual-Line Replacement Spools

Don’t you want to have a healthy-looking lawn? If you do, then replacing the old trimmer line from your string trimmer should be your top priority. 

And there isn’t a better replacement option for your Black and Decker string trimmer other than the DF-080 replacement spools. It has a dual auto-feed system that makes sure that the line can advance automatically without facing issues. 


  • This replacement line spool is made of durable monofilament nylon. 
  • It’s not that hard to install. All you have to do is just follow the instructions correctly, and you’re good to go. 
  • It has a length of 30 feet, and the product contains three spools. Each of them has a diameter of .07 inches. 

The Black & Decker DF-080 replacement spool undoubtedly helps you take care of the grass and weeds in your lawn. It would be best if you considered purchasing it. 

Final Verdict

We had to spend hundreds of hours in order to find out the most top-rated replacement spools in the market and to test them out. After doing all that, we were finally able to make this list. 

Hopefully, our list has helped you find the line spool that you were looking for. Remember, not all line spools in the market fit Black & Decker models. 

So, just pick one from our list, and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. And if you want to know about our favorite pick, we would recommend the Gardenok line trimmer spool. 

No other brand can even come close to the quality of Gardenok products, and this line spool has a convenient AFS system, and it’s also highly durable. 


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