Best Mower For 5 Acres

Best Mower For 5 Acres [Review]

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Mowing your lawn may seem like a tedious and challenging task. But that doesn’t have to be the fact. That is because by using an efficient lawn mower, you can mow your yard with ease, even if you have a large yard.

Since you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you are looking for a lawnmower that can mow an area of 5 acres. In other words, you’re probably looking for a lawnmower that can mow a large yard. 

That’s why to make it easy for you to find the best mower for 5 acres, we have compiled a list of top ten lawnmowers for 5 acres.

But how did we do it?

We had to perform extensive research to figure out which lawnmowers deserve to be on our list. That’s because the market is saturated, and there are hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from.

Most of the lawnmowers that are currently available in the market aren’t worth your money. Fortunately for you, we have tested out each one of the lawnmowers on our list. And we have ranked them according to their cutting performance, speed, durability, battery life, etc.

So without wasting any more time, let’s explore a new world lawn mower for 5 acres. 

Top Ten Best Lawn Mowers For 5 Acres

Here we will review the top ten best lawn mowers for 5 acres. We will also discuss each one of their features to help you understand what sets them apart from the rest. 

NameImageCutting WidthItem WeightPower SourcePrice
Greenworks 25302 Twin Force Cordless Lawn MowerGreenworks 25302 Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower20-Inch40.5 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
EGO Power+ LM2000-SEGO Power+ LM2000-S
20-Inch56.2 pounds
Battery-Powered mikestoolsusa
Sun Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB Cordless Lawn MowerSun Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB Cordless Lawn Mower14-Inch23.1 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless ElectricSnapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric
20-Inch58.90 pounds Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
14-inch33.4 pounds
Battery mikestoolsusa

Our top picks of best mower for 5 acres are given below: 

1. Greenworks 25302 Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Mower For 5 Acres  Greenworks 25302 Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower
Best Mower For 5 Acres Greenworks 25302 Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks is known for making extremely lightweight lawn mowers that provide consistent performance. This battery-powered mower has a runtime of 60 minutes, and the cut-quality is just amazing.

Since this is an electric lawnmower, it’s remarkably quiet. So, you won’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining about any kind of noise. It’s better suited for you if you have a small lawn. That’s because it doesn’t require that much power to operate, and it won’t take much time to charge the batteries.

What we really liked about the Greenworks lawnmower is that it can cut through tall and thick grass without an issue. You will have the ability to finish mowing your entire lawn before the batteries drain out. The batteries can also be used in other Greenworks products. 

Features and benefits:

Deck and Blade:

The poly deck has a width of 20 inches. That means it’s a small lawnmower. But, it’s equipped with dual blades. And The blades are more than sharp enough to cut through tall grass and weeds. 


You can adjust the height of the lawnmower using a lever. There are 5 different height options available. 

Type of mowing:

This is a 2-in-1 lawnmower. Which means that it has a lever to change the mode of the mowing from mulching to bagging. There is also a rear bag to catch the grass clippings. 


It’s powered by dual 40V batteries, and the runtime is about 60 minutes.

Cutting speed:

The most exciting feature of this lawnmower is its smart cut technology. It determines how much power is needed for cutting grass and increases the blade’s speed automatically if necessary.

To sum up, this is an excellent lawn mower with amazing features. And of course, It’s totally worth considering.  

2. EGO Power+ LM2000-S

Best Mower For 5 Acres EGO Power+ LM2000-S
Best Mower For 5 Acres  EGO Power+ LM2000-S

Ego Power + is a powerful lawn mower that is also really easy to use. This lawnmower requires very little maintenance. And since this is a battery-powered electric lawnmower, you won’t need to clean the carburetors. That is only necessary for gasoline-powered lawnmowers. 

The Ego power lawn mower features two types of mowing- bagging and mulching. You can easily switch between the two. Even the handle of the mower is adjustable. You can fold the handlebar and store the mower vertically. 

This will reduce the amount of space required to store the lawnmower. Most importantly, a single charge is enough to mow your entire yard. The battery also charges really fast. It only takes 30 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Features and benefits:

Materials and construction: 

This is a premium product made with high-quality materials. It’s weather-resistant. In other words, it will work just fine, even if it gets soaked in the rain. 


It’s quite easy to control and adjust the height of the blade. Instead of pulling multiple levers, it can be done by using a single gear.  


Like we mentioned before, you can fold the handle of the lawnmower and easily store it in your garage. 

Type of mowing:

This is a 3-in-1 lawnmower. It can be used for bagging, mulching, and side charge. It’s great to have so many options available.


The mower is powered by 56V, 4Ah lithium-ion batteries. The batteries last a long time. Also, they retain the ability to hold the charge even after years of use.

In fact, this lawnmower is a strong contender for being one of the best lawnmowers on our list. We highly recommend it.

3. Sun Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB Cordless Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB Cordless Lawn Mower
Sun Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB Cordless Lawn Mower Best Mower For 5 Acres

This lightweight lawnmower is really convenient as you can mow your entire yard on a single charge. It makes crisp cuts on the blades of grass and efficiently puts it in the detachable bag. You know mowing with the Sun Joe is delightful. That’s because it’s effortless to do so.

You can push this lawnmower with just one hand. The lawnmower is powerful enough to cut through thick, tall grass. It’s also pretty quiet. But since the bag of the Sun Joe is smaller compared to other entries on our list, you will have to empty the bag multiple times during mowing.

Other than that, we don’t have any complaints about this lawnmower. It’s a piece of exceptional equipment to have.

Features and benefits:


This lawnmower is available in three colors. Those are dark blue, red and green. We really liked the design of the dark blue colored one.


When you are mowing in the Bagging mode, you require a bag to store the grass clippings that have been cut. That’s why, this lawnmower features a detachable catcher for the grass that has been cut.


The height of the deck is easily adjustable by the user. There are three height options to choose from, and the adjustment can be done manually.

Battery performance:

The Sun Joe lawnmower is powered by a 28V, 5 Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery is cost-effective and long-lasting. According to the manufacturer, the battery’s charge will last for 12,000 sq. Ft. of mowing. 


The blade is durable as it’s made of steel. It has a cutting width of 14 inches. It can cut the grass smoothly and with precision. 

On the whole, the Sun Joe lawnmower is a satisfactory product. We liked its features, and we recommend you to choose it for cutting the grass of your lovely lawn.

4. Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric 20-Inch Lawn Mower Kit

 Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric 20-Inch Lawn Mower Kit
 Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric 20-Inch Lawn Mower Kit Best Mower For 5 Acres

There are some things that you need to attach to it. Those include a mulching plug, a bag, a handle, and a chute for side discharge. But, the assembly won’t take you more than a few minutes. 

Don’t forget to install the mulching plug if you want to mulch. If you’re going to bag, you should attach the bag to the lawnmower. You can adjust the height of the deck to cut the grass according to your desired size.

But in spite of having little drawbacks, there are lots of good features of this mower. 

You can start this lawnmower quite quickly, and it doesn’t produce any kind of fumes. It won’t create any kind of noise as well.

Features and benefits:


The Snapper lawnmower is easy to start. Instead of pulling a cord,  you can quickly start this lawnmower with just the push of a button.  


The handlebar is foldable, and you can store it vertically in your house or in your garage. It won’t take up much space. 

Height Adjustment:

The height of the deck and the blade is adjustable. You can do so easily by using a single lever on the right side of the lawnmower. There are 7-height options available. 

Type of mowing:

It’s a 3-in-1 lawnmower. It can be used for side charge, mulching, and bagging. 

Load-Sensing technology: 

The lawnmower can determine the difficulty of cutting the grass and adjust the power output accordingly. 

After all, the Snapper lawn mower is best suited for beginners who have little or no experience with mowing.

5. WORX WG960 20-inch 40V(5.0Ah) WG751 Cordless Lawn Mower

 WORX WG960 20-inch 40V(5.0Ah) WG751 Cordless Lawn Mower
 WORX WG960 20-inch 40V(5.0Ah) WG751 Cordless Lawn Mower

The WORX lawnmower is excellent. That’s because it’s lightweight and easy to use. The battery also charges surprisingly fast.

This lawnmower is better suited for smaller yards. It’s pretty user-friendly, and anyone can figure out how to use it.

The most exciting feature about the WORX lawn mower is that it comes with a blower. The blower can come in handy for blowing the grass clippings away and spreading them evenly throughout the yard. It’s also surprisingly quiet. 

Features and benefits:

Smart Cutting Feature: 

WORX features intelligent cutting technology that can determine whether increased power is necessary. It increases the torque of the lawnmower while you are cutting thick, tall grass and weeds.   


This lawnmower uses a dual battery system. The 20V and 5 Ah lithium-ion batteries provide more run time than other lawnmowers. You can even mow your lawn without worrying about recharging the batteries. 


The lawnmower is cordless itself, and it features a cordless Turbine-blower as well. As the blower is lightweight, you can easily carry it around. It can create a maximum air volume of 360 cfm. 

Type of mowing:

The WORX lawnmower features bagging, side discharge, and mulching.


A single lever is used to adjust the height of the blade. 

You can surely consider it to have. After using it a few times, you will love the way it cuts through the grass like a knife goes through butter. 

6. Makita XML03PT1 

Makita XML03PT1 Best Mower For 5 Acres
Makita XML03PT1  Best Mower For 5 Acres

This best feature of this lawnmower is its battery life. And despite being lightweight, it provides enough cutting power to mow your entire lawn without requiring to be recharged. You can even mow your yard at night as it doesn’t create much noise or vibration. 

You won’t have to worry about waking up your neighbors. But note that it’s not a self-propelled mower. So, you have to push it around to maneuver it. But, don’t worry about going up steep slopes. That’s because it’s not that heavy, and you can easily push it upwards.

In fact, this mower doesn’t feature side discharge. We believe that it should’ve had that option. That’s because bagging very long grass is quite tricky.

Features and benefits:


The deck is made with heavy steel. It’s quite durable and robust. 


You can put the lawnmower on quiet-mode. This will reduce the speed and provide you with a speed of 2500 RPM. In general, it will have a rotation speed of 2500-3300 RPM. It can cut the grass really fast. 


The height of the deck can be changed by manually moving a lever. There are 10 height options to choose from. 


You can fold the handle and store the lawn mower vertically. 


The lawnmower is resistant to adverse weather. And this increases its durability. Its battery also lasts long. The battery can protect itself from overloading and overheating. 


The Makita lawnmower uses a brushless motor that can cut an area of 7300 sq. Ft. on a single charge.

You can consider this lawnmower to purchase with confidence. It also comes at an affordable price. 

7. EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine

Best Mower For 5 Acres EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine
Best Mower For 5 Acres

The manufacturer of this lawnmower has made this product for lawns that are quite tricky to mow. That’s why they optimized the features of the Earthquake M205 lawnmower to be able to handle hilly terrains. 

It can easily cut through thick, waist-high grass smoothly. No matter how rugged the grass is and how uneven the surface is, this lawnmower can mow through the grass with ease.

The assembly process is easy, and it will only take a few minutes. Even if your yard has stones and pebbles, that won’t be a problem. This lawnmower is pretty durable.

Features and benefits:

Engine performance:

This lawnmower is powered by a 150cc viper engine that has enough strength to cut down tall, rugged grass with ease. It has big tires, each having a radius of 14 inches. 


The engine can maneuver through uneven surfaces with thick grass and weeds. It can go through any kind of terrains.


This is the perfect walk-behind mower, in our opinion. That’s because of its design. The wheels are big and sturdy. The lawnmower is compact, and the deck is designed in a way that there is very little vibration. 


The handlebar can be adjusted, and since this lawnmower takes up little space, it’s easy to store.

Smart Stop: 

This string mower features intelligent stop technology. It enables the mower to stop the blade from moving as soon as you release the engagement handle.

In a brief, the Earthquake lawnmower has a robust engine. It will last for many years. So, you can consider buying it. 

8. Craftsman T225 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Gold 46-Inch Gas-Powered Riding Lawn Mower

Craftsman T225 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Gold 46-Inch Gas-Powered Riding Lawn Mower

Although the mower comes pre-assembled, you will have to set up the seat and the steering wheel of this riding mower. Then you have to put some gas into the mower, and you are good to go.

There is a part in the back of the mower where you can attach a grass bagger to store the grass clippings. And this mower is better suited for bagging. yyou won’t have to worry about the mower leaving grass in the yard instead of putting it into the bag.

Features and benefits:


This riding lawnmower has a powerful engine. And it is better suited for large yards. It can even be used on a golf course. You can start the mower quite easily due to its ready-start feature. 


The Craftsman T225 lawnmower has a sizable 46-inch deck. Which means you will get a cutting surface with a diameter of 46 inches. The grass can be cut and trimmed efficiently inside the deck. 


This lawnmower comes with a built-in deck wash. It will clean the insides of the deck. Eventually, this will save you a lot of time. 

Reverse mowing:

You can ride this lawnmower in reverse. It’s actually an interesting feature that really caught our eyes.


There are large 15” front wheels and even larger 20” back wheels on this lawnmower. They make it easy to move around.

It’s a well-designed lawnmower with vibrant colors.  And you should consider buying it as it’s performance is satisfactory.  

9. Snapper CRP218520 / 7800968 NINJA Lawn Mower

Snapper CRP218520 / 7800968 NINJA Lawn Mower
Snapper CRP218520 / 7800968 NINJA Lawn Mower

Actually, we only have nice things to say about this lawnmower. It has a durable deck, and the engine is powerful. The assembly is easy, and you can start this lawnmower with just a single pull. The exhaust of the engine is also surprisingly quiet. 

When we tested this lawnmower out, we found that it can go straight through the thick, rugged grass and weeds like it’s nothing. It’s really effective, and it can handle uneven spots without an issue. It can even take care of wet or damp grass.

You know most of the self-propelling lawnmowers don’t last more than a couple of years. But the Snapper lawnmower is an exception to that. Its propelling mechanism is quite advanced. You can also clean it easily. 

Features and benefits:

Starting and operation:

This is the most user-friendly lawnmower on our list. The engine is from the Briggs and Stratton 850 pro series. You can easily start the engine by pulling the cord. 

Another thing that we should mention here is, the engine operates quietly. So, you won’t face any unwanted troubles due to too much noise.  


The lawnmower can smoothly run over the grass without inflicting any kind of damage to the grass. That’s because the mower is pretty lightweight. It can turn smoothly as well, and that’s why it’s easy to maneuver.


This lawnmower features a ninja blade with six different cutting surfaces. That increases the mower’s efficiency and makes it easier to mulch.

Material and construction:

It’s a pretty robust piece of equipment. Its 14” deck is made out of steel, and it also features reinforced bracing. 


There are 7 options available regarding height adjustments. 

This snapper lawnmower comes with exciting features. Its sharp ninja blade can cut through the grass no matter how rugged it is. So, to some extent, you can purchase it.

10. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

This is one of our favorite lawnmowers. It’s easy to use, and it’s pretty lightweight. We have to admit that transforming the lawnmower to a trimmer then to an edger was a fun experience.

Even if your yard isn’t perfectly flat and there are some tough spots to mow, the Black Decker lawn mower will be able to mow through the grass with ease. You can easily pick it up and even go uphill as well. 

You can change it into a trimmer by stepping on a lever. It’s a more convenient option than a gas trimmer. 

Features and benefits:


This is 3-in-1 equipment. It can be easily converted from a lawnmower to an edger or a trimmer. Each variation has its own functionalities.   


When you are using it in the trimmer mode, you won’t have to worry about bumping. Its auto-feed system enables you to trim your yard continuously. 


As it’s powered by two batteries, it has better battery life than other lawnmowers.


The cutting height can be adjusted, and there are two options available. Those are 1.6 inches and 2.4 inches of cutting height.  


It features power-drive, which makes sure that the lawnmower does not lag while cutting grass. It will also increase its torque while cutting rugged grass.  

This is a really convenient tool to have for mowing your lawn. You are sure to be impressed by its features. 

Best Mower For 5 Acres: Buying Guide

Best Mower For 5 Acres

Before buying any kind of equipment, you have to consider the features of that equipment. This will enable you to make an informed decision. This is also true in the case of buying a lawnmower. 

The factors that you should consider before buying a lawnmower are as follows:

Type of the lawnmower:

Your first task is to decide which kind of mower will be suitable for your lawn. There are different types of lawnmowers available. And each of them has its own functionalities. We will briefly discuss them down below:

  •  Self-Propelled Mowers:

If you have a large lawn, then you should buy a self-propelled mower. Operating a self-propelled mower is much easier than operating a push mower. It can also come in handy while going up slopes. 

Some self-propelled mowers even have a smart cutting feature that automatically increases the mower’s speed when necessary. 

  • Push Mowers: 

A push mower will be the right choice for you if your lawn is small and flat. The best thing about a push mower is that it’s much more affordable than any other type of lawn mowers. 

But, remember, you’ll have to physically push it in order to cut the grass. Also, these mowers aren’t that useful while cutting tall grass.  

  • Electric mowers:

Electric mowers are becoming popular nowadays, and their demand is also rising. As the name suggests, these mowers are powered by electricity. This type of mower can be divided into two categories. 

The first one is the battery-powered lawnmowers. These mowers have a runtime of about half an hour to 45 minutes. They are quite efficient, but they aren’t that powerful.

Another type of electric mower is the one that uses cords. These mowers are difficult to use because of the electrical cord.

  • Riding Mowers:

A riding mower kind of works like a vehicle. You can ride on it and maneuver it by using a steering wheel. This type of mower is usually powered by gas. They are quite powerful, and they can easily handle tall, rugged grass. But they are also quite expensive.

Different modes of mowing:

There are three major cutting modes of mowing. They are mulching, bagging, and discharging. We have tested all of the lawnmowers that we have listed on all three of these cutting modes. 

We have found that their performance was not the same on each of the modes. Some were better at mulching, and others were better at bagging. So, you have to consider buying a lawnmower that is efficient in the cutting mode that you prefer. 

  • Rear-wheel drive

Some of the self-propelled lawn mowers feature rear-wheel drive. If your lawn has slopes, then the rear-wheel drive will make it easy for you to go upwards. 

  • Starting 

Most of the lawnmowers are started by pulling a cord. But, we would suggest you buy a lawnmower that can be started by using a key or by pushing a button.

Final words

You know making our list of the best lawnmowers for 5 acres was quite a difficult task. You would be amazed at the sheer number of high-quality lawn mowers that are currently available in the market.

But, even so, we somehow managed to come up with the best options that you can choose from.

We hope that our list of the best mower for 5 acres has helped you figure out which lawnmower is best suited for you.

Worth mentioning that each of the lawnmowers on our list has excellent performance. But still, we would suggest you go through the features of these lawnmowers and match them with your requirements.

Just read our buying guide to better understand what you should look for.

Want to know our top pic? If yes, we have to say that the Greenworks twin force lawn mower is our favorite one on the list.  And of course, there are some reasons behind it.

And the reasons lie in their unique features.

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