Black And Decker 60v Mower Reviews

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As we stroll through the streets, we see beautiful and lush gardens and green courtyards. Of course, these beautiful farms do not occur.

There is an old adage that says a lot of hard work and passion for the garden is needed to make your garden look green with fresh grass.

But it is no longer the case, many machines and advanced equipment are available in the gardening market, especially lawnmowers.

To keep your lawn fresh, you need a better lawn mower that is easy to use and efficient to cut. Many mower businesses offering a wide range of lawn mower brands find it difficult to choose the right one.

To make things a little easier, I used a 20 inch CM2060C 60 V Max Power Swap Mower BLACK + DECK. Here is a report that can clarify the quality and usage.

black and decker 20 inch lawn mower

Product description

The Lawnmower BLACK + DECKER CM2060C 60V Max Power Swap Mower 20 Inch has a Powerswap, which allows you to change the batteries quickly and easily by pressing a button.

It also features automatic detection technology that saves battery power when possible to ensure long battery life.

This device contains two 2.5-Ah, 60-V lithium batteries that give you twice the runtime per charge.

With a height adjustment of six user-friendly settings of 1 1/3 inches. Up to 4 inches You can easily set the cutting height high or low. The 3-in-1 configuration allows you to cut, sag or unload cuts from the side.

This device also has a charge gauge that shows the remaining battery power at all times, and a handle that folds easily for compact storage. 

Black And Decker 60v Mower Reviews


  • Part Number: CM2060C
  • Item Weight: 53.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 16 x 22 inches
  • Item model number: CM2060C
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Color: black
  • Power Source: battery-powered
  • Voltage: 60

The Features and Benefits of  Black And Decker 60v Mower:


By tilting the scale to just 30 kg, the Black & Decker CM2060C could easily carry a brushless motor of a decent size and be able to match its impressive cut with much more power, without the extra weight that limits its smooth maneuverability.

In fact, weight gain would probably have had the opposite effect if the lightweight CM2060C were rolled much more effortlessly on uneven ground. However, the Black & Decker CM2060C is a few complaints.

black and decker 20 inch lawn mower

The owner’s suggestion that the Black & Decker CM2060C would have worked better with something stronger than a 2.5 Ah 60 V lithium-ion battery that powers it is not without foundation.

As I will explain below, I hesitate to call this lawnmower “energy efficient”. Upgrading to 36V and 4Ah batteries, or even 7Ah batteries, could extend and extend the life of both power supplies from 30 to 45 minutes, but Black & Decker draws every ounce of outstanding performance out of your hardware.

Powerswap allows the user to press a single button and instantly switch from battery for a new one without losing the rhythm when the on-board charge indicator indicates that the charge on the current device is running low.

Black And Decker 60v Mower Reviews 20 inch lawn mower

When mowing, Powersense technology saves usable energy by reducing the speed and performance of the blade when it detects thinner and shorter grass that does not require additional “thrust”.

However, the Black & Decker CM2060C works in a ninja silence and does not emit a single molecule of air pollution.

Despite the energy savings Black & Decker has a reason to equip this mower with a few batteries: Although each takes less than an hour to work, both require up to four hours each to rejuvenate A charger, each consisting of only one battery.

With that in mind, the CM2060C is still more than capable of destroying a quarter to a third of acres of lawn and conserving a battery with 50 percent of its energy.

black and decker 20 inch lawn mower


Cutting with the Black & Decker CM2060C is not complicated in itself. In the worst case, the natural dimensions of the handle make the operation somewhat cumbersome for many users less than 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Thanks to its low weight, users of all sizes can easily push with minimal effort. You will not hear me complaining that your opener is calling a key, a button and a lever at the same time.

black and decker 20 inch lawn mower

The process not only remains idiot-proof in its simplicity, but it also happens that you only reliably, immediately and safely start the engine if someone wants to turn it on purpose.

When the job is done, the handle folds gently so that the Black & Decker CM2060C occupies the smallest space in a storage space that any lawn mower can find.


At no time would I recommend taming a wet lawn with an electric lawnmower. In this case, it should be noted that users who wear the Black & Decker CM2060C on wet grass are surprised by its smooth surgical procedure.

The single-point platform adjustment changes the heights surprisingly fast between six configurations of 1.3 to four inches and the three removal options eliminate worry-free clippings, whether you decide to unload, sag or padding.

Of course, you can expect the cutting performance to decrease as the battery nears the end of its charging process.

However, this is associated with the ownership of a lawnmower with a battery. Think of this as an incentive to think carefully about the size of your lawn if you do not invest your money in a gas-based model.


At best, the Black & Decker CM2060C is one of the least “needed” machines I’ve ever seen, even after the high standards of comparison of Black & Decker products and electricians in general.

Of course, your days with the purchase of fuel, oil, and spark plugs will end when you unpack this small but powerful workhorse and prepare it for your first outing. The most complicated steps an owner can take to ensure the longest possible life are to remove it as much as possible from the water.

Remember that electrical appliances are virtually all allergic to condensation. Fortunately, I have never experienced a great Black & Decker customer service.

It’s even known that their representatives are patrolling product lists on sites like Amazon to extend their support directly to owners reporting problems.

Buying one of his tools is always an investment in a company that strongly supports the quality of everything that bears his name. The Black & Decker CM2060C is no exception.


The Black & Decker CM2060C does not turn on “accidentally”. First, you must enter your security key. Then press the button. Finally, there is a lever to flip. Even if a wandering child could make the last two steps, both are meaningless without the key.

Is it worth it to buy?

I usually trembled at its initial price for a wireless electric lawn mower with a 20-inch platform. On the other hand, the “average” Black & Decker CM2060C mower does not come close to offering the rich list of features or extending the low power hours it offers.

The charging time of four hours is of course annoying, but keep in mind the following: First, if two 60V lithium-ion batteries connected to a situational energy-saving system will not allow you to finish your lawn, consider the idea that the extension is just too big for an electric mower to work efficiently. Second, if you absolutely insist on continuing with the CM2060C, just buy a replacement battery. Otherwise it’s worth every penny.

Final Verdict:

Buying a professional lawnmower in the online lawnmower business or in a nearby lawnmower shop is a prerequisite for making your lawn look beautiful. This 20cm Lawnmower BLACK + DECKER CM2060C 60V is one of those products.

However, it is always wise to do a thorough analysis and comparison of the product you want to buy.

For example, check if your batteries and replacement warranties are available. This extra feature is sometimes not available for all brands of lawn mowers you buy.

However, the Black + Decker Power Exchange mower offers the possibility to change the battery. 

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