Change Blades On Riding Mower

How To Change Blades On Riding Mower Without Removing Deck?

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Lawn mower’s blades tend to get damaged or lose their sharpness over time. So, inevitably, you will need to change the blade at some point.

However, if you’re dealing with a riding lawn mower, changing the blades is not an easy task, as you typically need to remove the deck of the mower. 

Are you looking for a solution on how to change blades on a riding mower without removing the deck?  

Well, in this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know to fix this problem. 

So, stick with us!

How To Change Blades On A Riding Mower Without Removing Deck: The Easiest Guide

Though changing the blades is not overly difficult, removing the deck makes the task way harder than it actually is. Knowing how to change the blades without removing the deck can make this process much easier. 

Can You Change The Blade Without Removing The Deck?

The answer is yes, you absolutely can do this. The blades are located at the bottom of the mower. You will need a jack or a gadget that can elevate the riding mower enough to reveal the blade beneath the deck. 

How To Change Blades Without Removing The Deck

Required tool 

Once you have all the required tools to start the blade removing process, follow these next steps:

Step 1: Check the blades

The first step is to check the blades by using the torch/flashlight. If your lawn mower blades are not sharp enough, they won’t be able to cut the grass efficiently. There might be a slight dullness to your blades, which can be fixed by using a grinder sharpener. 

Alternatively, if the damage is significant, you will need to change the blades. So, it’s better to check the blades before making a decision on whether to replace or sharpen them. 

Step 2: Park the mower 

Once you have decided to change the blade, the next step is to park the riding lawn mower on a flat surface, turn off the mower and then detach the key. 

Put the mower’s break on to restrict it from moving while you are working on it. It’s extremely dangerous to try to change the blades while the mower is still powered on. 

Step 3: Taking off the Spark Plug

Removing the lawn mower’s spark plug is the fundamental safety measure, no matter which type of repair you are doing on your mower. If you don’t remove the spark plug, the engine can accidentally be turned on at any moment.

So, to avoid any such accident, remove the spark plug. To do this: open the lawn mower’s hood and remove the black-colored wire that connects the engine with the spark plug.  

How To Change Blades On Riding Mower Without Removing Deck

Step 4: Lift the mower

This is the most important part of this process. There are two different methods you can use to lift the riding lawn mower.

Method 1: Using a jack

In this method, you will have to use a jack to lift up each side of your lawn mower, so make sure to pick a jack that is able to support its weight.

If you don’t own any sort of jack or aren’t confident in the strength of the jack, you can elevate the mower with bricks or cinder blocks. 

Method 2: Using a wooden lawn mower ramp

This will be a homemade wooden ramp. However, you will need two ramps to support the two front wheels of your mower. To build them, you will need a few pieces of wood. 

Look for pieces of wood that are: 28 inches, 24 inches, 20 inches, 16 inches, and 12 inches. This will give the ramp a stair-type structure.

Then use construction screws to attach all the wood pieces (of different sizes as mentioned above) together. To do that, take the 28 inches piece of wood first and then attach the 24 inches piece of wood on top of it. 

Continue to attach the wood pieces, connecting the larger piece to the smaller piece (28 inches to 12 inches). Attach one piece of wood on the top of another piece. Make sure that you are attaching them so that the left side is vertically even, ie. flat, and the right side is creating the stair shape. 

Now, add another piece of wood vertically against the flat side (left side). The measurement of the vertically attached wood will be 3/4inches higher than the whole wood attached structure. 

In the next step, measure 12 inches from the left side of the structure and cut the wood, to give the ramp two separate parts. 

And then connect the two parts in the middle (where you have cut them already) by using a screw eye and a long bolt. This step increases the efficiency of the ramp. Removing the stairs will ensure that the mower will not slide backward.  

Following the same process make another ramp.

Now, you will be able to push the mower over the ramp to lift it. 

Now you have two parts for each of the ramps you have built, keep the two ramps together as you lift the mower onto the structure. Once the mower is on top of the ramp, remove the bolt that connects the stairs and then remove the stairs so that the mower can sit on top of the structure and you have access to work on the mower. Disconnect the stair part by removing the bolt. 

Although it will take some time to make this ramp and follow these extra steps, it’s a good investment to build and will save you effort in the future, should you need to change the blades again. Because this ramp makes the task way easier, efficient, and less time-consuming. 

Step 5: Remove the mounting nut

After you have lifted the mower, remove the mounting nut that attaches the blade with the mower.

To do this, use a breaker bar and a socket. Place the socket into the nut by using the breaker bar. Then twist the bar counterclockwise to loosen the nut. Then manually remove the nut easily. 

Note: make sure to secure the blade by using a woodblock so that it can’t move when you are removing the nut. 

Step 6: Replace the new blade

Simply put the new blade onto the shaft after removing the old one. Reattach the mounting nut and tighten it by using the torque wrench. 

Step 7: Lower the mower

Lastly, lower the mower along with the jack. If you are using the wooden ramp, at this point, connect the two parts of the wooden ramp and then safely push the mower backward down the ramp. 


Hopefully, you have found this article on ‘how to change blades on a riding mower without removing the deck’ helpful and can see that this is one of the easiest ways to change the blades of your mower. 

Make sure to use gloves while you are working with the blades, even if they seem dull. And don’t forget to take care of your mower on a regular basis. 

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