Best Craftsman Mower Deck Parts

Best Craftsman Mower Deck Parts

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If you have ever owned a lawnmower, then chances are you know about the fact that the deck parts of the mower need to be replaced from time to time. And since you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you are looking for a deck rebuild-kit for your Craftsman lawn mower.

What if we tell you that you can easily get the best Craftsman mower deck parts at an affordable price? It may seem hard to believe, but it’s actually true. 

We have scoured through the internet and found the most well-received deck parts in the market. Then we tested them out to figure out which ones are the best. And now, we are going to review them in great detail. 

So, without further ado, let’s start exploring. 

Ten Best Craftsman Mower Deck Parts Reviews

We sorted out these deck parts based on their quality and performance. So you can be sure that you are going to get the best one from here. You will find them with detailed features. 

1# Full Deck Rebuild Kit Compatible with Craftsman 42″

Best Craftsman Mower Deck Parts

As the name suggests, this product includes all the necessary components that are needed to rebuild a deck from scratch. You can restore your entire deck with this product, and every component is designed to fit together perfectly. 

It may take you about an hour to install each of the components. It’s a high-quality product, and it comes at an affordable price. 

Key Features:

  • There are two blades included with this product. And their dimensions are 21.0625” X 2.25” X.134”.
  • This product also includes blade bolts, mounting bolts, spacer, and pulley nut. 
  • Craftsman deck rebuild kit comes with a deck belt with a width of .5” and a length of 95.5”.
  • This rebuild kit is compatible with all craftsman 42” lawnmowers. 

2# Mr. mower parts deck rebuild kit

Mr. mower parts deck rebuild kit

All the components that are included in this rebuild kit are heavy-duty and durable. They are long-lasting, and you won’t have to worry about replacing any of the components. They will fit perfectly with your Craftsman lawn mower

 It’s easy to install. But you have to remember to install the spacer underneath the pulley  or your deck could get damaged. 

Key Features:

  • Mr. Mower rebuild kit is compatible with Craftsman, Husqvarna and Poulan lawn mowers that have a deck size of 42”.
  • The product comes with two robust and durable spindles. They have 128774 type housing and 137646 type shafts.
  • This kit comes with two heavy-duty and sharp mulching blades. 
  • The Mr. Mower rebuild kit also comes with three mounting bolts, a pulley spacer, a pulley lock nut, and a blade bolt. 

3# Craftsman LT1000 MOWERS Rebuild KIT

Craftsman LT1000 MOWERS Rebuild KIT

If you are thinking about replacing the deck of your Craftsman lawn mower, then the LT1000 should be your first choice. Each component of this kit works perfectly, and they are easy to assemble. 

The pulleys and spindles that are included with this kit fit the lawnmower, just like the OEM components. We highly recommend it. 

Key Features:

  • The Craftsman LT1000 comes with two heavy-duty spindles, and they can be mounted using three bolts. 
  • The product is only compatible with mowers made by Craftsman, Sears, Poulan, American yard products, and Husqvarna. 
  • This kit includes two durable mulching blades.  
  • This rebuild kit features a 95.5-inch deck drive belt. It connects the engine pulley to the deck pulleys. 

4# 2 Deck Wheels + Shoulder Bolts, Lock Nuts 

2 Deck Wheels + Shoulder Bolts, Lock Nuts

This product features two heavy-duty deck wheels. These are quite heavy, and they can withstand any kind of obstacle. These wheels will perfectly fit your lawn mower’s deck, and they will increase your deck’s cutting performance.

These wheels are easy to install, and they have the exact same dimensions as the OEM wheels. 

Key Features:

  • This deck rebuild kit features two anti-scalp deck-wheels, and it also comes with lock nuts that can be used to mount these wheels.  
  • This rebuild kit is only compatible with lawn mowers manufactured by Craftsman, Poulan, John Deere, and Husqvarna. 
  • It comes with shoulder bolts that have a length of 3.3125 inches.  
  • The wheels have the dimensions of .5” X 2.75” X 5”. 

5# 8TEN Spindle for Craftsman

8TEN Spindle for Craftsman

This product comes with all the necessary components that you need for replacing your lawnmower’s spindle. This spindle is greased, and it fits properly. The blade spindle that’s included in this product spins for 1.8 million times in eight hours of running time.

The 8TEN spindle works efficiently, and it’s connected to the pulleys. They work together in order to spin the blade. 

Key Features:

  • This product is compatible with mowers made by AYP, Ariens, Dixon, Craftsman, Sears, Gravely, Redmax, and Poulan pro.  
  • The spindle can be installed on lawnmowers that have a deck size of 42”, 46”, 48” and 54”. 
  • This spindle has a height of 7 inches, and it comes with all the necessary hardware needed to install it.   
  • This product also includes pulley nuts, mounting bolts, spacer, and blade bolt. 

6# Rebuild Kit for 42″ Sears Craftsman

Rebuild Kit for 42" Sears Craftsman

This Rebuild kit for Sears comes at an affordable price. It will fit your mower perfectly, and it works as an upgrade for your lawnmower. Our only complaint regarding this product is that the blades are a little thin. 

Otherwise, we were satisfied with this product. We mowed five acres of land after replacing our deck with this rebuild kit. It worked perfectly, and we didn’t face any issues.

Key Features:

  • The rebuild kit is made for 42-inch Craftsman and Sears lawn mowers.   
  • This product includes a deck belt that has a length of 95.5 inches.
  • This belt is made with Kevlar. It helps the blades rotate. 
  • This kit features two well-designed spindles that are compatible with 36″, 38″ and 42″ ventilated decks. 
  • There are two Oregon mulching blades included with this product. 

7# Stens 285-585 Spindle Assembly

Stens 285-585 Spindle Assembly

Stens has been manufacturing high-quality lawnmower replacement parts and components for more than 45 years. Replacing your old spindle with this product will make sure your mower keeps on running longer. 

It has better quality than the OEM spindle, and it’s also quite inexpensive. 

Key Features:

  • This spindle assembly kit is compatible with mowers made by Dixon, Ariens, AYP, and Husqvarna. 
  • This spindle only fits decks that have a width of 46″ or 54″. However, it doesn’t work on any zero-turn lawn mowers. 
  • This kit includes a star spindle shaft, blade bolts, mounting hardware, and a washer. 
  • The spindle has a height of 7.5 inches. It’s designed to replace 5 pt. Star-spindles. 

8# Craftsman 144959 Replacement Deck Belt

Craftsman 144959 Replacement Deck Belt

This Craftsman replacement belt has the exact same length as most of the Craftsman lawnmowers that are currently available in the market. It’s a durable belt that comes at an affordable price. 

This belt is made of Kevlar, and it has organic polyamide fibers in it. This belt lasts for a long time without getting damaged. 

Key Features:

  • The Craftsman replacement belt is compatible with Poulan, Craftsman, Husqvarna and Wizard decks. 
  • This belt fits almost all 42″ decks, and it can also work on decks that have three blades. 
  • This replacement belt has a length of 96 inches and a width of .5 inches. 
  • As we have mentioned before, this deck belt has a durable Kevlar-construction. 

9# Parts Camp 532173437 Idler Pulley

Parts Camp 532173437 Idler Pulley

This product includes an idler pulley. And the pulley can replace pulleys that are installed on Craftsman lawn mowers and lawn tractors. It is used to drive the belt system of the lawnmower. Of course, this pulley is well-designed, and it’s easy to install. 

It connects to the crankshaft and produces movement inside the engine that ultimately makes the lawnmower move. It took us about an hour to install this idler pulley to our lawnmower. 

Key Features:

  • It has a mounting hole with a radius of .375 inches. And it’s height is 1.25 inches. 
  • This Idler pulley is compatible with lawn mowers made by Husqvarna and Craftsman that have a deck size of 42”.
  • This pulley is mounted using 10 mm bolts. You can also install them with .375 inch bolts. 

10# 46″ Deck Rebuild Kit

46" Deck Rebuild Kit

This product comes with all the necessary tools that you may need to rebuild your deck. Each of these components is excellent, and they have the same quality as the OEM components. 

This deck rebuild kit includes durable blades, and they won’t get damaged even if you hit rocks and other debris while mowing. 

Key Features:

  • This product includes two heavy-duty blades made of steel. These blades are best suited for mulching. They have a length of 23”. 
  • This deck rebuild kit is capable of replacing decks of lawn mowers made by Craftsman, Poulan, and Husqvarna. 
  • This product also comes with a belt that fits lawnmowers, which have a deck size of 46″. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our article about Craftsman mower deck parts, and it has helped you find the deck parts that you were looking for. We suggest you be wise about choosing the best one for you and go through its features before buying it. 

We also hope that we have been successful in giving you some insight as to what makes a replacement deck-parts-kit excellent. 

Finally, we would like to wish you best of luck and have a nice day!

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