How To Jump Start A Lawn Mower

How To Jump Start A Lawn Mower? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Storing a lawnmower for a longer period of time creates several problems in different parts of the mower. It may even create problems in the mower engine, air filter, ignition switch, and battery as well.

And you know if the battery of the mower becomes weak, it really incarnates a problematic situation. With a weak battery, the mower won’t respond properly. That’s why you need to jump-start your mower. It’s an effective and frequently used process. 

Whatever, do you have any idea how to jump start a lawn mower? If your reply is no, then this article is actually designed for your convenience. 

Because in this article, I will try to give you a complete guideline about the jump-starting process of your lawnmower battery. 

So, without wasting time, let’s dive in. 

How To Jump Start A Lawn Mower guide

A Complete Guide To Jump Start A Lawnmower

Jump-starting a lawnmower is not a troublesome task. This is actually an effective way and many people use this technique to start their lawnmower. It doesn’t matter which lawnmower you use. This process is equally effective for every type of the lawnmower. 

For completing the entire process, you merely need a jumper cable and a car battery. 

Now, let’s have an in-depth look at the jump-starting process of a lawnmower. Follow the steps outlined below to get the result with a single attempt. 

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Prepare The Lawn Mower For Jump Start

Take your lawnmower into an even surface and make sure that the mower is not moving or rolling over from there. Engage the parking brake and disengage the mower ignition switch as well as the mowing rotors. 

Step #2: Set The Car Close To The Mower

Now, take your car near enough to your lawnmower. Make sure that the distance between the car and the mower is covered by the jumper cable. Turn your car engine off and open the front hood of the car. 

Step #3: Connect The Jumper Cable

It’s time to connect the jumper cable. Basically, there are two ends in the jumper cable. And both ends carry a red and black cable. The red cable indicates the positive terminal and the black cable indicates the negative terminal. 

Now, connect the jumper cable in the following order. 

  • Connect the one side of the red cable with the positive terminal of your lawnmower. 
  • Connect the other side of the red cable with the positive terminal of your car battery. 
  • I think you can guess what you need to do next. Yes, now connect the one side of the black cable with the negative terminal of your car battery. 
  • Here is a twist waiting for you. Connect another side of the black cable with any metal frame of your lawnmower. Note that, you should choose any metal far from the lawnmower battery and the fuel tank. 

Step #4: Start The Lawn Mower Engine

Turn on the mower engine now. Ensure that your car engine is in off position when you start the lawnmower engine. Try to start the engine twice or three times if the mower engine doesn’t respond in a single attempt. 

Step #5: Disconnect The Jumper Cable

When the mower engine starts, disconnect the jumper cable by following the reverse process. 

Start from the black cable that you attached to the mower frame. Then remove the black cable of the car battery, red cable from the car battery, and at last, the red cable from your lawnmower. 

You are all done. Now your mower is completely ready for mowing. 

How To Jump Start A Lawn Mower


  • Wear protective equipment such as goggles and rubber made hand gloves. 
  • Stay away from the connection of the battery. Because sometimes it may spark when you connect the jumper cable with the battery. 
  • Don’t forget to shut down the car engine before setting up the jumper cable. 

Final verdict

Now, I think jump-starting a lawnmower is no more a complicated task for you. Actually it’s not rocket science and you can do this at home by yourself. 

Following the above-mentioned guideline really makes this task facile for you. But you need to be more careful when you deal with the battery. 

Hopefully, this article gave you the complete guideline that you were looking for about how to jump start a lawn mower. If you need more information, you could also hotwire your lawn mower.

Now, it’s your turn. Start your mower and have fun! 

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