Husqvarna LC121FH

Husqvarna LC121FH Gas Lawn Mower Review

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A self-propelled lawnmower with electric start must be as comfortable as a gas lawnmower. It has the power of a conventional gas cutter, but the drive unit withstands the weight of weight associated with a naturally heavy-duty cutter.

The Husqvarna LC121FH’s front-wheel-drive also helps balance the device and keeps it moving smoothly across the lawn. The large rear wheels also help you move smoothly, saving you some fat at the elbow, or driving around trees and landscape features several times.

Husqvarna LC121FH


  • Product dimensions: 64.8 x 21 x 41 inches
  • Product weight: 80 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 85 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna

The Husqvarna LC221FH also has the convenience of a built-in excavator unit that transports the grass from the mowing blades into the large, rear-mounted sack.

The 21 “cutting width is capable enough to reduce the total number of operations required to mow the lawn. The four adjustable height settings of the wheels also allow you to balance things like a wet or dry summer. If the conditions were dry in the long run, you can set the wheels to the highest level. This leaves longer blades that better shade the ground and help maintain moisture levels.

The Features And Benefits Of The Husqvarna LC121FH Fwd Lawn Mower


The bagging system in the Husqvarna LC221FHE is incredibly efficient. When cutting, leaving little or nothing behind. This is particularly useful to reduce the accumulation of straw, which reduces the likelihood that you will have to aerate the soil in the fall or spring.

The fact that the self-propelled system is powered by the front wheels also helps to balance this mower when pushing. This can be very useful if your lawn has uneven areas. To adjust the speed, you can easily pull on the handle. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, and hopefully, it takes a while to get used to it.

Ease of use

The Husqvarna LC221FH is easy to use. The speed setting is a bit cumbersome and it should be more reliable. It will take a while to get used to it, and there can be some difficult times. The electric start system works well on paper, but can be a bit complicated at first.

Cutting quality

Pleasant is the possibility to adjust the height of the cutting platform on four different levels. Especially if your part of the country is vulnerable to climatic changes.

For example, suppose things were dry for a week or more. Then you can place the highest cutting platform to leave the blades a little longer and maintain the moisture content in the grass.

If things were a bit damp, or if you know that your soil contains more clay than normal, you should lower the mower to a lower position to keep the blades short. This can also be useful for overly sunny areas of your lawn.


Before each use, check for any loose fasteners, clean and check the grass catcher (if used), check the tires and drive wheels, and check the oil level. Be sure to subject the lawnmower to general cleaning after each use on the platform and below. Other maintenance tasks that should be performed regularly include cleaning under the gearbox cover, checking the drive belt and pulleys, checking the blade for sharpness, and lubricating the machine. You should also check the air filter and tires and from time to time check the spark plug and fuel system. The detailed manual covers all maintenance requirements.


Manual controls serve as a cost control for the self-propelled function and also act as an automatic shutdown when released. At first glance, the excavator may not sound like a real “specialty”. However, it differs from many other dredgers in the efficiency with which it collects and stores cut grass leaves without leaving excess straw. This can save you some money for the annual ventilation.

Useful are manual controls that allow you to set the speed of the self-propelled front wheels. In the beginning, it is a bit complicated to work with them. You should expect it to take some getting used to.

The E-Start feature is also a godsend. It saves your breath when you try to turn on the Husqvarna LC221FH with a pull rope.

The front-wheel-drive of the self-propelled system creeps the mower. This can be helpful if you have an irregular lawn or you have to turn around the strange tree or birdbath.

Is it Worth Husqvarna LC121FH to buy?

The 21-inch cutting width is in the range of “Goldy Locks” for cutting platforms. A smaller cutting platform is usually a bit frustrating if you need to cut a lawn that is larger than a quarter of a hectare. A larger mower deck can be a bit tricky if you need to cut trees, edges, or other landscape features. This saves you money and sweat in the long term.

The fact that Husqvarna LC221FH is supplied with the corresponding oil seems to be rather insignificant. However, some mowers of this class and price range are not included, and it can be a bit frustrating if you only want to mow the lawn for the first time. The oil that comes with it is a bit like opening this great Christmas present when you were a kid and carrying the batteries with you!

Husqvarna LC121FH Review
Husqvarna LC121FH

Final Verdict

Treat the care of your lawn with this top lawnmower. The Husqvarna LC121FH is a 21-inch rear-wheel-drive mower that’s perfect for hillside or mountain farms. The high-performance cutting platform is made of high-quality steel and has a traditional design with the latest technological advances. It is a high tunnel mower designed to meet the highest cutting performance expectations. With this efficient lawnmower, you can choose between bagging, mulching, and hay unloading.

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