How To Start A Craftsman Lawn Mower

How To Start A Craftsman Lawn Mower? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Craftsman deals with two types of the lawnmower. One is the push lawnmower and another is the riding lawnmower. 

And a push lawn mower is used for a small lawn and a riding lawn mower is used for mowing the large lawn. 

But you know the starting process of both lawnmowers is a bit different. There are some things you need to keep in mind before starting the lawnmower. In fract, a faulty start can damage the lawnmower.

I think you want to start your Craftsman lawn mower without creating any difficulties. And you need help, right? Then trust me; you are on the right track! 

In this article, we will give you the proper guidelines on how to start a craftsman lawnmower. 

So, why late? Just take a mug of coffee and keep reading. 

The Complete Guidelines To Start A Craftsman Lawnmower

Basically craftsman provides 3 to 6 HP (horsepower) range engine with their lawnmower. But you need to be careful if your lawnmower engine is 5HP. Because the manufacturers do not ship any engine oil with the mower and that’s why you will need to buy it separately.

Now, before going to the main fact, we need to focus on some basic things. These basic things will help you to start the mower flawlessly.

So, take a look at the basic things that you need to look after before starting the mower.  

  • Change the old fuel

All the mowers have a dipstick with the cover of the fuel tank. You can also use a fuel gauge to measure the amount of old fuel in the fuel tank. If the fuel tank is filled with old fuel, it will create difficulties in the time of starting the mower. 

So, always try to fill the fuel tank with fresh gas. Fresh gas response immediately and supply adequate power to the engine to start the lawnmower. 

  • Inspect the oil level

Inspect the oil level before starting the lawnmower. Use the dipstick attached with the fuel tank cover to check it. If the color of the oil is black, it is better to change it.

All the mowers have a drain valve under the fuel tank. Take out the whole oil by placing a bowl under the drain valve. If an oil filter is attached to the fuel tank, take it out. 

Use an oil filter wrench to bring out the oil filter. Soak the oil filter into engine oil and replace it by using the oil filter wrench. 

  • Clean the spark plug

You can find the spark plug at the front or side of the engine. Disengage the spark plug with your hand by gently pulling it towards you. You can also use a plier or wrench to disengage the spark plug.

Clean the spark plug using your hand or a paper towel. Clean all the dirt attached with the spark plug. If you see any rust on the plug, change it. After proper cleaning, engage the plug with the engine. 

  • Check the solenoid 

If the solenoid is faulty, you can not start the lawnmower. When you attempt to start the mower, it only sounds click but the lawnmower will not be turned on. 

So, before starting, check the connection and the condition of the solenoid. You will find the solenoid at the right corner of the rear wheel. If the solenoid looks faulty, just replace it. 

  • Check the condition of the battery

If the battery is damaged, it can’t supply enough power to start the mower. So, prior to starting, check the condition of the battery by using a multimeter. You will find the battery under the seat. 

If the battery shows 12 volts in the multimeter, the battery is in good condition. But when the battery shows less than 12 volts, it indicates the condition of the battery is slowly deteriorating. And the battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Now we are ready to start the lawnmower. As Craftsman comes with two types of lawn mower- riding and push, you will find the starting process of both -how to start a craftsman riding lawn mower and push mower as well.

Starting Process Of A Push Lawnmower

Steps to follow:

Step #1: Prepare The Lawn Mower

Take the lawnmower into a flat surface. 

Step #2: Press Throttle Lever To Choke Position

You will see the throttle lever of the lawnmower in the stop position. To start the lawnmower, move the throttle lever into choke position.  

Step #3: Pull Starter Rope

Pull the starter rope briskly twice or thrice times. The motor of the lawnmower will start. You will see the motor will run roughly because the throttle lever is in the choke position. 

Step #4: Press Throttle Lever To Run Position

Move the throttle lever into run position. Now the motor runs smoothly and your push lawn mower is ready for mowing.

Starting Process Of A Riding Lawnmower

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Take your Position

Sit on the seat before turning on the lawnmower and make sure you have access to all the necessary pedals and levers by your hand and leg.

Step #2: Press The Foot Brake

You will find a brake at the left bottom side. Push the brake using your left leg. Hold the brake in that position until the mower starts. Keep in mind, you have to gently remove the foot from the brake when the mower is taken into parking mode.

Step #3: Activate Parking Mode

Take the mower into the parking mode. You will find the parking brake to the right or left of the seat. Gently remove the foot brake when you activate the parking mode. 

Step #4: Activate Neutral Gear

Place the gear lever into the neutral position. In the gearbox, “N” indicates the neutral position. Basically, the gearbox is installed beside the steering wheel.

Step #5: Press Throttle Lever To Choke Position

Push the throttle lever into the choke position. Placing the mower in the choke position means that it will not move forward or backward when you turn on the mower.

Step #6: Insert The Key

Place the lawnmower key into the ignition switch. Most of the lawnmower has the ignition switch in the front dashboard. In some lawnmowers, the ignition switch is set at the back of the seat. 

Step #7: Rotate The Key

Rotate the key rightwards and you will hear the sound of the engine. Hold the key in this position for 15 seconds or more. When the engine starts, release the hand from the key. 

Step #8: Press Throttle Lever To Fast Position

Now. push the throttle lever in fast position and the mower will start to move. 

Done! Now it’s time to enjoy the mowing.


  • Carefully insert the key into the ignition switch. The ignition switch can be damaged by forcible insertion.
  • Disengage the mower blade before starting the lawnmower. 

Final Verdict

Starting a Craftsman lawnmower is an easy process, you know. You just have to follow the above-mentioned process, that’s all.

But keep in mind that you won’t be able to turn on the mower if any one step is omitted.

And if you want to turn on the mower in the winter season, you will need to try the whole process 2 or 3 times. Because the mower’s engine won’t start until it’s getting warm.

I hope this article removed all of your confusion on how to start a craftsman lawnmower. 

Now, Start the mower easily and enjoy the mowing!

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