How To Remove A Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel

How To Remove A Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel?

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You can’t think of anything other than a lawn mower to keep a large lawn neat and tidy. You know a clean and tidy lawn will make your mind fresh and vivid. But a stuck lawn mower wheel is enough to make you upset. Don’t upset now, continue to get the solution.

You know a lawn mower’s wheels may be stuck for various reasons. Accumulation of dirt in the wheel axle due to regular use, rusty wheel axle, and the punctured wheel is responsible for this.

So, what’s going on in your mind? Do you call a mechanic or remove it by yourself?

There is no need to call a mechanic to remove a stuck lawn mower wheel. You can do it yourself at home. 

Now focus on the main topic. How can you do this at home? No need to worry.

We are here for you to find out all the possible solutions on how to remove a stuck lawn mower wheel.

Let’s dig it.

The Process To Remove A Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel

How To Remove A Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel

For any type of repair, installing or uninstalling work, we first need to know what tools we need. We always should start working keeping all the tools close to our hands.

Now, let’s have a look at the tools that we will need to remove a stuck lawn mower wheel.

Required tools: 

  • A wooden block
  • A hydraulic jack
  • Hammer
  • Socket wrench
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Penetrating oil
  • Hand gloves
  • Goggles

Steps to follow: 

Step 1: Take the lawn mower into a flat surface. It will make your task facile and comfortable.

Step 2: Now, take the lawnmower into the parking mode. Don’t forget it.  Otherwise, the lawn mower will move when you repair it. For this purpose, you can also use two bricks in the rear wheel.

Step 3: Now take the pliers and remove the cap from the center of the wheel. Bring out the washer also.

Step 4: If there are any bolts in the center, remove them by using a socket wrench. Carefully store the bolts, cap, and washer in a safe place for re-installment.

Step 5: This time bring the hydraulic jack close to the stuck wheel. Place a wooden block beneath the mower frame of the stuck wheel. This will act as a base in the side you work on. 

Tight the hydraulic valve of the jack by turning it clockwise using the jack handle.

Step 6: Once the jack is properly placed under the faulty wheel, gently lift the jack upwards. Keep doing this until the jack is properly fitted with the axle of the wheel.

Step 7: When the wheel rises a bit above the ground, stop rotating the jack’s handle. Now it is time to remove the stuck wheel.

Step 8: This time spray some penetrating oil between the rim and the wheel axle. Make sure that the oil spreads well on the front and back of the rim. This will help to remove rust from the wheels.

Pull the rim a little back and forth. When the wheel does not come out, apply some more oil. If there is rust on the rim, wait 15-20 minutes with the oil. 

How To Remove A Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel

Step 9: After that, take a piece of the wooden block and a hammer. Place the block somewhere between the center of the wheel and the edge.

Hold the piece of wood tightly with one hand and continue to hit the wood using the hammer with the other hand. After hitting it for a while, try to bring the wheel out. If it does not come out, then repeat the process until the wheel is out.

Step 10: When the rust is completely removed from the rim, the wheel will come out. However, be careful so that no damage can occur to the wheel axle.

Done! Now you can reinstall the wheel and use your lawnmower as before. 

Alternative Process: 

Heat and Wax Method

In addition to the methods described above, you can also use wax and propane torch to remove a stuck wheel. Let’s see the process in detail: 

  • Heat the rim and the axle using a propane torch and spread some light wax between the rim and axle.
  • Give a very small amount of heat so that there is no damage occurs to the axle of the wheel.
  • Wait until the wax melts. When the axle cools down, hold the wheel and pull it back and forth, the wheel will come out.
Heat and Wax remove a stuck wheel


  • Collect the user manual from the company website and go through it carefully before starting work. It will help you to do the removing task easily. 
  • Wear hand gloves and goggles for safety purposes.
  • Be careful when operating socket wrench, plier and, hammer. 
  • Keep your children away from the lawnmower in time of removing task.

Final Verdict 

Finally, we can say that removing a stuck lawn mower wheel is not a difficult task if you follow the above-mentioned process. We discussed the simplest process to remove a stuck wheel. 

Try to follow the first process. It will be handy you more than the alternative process. If you try the first process, you will remove the stuck wheel at home. It will reduce your costs and increase your skills as well.

Hopefully, this article has helped you and given you all the necessary information on how to remove a stuck lawn mower wheel.

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