Best Oil For Lawn Mower

Best Oil For Lawn Mower [Top 10 Picks With Recommendations]

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Like all other engine powered equipment, lawn mowers also require oil as their fuel. But, since a lawnmower only requires you to change engine oil only once a year, it’s understandable why some people forget to buy high-quality engine oil for their lawnmower.

I know you don’t want to go through this mistake. Then what to do? Let’s see.

Since you are reading this article, we can assume that it’s the start of a new season, and you are thinking about buying an excellent oil for your lawnmower. But, if you search online, you will find hundreds of options available to you.

However, most of them aren’t worth your money. That’s why, to make sure you find the best oil for lawn mower that best suits your needs, we have come forward.

We have compiled a list of the top ten lawnmower oils in the market. We will also discuss the features you should look for while buying a lawn mower oil. 

Top Ten Lawn Mower Oils Review

Here we are going to review some of the premium quality engine oils in the market. They are manufactured by renowned and trusted brands like Briggs and Stratton, Honda, and Castrol GTX. Our list of top ten lawn mower oils are as follows: 

NameImageBrand NameItem WeightPackage Dimensions Price
Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine OilBriggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil
Briggs & Stratton2.63 pounds
4.5 x 4.5 x 8.5 inches
Briggs and Stratton 100074 Pack of (2) 1-Quart 5W-30 Synthetic OilBriggs and Stratton 100074 Pack of (2) 1-Quart 5W-30 Synthetic Oil
Briggs & Stratton3.04 ounces
4.4 x 8.8 x 8.9 inches
Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor OilHonda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil
Honda3.85 pounds
8.7 x 5.4 x 4.2 inches
Pennzoil (550034991-6PK) SAE 30 Motor OilPennzoil (550034991-6PK) SAE 30 Motor Oil
Pennzoil1.95 pounds
2.5 x 4.2 x 9 inches
Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil 18 Oz Bottle
Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil 18 Oz Bottle Toro1.15 pounds
6.9 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches

1. Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil – 48 Oz. 100028

Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil - 48 Oz. 100028

Briggs and Stratton are the leading oil manufacturers for engine-powered tools such as lawn mowers. And the quality of their products is unmatched. 

This product is actually quite affordable. That’s because the bottle holds enough oil that you will be able to replace the engine oil in your lawnmower multiple times.

And buying this bottle of oil is a better option than buying 5 or 6 bottles of small engine oil. 

Features and benefits:

  • Temperature:

This oil can withstand warmer temperatures. Its wide range of operational temperature is 40°-100°F. 

  • Safety and Usage:

The engineers of this company have tested and approved this engine oil. They have concluded that it meets all the criteria that are required for a 4-cycle engine. 

  • Quality rating:

According to the manufacturer, this product is a high-quality detergent oil with a quality rating of SJ/CF.

  • Type:

This oil weighs about 48 Oz. Furthermore, it has the type SAE 30W, which means it’s suited for a warmer temperature range. Also, it’s specifically made for small engines. 

Briggs and Stratton have been making genuinely high-quality products for a long time. So, you won’t regret buying it. 

2. Briggs and Stratton 100074 Pack of (2) 1-Quart 5W-30 Synthetic Oil

Briggs and Stratton 100074 Pack of (2) 1-Quart 5W-30 Synthetic Oil

You might have heard some people say, “Oil is just oil.” But we are here to remind you, that’s not always the case. The composition of the oil at the molecular level determines how efficiently the engine can use that oil. 

This renowned brand has put a lot of emphasis on maintaining the quality of this OEM oil. 

Features and benefits:

  • Temperature:

Since this is synthetic oil, it will work accurately in all kinds of temperature range. 

  • Usage:

Remember, this oil is only usable on air-cooled engines that have 4-cycles. 

  • Weight:

The bottle weighs about 32 Oz. 

  • Type:

This oil is entirely synthetic, and it’s categorized as SAE 5W-30. It means the oil will provide the engine with protection no matter what the temperature is. It also means that the engine will consume very little oil when it starts. 

We have already mentioned that Briggs and Stratton is one of the most renowned companies for buying high-quality engine oils. This oil is also quite affordable. 

3. Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil

Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil Best Oil For Lawn Mower

This engine oil maybe a little more expensive than the other entries on our list. But the Honda brand name matters here. You will see improvement in engine performance after refilling your Honda lawnmower with this oil. 

This oil is basically a small engine oil. Just refill the oil once every season, and you will be good to go. The oil can also be used in other Honda products. 

Features and benefits:

  • Temperature:

Since this is an SAE 10W-30 type oil, it’s suited for general use. You can use this oil in all-temperatures. 

  • Usage:

This particular oil is explicitly made for being used on Honda lawnmowers. It’s not synthetic, and it works with 4-stroke/cycle engines. 

  • Viscosity:

The viscosity of this lawn mower oil will remain the same once the engine reaches operating temperature. It’s always a good practice to check the outside temperature of the environment the lawn mower works in and buy the oil accordingly. 

  • Viscosity Grade:

The Honda 08207 oil is of the type 10W-30. In other words, it remains operational at various temperatures. But during cold weather, starting the engine may increase the consumption of oil. 

You can buy engine oil with confidence. That’s because your engine will last longer, and you won’t face many issues if you use this oil as its fuel. 

4. Pennzoil (550034991-6PK) SAE 30 Motor Oil

Pennzoil (550034991-6PK) SAE 30 Motor Oil For Lawn Mower

This lawn mower comes with just the right amount of oil required for your lawnmower. It’s a single viscosity detergent oil. This means it will cleanse your engine and make it last longer. 

It will help clean all the dirt and deposits out of the engine that might get in the way of engine performance. Also, as it’s a mono-grade oil, it’s suitable for engines that are fueled with gasoline. 

Features and benefits:

  • Temperature:

The engine oil can be used no matter what the temperature is.  

  • Usage:

If you’re operating your engine where the temperature is 60° F or above, then this engine oil can be ideal. But if you are working in a place where the weather is freezing then, we would suggest that you use W-40 oil.  

  • Composition:

This lawn mower oil is manufactured by using a cutting edge proprietary formula owned by Pennzoil. The oil also has active cleaning agents in it. 

  • Type:

Pennzoil oil is categorized as SAE 30. That means it’s operational in warmer temperatures and it’s specifically made for small engines. For instance, a lawnmower. 

After all, Pennzoil is an excellent small engine oil for your lawn mower. We highly recommend it. 

5. Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil

Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil Best Oil For Lawn Mower

The Toro 38916 is a proprietary lawn mower oil made by renowned brand Toro. That means it’s specifically made for being used in Toro lawn mowers. It will increase the performance of your lawn mower. It also went through extensive testing and passed with flying colors. 

This oil is optimized to provide the best performance. And it will drastically increase your engine’s lifespan. 

Features and benefits:

  • Safety:

The manufacturers put this lawn mower oil through a lot of safety tests. They have found that it does fulfill all the requirements needed for OEM products. 

  • Weight:

The bottle weighs about 18 Oz. 

  • Composition:

The composition of the oil makes sure that there is the least amount of molecular shearing during operation.  

  • Viscosity Grade:

This lawn mower oil has a viscosity grade of SAE 30. So, don’t use this oil if the climate is cold where you live. 

And I must say, although it’s a little expensive, we can assure you that it will be worth the cost. 

6. STP 18589 Oil

STP 18589 Oil Best Oil For Lawn Mower

This oil was made for being used in 4-cycle small engines such as lawnmowers, push mowers and generators. In our opinion, the oil’s composition is the most impressive thing about this product.

It has chemical inhibitors that will prevent your engine from corroding. Even if you are storing the lawnmower for an extended period, the engine won’t get damaged.

Features and benefits:

  • Viscosity Grade:

The STP oil is rated SAE-30. The oil has the perfect amount of viscosity that protects the internal parts of the engine from friction. The oil won’t get contaminated over time, and its viscosity will also remain consistent. 

  • Durability:

The oil has antioxidants mixed with it. It prevents the thermal breakdown of the oil from occurring. Thermal breakdown refers to the event when the heat generated by the engine causes a chemical reaction to take place that breaks down the oil’s molecules.  

  • Detergents:

It’s a detergent oil. That means it will clean the internal components of your engine and make your lawnmower’s engine more efficient. 

  • Anti-Wear: 

The oil provides lubrication to the different parts of the engine. And the lubricant protects them from wearing down. 

To sum up, It would be pretty tough to find a better oil for your lawnmower than this one. So, you can buy it with confidence. 

7. Castrol 03093 GTX

Castrol 03093 GTX Best Oil For Lawn Mower

Out of all the oils on our list, the Castrol GTX is probably the most versatile one. Castrol GTX is one of the most well-renowned brands in the oil industry. And they have manufactured this oil in such a way that it will improve your engine’s health and enhance its performance.

iYou know if the engine is used excessively, then the engine can get affected by sludge. That can cause a decline in your engine’s performance. But, this oil has a double-action formula that will protect the engine from sludge.

Features and benefits:

  • Viscosity Grade:

The Castrol GTX 03093 is rated 10W-30. That means this oil is more efficient during cold weather. Typically, 10W-30 rated oils require more oil consumption than other types of oils. But, Castrol has optimized this oil in such a way that the engine will require a minimum amount of oil. 

  • Durability:

The oil’s composition prevents it from breaking down due to thermal energy generated by the engine.

  • Anti-Wear: 

There are additives mixed with the oil that will stop different moving parts of the engine from corroding.

This oil will increase your lawnmower engine’s lifespan. So it can be one of the best options that you can choose, especially considering the price. 

8. Rotella T1 30

Rotella T1 30 Best Oil For Lawn Mower

The Rotella T1 oil is highly recommended for the customers who have an older lawnmower. That is because this oil is perfect for engines that have become old. This oil has the ability to clean the sludge in your lawnmower engine. 

It will provide lubrication to your engine parts, and it will prevent chemical deposits from forming. 

Features and benefits:

  • Viscosity Grade:

The Rotella T1 is categorized as SAE-30. In other words, it’s better suited for use in warmer weather. 

  • Durability:

This oil is less sensitive to chemical reactions. That’s why it won’t get oxidized, and it won’t break down easily. 

  • Detergents:

The oil is mixed with detergent-like substances that will clean up any old sludge that may be inside your engine. It will also stop any new sludge from forming.

  • Anti-Wear: 

The oil will protect the engine from rust formation. We know the moving parts of the engine gradually decay due to friction. But this oil will lubricate those parts and protect them from corrosion.

This product comes with the same kinds of specifications as some of the premium oils in the market. So this oil is an outstanding choice because it’s way cheaper than those.  

9. Lawn-Boy 89930

 Lawn-Boy 89930 Best Oil For Lawn Mower

The Lawn-Boy 89930 oil is a genuinely good product. It’s made explicitly for two brands of lawnmowers- Toro and Lawn-Boy. And This oil will keep your lawnmower running efficiently, and it will also increase your engine’s lifespan. 

As there are cleansing additives mixed with the oil, it will also be suited for being used in old models of Lawn-Boy lawnmowers. 

Features and benefits:

  • Temperature and usage: 

The Lawn-Boy oil is better suited in higher temperatures. Furthermore, it’s specially made for 2-cycle engines. It’s made to be used in Toro and Lawn-Boy lawnmowers.   

  • Durability:

Temperature or thermal energy in the engine won’t be able to cause a chemical breakdown in the oil. That’s because of the unique composition of the oil.

  • Detergents:

The oil comes with special chemical agents that destroy any kind of deposits that may store in the engine. This will make the fuel more efficient, and less engine power will be wasted. 

  • Storage: 

This oil works as a stable fuel and it won’t chemically disintegrate or lose its potency with time. So, it can be stored for a long time. 

If you own a Lawn-Boy lawnmower, then this oil will be the best choice for you. 

10. Quaker State (550035190-6PK)

Quaker State (550035190-6PK) Best Oil For Lawn Mower

Nowadays, finding a single grade SAE 30 rated lawnmower oil is quite hard. So, if you have a lawnmower that requires 30W oil, it might be a problem.

But, the Quaker state oil will solve that problem. That’s because this bottle contains 946 ml of oil that will last for a year. 

Quaker State is a trusted brand in the oil industry. It will not only protect your engine from wear and tear but also protect it from harmful acids that are generated in the engine.  

Features and benefits:

  • Protection:

The Quaker state oil features industry-grade anti-wear protection. Even if your lawnmower is old, the additives in the oil will lubricate the different parts of the engine. The oil is quite durable, and it will enable you to cut long, rugged grass with ease.   

  • Endurance:

It is a heavy-duty oil. Quaker state left no stones unturned while testing this oil. They put this oil in taxies and drove them around the streets of the United States and Canada. The oil performed consistently. Even though the engine was idle for an extended period, the oil still performed exceptionally well.  

  • Viscosity Grade:

It’s a motor oil with a viscosity grade of SAE 30. It retains its viscosity level at all times. 

  • Service Category: 

The oil satisfies all the service categories such as API SN, SM, SJ, and SL. 

It’s an exceptional oil that you can buy at an affordable price. It won’t create any kind of smoke or smell. And considering all we would recommend you to buy it. 

Buying Guide– How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower Oil

Buying Guide For The Best Lawn Mower Oil

Before you spend your hard-earned money on buying an oil for your lawnmower, you should consider some of the features of these oils. There are a wide variety of oils in the market, so understanding the features is really important to find the best oil for lawnmower.

Here are the things you should consider before buying a lawnmower oil:

What Type Of Oil Does Lawn Mowers Use?

You have to consider the type of oil, as some oils may not work in your lawnmower. They are briefly described below: 

  1. Four-Stroke oil: These oils are better suited for larger lawnmowers. They work in four-cycle engines.a
  2. Two-Stroke oil: These oils are better suited for smaller lawnmowers. They work in four-cycle engines. They don’t feature a lubrication system.
  3. Motor Oil: Motor oils are basically the oils that are used in automobiles. There are vast differences between motor oil and oils made for small engines. And the fact is that lawnmowers remain idle most of the time. So, small engine oils have additives that protect the engine from wear.
  4. Synthetic Oil: Synthetic oils are the best kinds of oils that can be used in lawnmowers. They are refined, and they perform well.

Viscosity Grade: 

The performance of the engine depends on the oil’s ability to retain its viscosity at different temperatures. The viscosity grades are described below:

  1. SAE 30: These oils are used in smaller engines, and they work best in warmer weather. 
  2. Synthetic SAE 5W-30: The engines that use this type of oil require less oil consumption.
  3. SAE 5W-30: These oils are best suited for cold temperatures. 
  4. SAE 10W-30: The 10W type oils can be used in a wide range of temperatures. But, the engine might consume more oil while starting. 

Chemical additives: 

Most of the oils that are available nowadays feature anti-wear technology. The oils are mixed with chemical substances that provide lubrication to different moving parts of the engine.

These chemical agents also neutralize the acids that are created when the engine runs. This protects the corrosion of the engine.

Detergent likeability:

Some oils can cleanse your lawnmower engine by getting rid of the sludge that builds up inside the engine.

Final words

We hope that our comprehensive list of top ten lawnmower oils has helped you in figuring out which one would be best suited for your lawnmower. One thing to be noted here is that our list contains oils with a wide variety of features. So hopefully making your choice wouldn’t be that hard. 

Still, we would suggest you go through our buying guide to figure out which features might be of interest to you.

Truly, each oil has its strengths, and each of them is suited to specific types of lawnmowers.

But, still, we want you to only buy the best oil for a lawnmower in the market. So, we would like to tell you that Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil is by far the best oil available in the market today.

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