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Have you fallen in love with trail mowers? Then congratulations! And I also fell in love of this mower just 1 year back.

Crucial things also happened then. I started to search for a perfect one for me. I had to toil much and finally got the suitable one that I desired.

The most important thing is I learned a lot about this specific type of lawn mower. And based on my experience, I have come with the best 4 Trail mowers so that you can skip the hassle.

Now, no more delay. Let’s start digging.      

Top 4 Trail Mowers Review

Are you ready to learn about the best trail mowers in the business? Well, you should be. Then, here are four top-rated mowers of this brand that you should consider purchasing: 

1# Swisher 60 in. Electric Start Finish Cut Trail Mower

Swisher 60 in. Electric Start Finish Cut Trail Mower

Are you searching for a lawnmower to cut and maintain your large lawn or estate? If so, then we have the perfect product for you. The Swisher 60” mower is an exceptional trail mower that can be easily attached to your ATV. And you can also connect it to your lawn tractor or any other type of utility vehicle.

In fact, it’s perfectly designed for reducing the amount of time that you need to finish mowing the lawn. Moreover, this mower will provide you with better results than a regular lawn tractor.

It features a floating deck that prevents any sort of scalping. This mower is also capable of going over irregular terrains. 

Features and benefits:


The Swisher trail mower is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 500cc, 14.5 HP engine. 


This mower features a triple blade system, and there are three commercial G6 gator blades installed under the deck. 


The Swisher mower features an enormous 60-inch deck that’s made of 11-gauge steel. It’s a floating deck, and you can adjust the deck’s height from 2 inches to 5.5 inches.

We tested the Swisher 60-inch mower in different types of adverse mowing conditions. And this mower performed extraordinarily well on all of our tests. That’s why we strongly recommend it. 

2# Swisher 44 in. 11.5 HP Electric Start Mower

Swisher 44 in. 11.5 HP Electric Start Mower

If you want to mow large areas such as a football field or a golf course, you will think of no other alternative to using a Swisher mower. The Swisher 44” mower is powered by an 11.5 horsepower engine, and it can mow through your lawn at a faster pace.

You can easily attach it to your lawn mower or ATV. It will work as a wing-mower and increase your mowing capability. 

It has a large 44-inch cutting deck, and this mower can only mow your yard in rear discharge mode. The Swisher mower also comes with an offset hitch that makes it easy for the mower to mow around ditches. 

Features and benefits:


This mower features a heavy-duty 44-inch deck that has a thickness of .125 inches.

Height Adjustment: 

You can easily adjust the cutting height of this lawnmower. The cutting height settings range from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. 


The Swisher 44″ mower features a twin-blade system, and it comes with two G6 mulching blades. You can engage or disengage the blades using the controls. 

Overall, the Swisher 44-inch mower is a high-performance mower, and it also comes at an affordable price.  

3# Swisher Commercial Pro Brush King Rough-Cut Trail Cutter

Swisher Commercial Pro Brush King Rough-Cut Trail Cutter

Does your lawn have rough terrains? If it is, there is no need to worry. The Swisher Pro Brush King mower can mow large fields with uneven, hilly surfaces and other obstacles. 

It features durable 16” sealant, pneumatic tires that will enable the mower to glide over any type of yards. It’s powered by a 14.5 HP V-twin Kawasaki engine. And it also has an electric clutch system that will make it easy for you to start and stop the engine. 

Features and benefits:


As mentioned before, the Swisher pro mower features a 14.5 HP engine. This engine is surrounded by an engine shroud that protects the engine, the wiring, and the fuel lines.

Height Adjustment: 

It features a two-point cutting height adjustment mechanism, and you can adjust the height on a range of 3-3.75 inches. 


The Swisher Commercial Pro mower is really fast, and it can move at a top speed of 5 MPH.

The Swisher Commercial Brush King is an incredibly efficient mower that will definitely make your lawn look beautiful. 

4# Swisher Commercial Pro 52 in. Rough Cut Lawn Mower Trail Cutter

Swisher Commercial Pro 52 in. Rough Cut Lawn Mower Trail Cutter

The Swisher Commercial Pro Trail cutter is an electric start lawn mower that can take care of any kind of mowing related tasks. In fact, this trail-cutter is best suited for mowing through large areas such as a golf course. 

You can effortlessly mow up to 4 acres of land while using this mower. Like the previous entries on our list, you have to attach this mower to your lawn tractor. It also features hollowmatic tires that are resistant to puncture. They won’t go flat even if they go over rough terrains.  

Features and benefits:


The Swisher Commercial Pro mower is powered by a Kawasaki 14.5 HP engine. 


It features a 52-inch cutting deck that’s made of 11-gauge steel. The deck is suitable for rear-discharge. 

Height Adjustment: 

The Swisher mower features a three-position height adjustment mechanism, and the height settings range from 4 inches to 7 inches. 

Very few trail mowers in the market can even come close to the quality of the Swisher Commercial Pro trail cutter. 

Final Verdict 

And that marks the end to our list about trail mowers. We are confident that you’ll find a mower on this list that would be perfect for your yard. 

We have thoroughly tested each of the entries on our list, and we can assure you that each of them would be an excellent choice for you.

However, our favorite trail mower on this list is the Swisher 60 in. mower. It has a large 60-inch deck, and its powerful engine is capable of handling any kind of harsh mowing conditions. 

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