How To Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Deck

How To Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Deck? Here Is The Process

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Are you feeling disturbed about the grass clippings clogged with the mower deck? I I guess you are annoyed with this problem. It’s really a disturbing issue. 

Actually, when you operate the mower for a longer period of time without cleaning, you may face this problem. And you face the same issue when the grasses are wet. 

But you want to get rid of this hassle. Right? And here you don’t need to do too many things. Just a few processes can give you the hassle-free mowing.

This article will give you the perfect solution about how to keep grass from clogging mower deck.

So, let’s see how to get rid of this issue. 

How To Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Deck

The Process To Keep Your Mower Deck Free From Clogging Grass

There are a few frequently used processes that will help you to keep the mower deck free from clogging grass. Among them, one is cleaning the mower deck and the others are applying some oil, lubricant, or rust protecting fluid under the mower deck. 

Let’s discuss all the processes in-depth to save you from this hassle. 

Cleaning The Underside Of The Mower Deck

Cleaning is the best solution to keep your mower deck free from clogging grass. You know regular cleaning the underside of the mower deck can prevent the grass from clogging.

Let’s see how to clean the underside of the mower deck. Follow the steps stated below to get the best solution. 

Steps to follow: 

Step 1: Spread a tarp in an even place and take your mower over the tarp. Vacant the fuel tank.

Step 2: Tilt the mower into its sideways to access the underside of the mower deck. Remove the mower blade and store it in a safe place.

Step 3: Rub off the dirt and debris clog underside of the mower by using a wire cleaning brush. Use an air hose to remove the loose grasses. 

Step 4: Use a garden hose pipe or a pressure washer for cleaning the underside with water. After proper cleaning, wait until the mower is fully dry. Reinstall the blade again. 

Do it after a few day’s intervals. Surely, you can keep your mower deck free from any kind of dirt and debris. 

Step #1: Apply Some Oil Or Cooking Spray

If you apply some vegetable oil or cooking spray after cleaning the mower deck, you can keep you free from this hassle. 

Actually this is inexpensive and a quick solution. Note that, you should do this after cleaning the deck properly. Spray an adequate amount of vegetable oil under the mower deck and rub it by using a cleaning rag. Truly it can help you. 

How To Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Deck

Step #2: Apply Some Lubricant Oil

After cleaning and drying the underside of the mower deck properly, apply some lubricant oil all over it. Rub it similarly by a cleaning rag. You will find this kind of oil in the automobile shop or online. 

Lubricant oil is also inexpensive. however, you can get a long-term solution from it. If your lawn is small and dry, then it will be really an effective solution for you.

Step #3: Apply Rust Protecting Fluid

When all the above solutions let you down, then use some rust protecting fluid underside the mower deck. This product is also helpful but you must check the components of the fluid before buying. 

How To Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Deck

Go through the reviews of the fluids online because all the fluids are not equally perfect. Choose the best one for you and apply a sufficient amount of fluid under the deck and rub it by following the same process. 

Special Tips

  • Try to mow your lawn regularly. Because the longer the grass, the more likely it is to get stuck in the mower.
  • Mow your lawn when the grasses are dry. It is best to mow the lawn on a sunny day. 
  • Set the throttle lever at full speed when operating the mower. It will help you to eject the grass cuttings out of the mower deck. 
  • Try to use a high lift mower blade. You will find it in the nearby lawnmower store. The high lift mower blade ejects the clippings of the grass with more power. 

Final verdict

To sum up, keeping the mower deck free form grass clogging is not a tough task. Cleaning the deck regularly as well as applying some lubricants can really save you from this issue.

Regular maintenance and cleaning increase performance and durability as well. And to run a lawnmower for a long time, you must be careful about the maintenance. 

I hope this article really gave you a perfect solution about how to keep grass from clogging mower deck. 

So, do it yourself and have fun!

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