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9 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Review

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Battery powered lawn mowers should be your first choice if you plan to buy an eco-friendly mower. I guess you also think like me.

Not that, these types of mowers have numbers of amazing features apart from others. And that eventually encouraged us to bring up here some of the best battery powered lawn mowers.

But the process was not easy at all for us. We had to go through several steps to ensure best products for you.

And luckily we could sort out these mowers and have enlisted them here.

We really want to see you as a winner in buying a mower. And that’s why we gave our best effort.

Oh sorry, the story is going to be long. Let’s make it short. So without delaying any more, let’s explore the new world of battery powered lawn mowers!  

9 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower

NameImageCutting WidthItem WeightPower SourcePrice
Greenworks 25322Greenworks 2532216-Inch37.5 pounds
Battery Poweredmikestoolsusa
Sun Joe iON16LMSun Joe iON16LM16-Inch37.3 pounds
Battery Poweredmikestoolsusa
WORX WG779 Lawn MowerWORX WG779 Lawn Mower14-Inch35.3 pounds
Snapper 1687914Snapper 1687914
21-Inch80.9 pounds
Battery Poweredmikestoolsusa
Makita XML03PT1Makita XML03PT1
18-Inch93 pounds
Battery Poweredmikestoolsusa

As there are lots of options in terms of battery powered lawn mowers, we had to toil much to come out with this list. But you know we didn’t skip our intensive research and product testing.

And that’s why, we strongly believe that you will find the best one from here that will perfectly suit you. So, let’s start scrutinizing these awesome battery powered mowers.    

1. Greenworks 25322 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower
Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Let’s start with an amazing electric lawn mower that comes with the Greenworks. Basically, the Greenworks 25322 is a cordless lawn mower. 

This lawn mower features a simple push button start system. So you can simply run this lawn mower with a simple push on the button. Well, the device is powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery that offers up to an hour of run time. 

Moreover, this lawn mower is featured with a powerful cutting deck that consists of two sharp blades. So it can cut the grass effectively and efficiently. 

In addition, the device is outfitted with durable wheels that offer superb traction in the toughest terrain. After all, surely this can be a great option for the lawn owners.

Features and Benefits:

Power: Boasting a 40 V lithium-ion battery, the mower offers smooth and reliable operation. The mower comes with a 4 Ah battery as well as a rapid charger.

The most important thing is that it features a one hour run time which is impressive enough with this battery configuration.

Mowing Options: With a 2-in-1 mowing option, you will be allowed to mulch as well as rear bagg. So you can mow up to 400m² of area once it is fully charged.  

Cutting Quality: The Greenworks 25322 comes with a single lever as well as 5-position height adjustment system. So you can change the cutting height from 1-¼ inches to 3-⅜ inches. Apart from that, the device is featured with the SmartCut technology. So it may even cut the grass evenly in all environments. 

Deck: The Greenworks 25322 is fitted with a 16” mowing deck that is lightweight but highly efficient to mow the lawn. And it is equipped with a 16” blade for efficient cutting. 

Wheels: Last but not the least, the model comes with 6 inches front and 7 inches rear wheels for improved traction. And with these convenient wheels, the mower is easy to maneuver throughout your lawn.

I must say, when you are looking for the best push lawn mower, then this is a perfect option for sure.

2. Sun Joe iON16LM  Lawn Mower

Sun Joe iON16LM  Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Review
Sun Joe iON16LM  Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe iON16LM mowes is a powerful lawn mower that runs on a 40 V iONMAX battery system. And this powerful battery comes with 40 minutes of effective run time that makes it perfect for small to medium-sized lawn. 

This eco-friendly lawn mower is extremely easy to use, thanks to its push button start features. Apart from that, it features an ergonomically designed handle with cushion. 

The mower comes with a cutting height adjustment system. You can even change the cutting height in 6 different options, ranging from 1.18 inches to 3.15 inches. 

Features and Benefits:

Design and Construction: The mower comes with compact and lightweight design. It is made from advanced quality materials that makes it highly durable. Infact, the mower is designed in such a way that it will last longer. 

Motor: For smooth and efficient operation, the mower is equipped with a powerful brushless motor. And this motor is powered by a rechargeable 4.0 Ah battery that is featured with the trending lithium-ion technology. 

It also offers enough run time to mow a small to medium sized lawn.

Cutting Quality: Although this mower is compact and lightweight it comes with impressive cutting capacity. It is fitted with a 16” durable deck that can pass up to 15” wider area with a single pass. 

More importantly, you can adjust the cutting height yourself depending on your needs. To be spacific, it can be adjusted between 6 different options. And the mower can cut the uneven grass evenly. 

Attachments: This high-performance lawn mower is featured with a grass bag as well as a discharge chute. So these attachments outstandingly enhance the functionality of this powerful lawn mower.  

Certification: Best of all, this battery powered lawn mower is approved by ETL. It comes with the certification of energy star. 

This lawn mower features a powerful motor that offers noiseless operation. Most importantly, it significantly increases the performance of this lawn mower. Overall, it is really fun to mow a small to medium sized lawn. 

3. WORX WG779 Lawn Mower

WORX WG779 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Review
WORX WG779 Lawn Mower

Featuring the patented intellicut technology, this lawn mower is one of the best battery powered lawn mowers on the market now. 

The WORX WG779 is powered by 2 batteries, and each one is rated at 20 V. So the 2 batteries can together deliver up to 40 volts. Therefore, it offers excellent performance while cutting the overthrown grass. 

For your comfort and convenience, the model comes with a soft-padded handle. Apart from that, the mower features a single lever that allows for 3 height adjustment options.

With this well-built lawn mower, you can mow up to 5500² feet areas with a full charge. 

Features and Benefits:

Power: When it comes to talking about the power, this lawn mower will be a top-rated option.Then you may have a question that how? Let’s know.

First of all, this lawn mower is run on a pair of heavy-duty industrial grade batteries that can deliver more than enough power to mow a large lawn. 

Moreover, the patented intellicut technology is applied on this lawn mower that offers additional torque on demand. It also can manage the power properly.

Mowing Options: The WORX WG779 mower features 2-in-1 mowing options. So the device will allow you for mulching as well as bagging. 

Cutting Quality: The cutting quality of this lawn mower is also great as it is featured with a intellicut option. Apart from that, it features a sharp blade that can perfectly cut the grass. 

Height Adjustability: The model comes with a single as well as 3-positions cutting height adjustment system.

Comfort: The lawn mower incorporates cushion padded handles that makes it incredibly convenient to operate. And this comfy gripped handle will substantially reduce the fatigue while mowing your yard.

Spare: The model comes with a dual port charger. Apart from that, it features a battery power indicator which will let you know how much power is consumed. 

This well-built lawn mower will be worthy as it is loaded with a multitude of features. Another important thing is it’s great maneuverability and ease of use. So it is highly recommended for the homeowners with a medium-sized lawn.

4. Snapper 1687914 Battery Lawn Mower

Snapper 1687914 Battery Lawn Mower
Snapper 1687914 Battery Lawn Mower

The Snapper 1687914 is a walk-behind electric lawn mower that comes with self-propelling features. And this mower runs on lithium-ion batteries.

In fact, it comes with 2 batteries with a rapid charger. Apart from that, it offers 45 minutes of run time.

The notable thing is that the model features the smart load sensing technology that can efficiently adjust the power to meet your cutting demands. Moreover, it is equipped with a 21” steel made cutting deck that is highly durable. 

The mower comes with speed variable transmission which will allow you to adjust the speed depending on your needs. It also comes with the push button start system that makes it easy to use. 

Features and Benefits: 

Performance: This lawn mower is exceptional in terms of power and performance. It is powered by 2.0 Ah Briggs and Stratton Lithium-Ion batteries. With this model, you will get a pair of 82 V / 2.0 Ah batteries.

Besides, the device is featured with the load sensing technology as well as variable speed transmission system.

Most Importantly, this lawn mower comes with a heap of effective features that enhance its overall performance.

Deck: With a durable cutting deck and its sharp blade, the mower can perfectly mow the lawn.   

Mowing Options: As the mower comes with a 3-in-1 mowing deck, it will allow you to mulch, rear bag as well as side discharge. Importantly, it is equipped with a large grass bagger that can hold 2.1³ feet of grass clippings. 

Height Adjustability: This walk-behind electric lawn mower is easy to operate as it comes with a single lever. It also comes with a height-of-cut adjustment system which will allow you to choose from 7 different cutting heights.

Storage: You will be able to store it with ease in tighter spaces due to its vertical storage capability. 

Maintenance: It’s fairly easy to maintain, thanks to its user-friendly design. More specifically, you won’t face any hassle to maintain it as it is featured with the brushless motor. 

With a high-efficiency motor and self-propelling features, this lawn mower is unmatched. So, you definitely can consider it to buy. 

5. EGO Power+ LM2000-S Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ LM2000-S Lawn Mower
EGO Power+ LM2000-S Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Review

The EGO Power+ LM2000-S walk-behind lawn mower comes with a ton of stunning features. And with these mind-blowing features, it’s an excellent option for the homeowners who are looking for the best battery powered lawn mowers.

Firstly, this device runs on a 7.5 Ah/ 56V high-performance Arch-Lithium battery that is heavily powerful to mow a lawn. And this powerful battery offers 90 minutes of runtime which is really impressive in its class. 

Moreover, the device comes with amazing mowing capacity, thanks to its 3-in-1 mowing features. Apart from that, this one features weather resistant design that makes it perfect to use in different weather conditions.    

In addition, you can easily fold this mower due to its compact and lightweight design. So it can be stored easily in even a small space.  

Features and Benefits:

Productivity: You will be amazed to know how productive it is. This versatile lawn mower is capable enough to mow up to two miles of area with a single charge.

And the most impressive thing is that the mower doesn’t produce any fumes that makes it eco-friendly. 

Not only that, the EGO LM2000-S lawn mower produces less noise while mowing the lawn.

The best thing is that the mower is perfect to use in extreme weather conditions that makes it highly productive and worthy.

Battery: The mowing device is featured with the industrial grade batteries that boast the smart Arc-Lithium technology. This battery wonderfully empowers the device to mow the lawn effectively and efficiently.

It is worth mentioning that the batteries are compatible with all EGO power+ products.

Mowing Capacity: This powerful device has amazing mowing capacity. And it also has a 20” durable deck.

More importantly, the height of the deck can be adjusted in 5 different positions with a single lever.

Comfort: For user comfort, the mower comes with push button start features that makes it easy to use. It also features an ergonomically designed handle so that you can operate it with ease. 

Special Features: The device is fitted with LED headlights which will allow you to work early in the morning and late in the evening. Best of all, the mower offers significantly safe and reliable operation.

Overall, this lawn mower is featured with the trending technology. So the mowing device would be worthy for sure.

6. Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower

Makita XML03PT1 battery Lawn Mower
Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower

If you are looking for the battery powered lawn mower that comes with the innovative features, then the Makita XML03PT1 lawn mower can be the best option for you. Let’s know the reasons. 

The mower comes with durable construction with the sophisticated design. So it perfectly combines the elegance and durability. And the Makita lawn mower runs on a brushless motor that can deliver 2500-3000 rpm (revolution per minute). 

Infact, the Makita XML03PT1 lawn mower comes with a weather-resistant design that makes it perfect to operate it in any condition.

Apart from that, it comes with so many convenient features, so you can conveniently use it to mow your lawn.

Features and Benefits: 

Power: The Makita mostly emphasizes on the power and performance of this lawn mower. It comes with an industrial-garde motor that offers sufficient power to take care of your lawn. And with the powerful configuration, the mower can mow the lawn quickly and efficiently. 

The motor is powered by the LXT fast-charging batteries. And the battery is featured with the computerized star protection system. So your battery will be prevented from the overheating, over discharging as well as overloading. 

Deck and Frame: The deck of this mower comes with a strong deck that is made out of heavy-duty steel. 

Cutting Quality: With the powerful motor and heavy-duty deck, the cutting capacity of this mower is superb for sure. 

Height Adjustability: The Makita XML03PT1 comes with a single lever cutting Height adjustment system that allows for fast and efficient adjustment in 10 different heights, ranging from 13/6 inches to 2-15/16 inches. 

Comfort: The device itself features collapsible handles for comfortable storage and transportation. 

Safety: This decent lawn mower is featured with the Makita XPT (Extreme Protection Technology). Basically, the XPT is a safety seal that is placed in the inner part of the tool. 

It also prevents the inner parts and components from dust and water. Moreover, the mower has a quiet mode that makes sure the noise-free operation. 

On the whole, if you are looking for an extraordinary lawn mower,then this is an obvious thing that the mower is an excellent option.

7. BLACK+DECKER CM2043C Cordless Mower

best battery powered lawn mower
BLACK+DECKER CM2043C Cordless Mower

This orange color lawn mower looks like a small racing car with soft handles. But ultimately it’s a cordless lawn mower that is used to mow your lawn.

Basically, the BLACK+DECKER CM2043C features a plastic body that makes it extremely lightweight. It weighs only 47 pounds. So this lawn mower is fairly easy to push and maneuver as well.

One of the best things about this lawn mower is that it is fitted with two interlocks. And these interlocks are equipped with the handle bar.

The model features a safety key that is a must-have to operate this lawn mower. After inserting the safety key, you need to push the start button to run it.  

Moreover, the mower comes with all the necessary accessories. And it will allow you to choose the desired system of handling the grass cutting. 

However, this mulching lawn mower is easy to use. You just need to open the rear cover for mulching. 

Features and Benefits:

Power: The mower runs on a highly efficient motor that is powered by 2 powerful batteries. The batteries are included with this package.

Apart from that, you will get a powerful battery charger. These batteries are featured with the lithium-ion technologies. And with these powerful batteries, the lawn mower can mow up to ⅓ acre of area with a full charge. 

Cutting System: This lawn mower has impressive mowing capacity. In fact, it comes with a 3-in-1 mowing option: mulching, bagging and side discharging as well. Owing to its efficient cutting system, the mower can mow up to edges with less time and effort.

Deck: The mower is featured with the lightweight but polymer deck that makes it more powerful and robust.

Height Adjustability: The important thing is that the mower comes with a one lever with which you can adjust the cutting height from 1-½” to 4”. And it doesn’t require any extra tool. 

Comfort: With the 10” gripped rear wheels, you will get a better traction. 

Safety: Best of all, the device is featured with a safety key that prevents accidental start up.

This versatile lawn mower comes with the edgemax design. If you are looking for, however, a lightweight but powerful lawn mower, then this one will be a great option for sure. Overall, this can be an excellent addition for your lawn caring.

8. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 61940S Lawn Mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 61940S Lawn Mower
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 61940S best battery powered lawn mower

If you are looking for a stylish and powerful lawn mower, then the 61940S Lawn Mower can be a perfect option for you. This mower comes with the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools. Basically, the model features an ergonomic design. 

This lawn mower has excellent power that makes your lawn caring easier. In fact, the device comes with all the essential features that a high-performance lawn mower should have.

This mower is an eco-friendly alternative to a powerful gas-powered lawn mower. Most importantly, this device is available in two versions: foldable and telescoping.

Features and Benefits:

Performance: It runs on a brushless motor that is powered by 40-Volt 5Ah lithium-ion battery. The model also includes a rapid charger.

The speed of the motor can be adjusted automatically in 2 different options. The most important thing is that it offers excellent run time with improved efficiency.

Cutting Capacity: The mower comes with a 19” cutting deck that is made from top-quality steel. So this mowing deck is incredibly durable. And this durable cutting deck features superb cutting capacity.

Mowing Options: The 61940S Lawn Mower has 3-in-1 functionality that offers a mulching, side discharge, as well as rear-bagging system.

Apart from that, the mower is fitted with a grass catcher with a bag that has the capacity to hold 16 Gal of grass.  

Height Adjustability: With a single point cutting height adjustment lever, you can adjust the cutting height from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches. 

Safety: The mower features a steel tube front guard to protect it from getting damaged.

Storage: the convenient thing is that the device comes with a Quick adjustable fold-down handle. So you can easily store by folding it down in your garage. 

Best of all, this cordless lawn mower offers excellent performance without requiring any gas or oil. So if you are looking for both the power, performance, and style, then this device can be a state-of-the-art solution for you.

9. Greenworks MO48B2210 Lawn Mower

Greenworks MO48B2210 Lawn Mower
Greenworks MO48B2210 Lawn Mower best battery powered lawn mower

When you are looking for a highly efficient electric lawn mower, then the MO48B2210 cordless mower is still a great option for sure. This is one of the most popular battery powered mowers on the market. 

You may know that the Greenworks always emphasizes on the design and construction. And that’s why this lawn mower comes with elegant design with durable construction.

One of the best things is that this lawn mower is loaded with a heap of stunning features. The device features heavy-duty batteries and a charger as well. More importantly, it ensures a long runtime depending on the condition of the grass.

Moreover, this electric mower features superb mowing capacity with a cutting height adjustment system. 

Features and Benefits:

Batteries: The Greenworks MO48B2210 is fitted with two of 24 V batteries that combine 48 V power together. And it doesn’t require leaving the 24 Volt battery unit. 

It offers up to 45 minutes of run time with two fully charged batteries. But the run time may vary depending on the grass density and the technique of the driver.  

Cutting Quality: The cutting quality of this electric device is great. It is equipped with a 17 inches lightweight deck that is made from rust-resistant materials.

And the deck is engineered for efficient mowing. Apart from that, the mower comes with a 2-in-1 feature that offers mulching and rear bagging capabilities.

Height Adjustment System: The mower features a single button that allows for adjusting the cutting  height in 6 positions, ranging from 1-¼ inches to 3-⅜ inches.  

Maneuverability: With the durable 8 inches rear as well as 7 inches front wheels, the model offers great maneuverability in tough terrain.

Another reason is to have an excellent maneuverability is that it has a lightweight mowing deck.  

USB Port: The most remarkable thing is that the mower features a USB port in which the battery can charge all types of electronic devices. So you can easily charge your phones or tabs as the device features an integrated 24000 mAh USB Power Station.

With all of these features, this mower may be a perfect choice for you. 

Things to consider to choose the best battery powered lawn mower:

Although most of the battery powered mowers are almost similar in their functionalities, it will be wise to consider some criterias to find out the best electric lawn mower.

Hopefully, with this buying guide, you will no longer have any problem choosing the best device for your lawn care. Let’s explore the factors 

Run Time

Perhaps, you have noticed that the lawnmowers we’ve reviewed come with different battery configurations. They have different batteries with different voltage configurations, ranging from 40V to 82V. 

You may think that the battery with more voltage offers more run time, right? But it’s not true at all.

The run time depends not only on the battery voltage but it also depends on the performance of mowers. However, the lawn mower with high-voltage configuration will cost more than that of a mower with low voltage.

So keep that in mind while purchasing a mower.

Cutting Width

It’s an obvious thing to consider. Because the mower with wider cutting capability can cut more grass in a single pass. But having a wider cutting deck is not enough for choosing a top-rated lawn mower.

Apart from that, you have to make sure that the model has both the wider cutting deck and powerful battery.

The Weight of Lawn Mower 

Surely the weight is a great consideration, especially for the older citizens who are not able to operate a heavy-duty lawn mower.

You know the electric lawn mowers are much lighter than that of gas-powered lawn mowers. However, the battery lawn mower can be heavy sometimes.

So choose the model that is compact and lightweight. Because the lightweight model is easy to operate and store as well.

Price and Cost

The price is the game changer here. However, the convenient thing is that electric lawn mowers are an affordable and cost-effective solution.

Apart from that, as it is battery powered, you don’t need any fuel to operate it. So it will reduce your cost. it will even reduce the maintenance cost. 

But you need to look at the variety of models out there on the market. And make an effective comparison with the potential options to choose the most suited one for your lawn carre.

How to Fix The Electric Lawn Mower?

First of all, you have to inspect whether the power supply is connected or not. The power cords may be unplugged when the mower is moved.

In this case, you need to switch to an alternative source to reconnect the power. There is a button on the inner side of the reel with which you can reset the extension cord. 

And then, try to replace faulty fuses with the new fuses. Your sockets may not work if the mower turns off the power or a fuse has blown.

Check the output cable by connecting another device. Your fuses must be observed when the device is not working.

After that, try to pull the clipping bag off and empty it. The mower may not start if the mower system detects that the bag is full.

The grass is collected in the mowing bag on the back of the mower as you move it around the yard. So, the device may stop cutting the grass during use if the bag oversteps its full capacity.

Make sure that the safety mechanism of your mowing device does not stop the starting of the motor. Many lawn mowers feature a safety function that prevents children from turning on the motor.

There is usually a special lever that must be held down when the “start” button is pushed.

Plug out the mower from the power source and turn it over to make the blade visible. Apart from that, remove all the grass, dirt, and debris that can create obstacles to rotate the blade. Battery powered mowers will no longer work if the blades don’t function properly.

How to Replace a Lawn Mower Battery?

The mower batteries are located beneath the hood or seat of the device. So if you want to change the battery, first you have to find it out. Then do the following things step by step. 


First of all, remove the keys of the mow by turning it off. Then remove the latch on the cover in order to reach the battery. If you find a tether or tie rod to hold the battery in place, remove it. Make sure that the ground wire is removed when you take aside the battery.


Now it’s time to clean the battery by using a cleaning brush. If the battery is heavily affected by corrosion, then you should use the baking soda as well as water paste to remove the corrosion from the battery.

Do not forget to make sure that no mixture or water gets into the battery cells and clean them thoroughly before removing. The baking soda will counteract the battery acid and the battery when it gets into the cells. 

However, if the connector is secure yet, then you should use a flat screwdriver to slowly disconnect the connector. Be careful not to strain the cable as you can pull out the connected connector.


Disconnect the red cable after removing the negative cable. Once you have disconnected the battery from the housing, remove the corrosion from the housing and dry it.

 And now, it’s time to place the new battery in the housing and attach the belt or connecting rod. When you reconnect the cables to the battery terminals, start with the positive cable.  

When you have connected it to the positive pole, tighten the screw to make it secure. Do not forget to make sure that the black or negative cable is also connected to the corresponding connector. Then replace and test the battery to make sure that it functions properly.

Final Verdict: 

Alright, I am pretty sure that you are now confident enough to pick the best battery powered lawn mower. You know here we’ve tested and reviewed some of the best models out there on the market. 

If you have any confusion yet, please read our buying guide once again. Hope you will be much more confident to pick the most suited one. 

And if you have any clarification regarding this issue, feel free to contact us by using the comment section. Your valuable opinion is more than welcome here.

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