WORX WG779 Lawn Mowers Review

WORX WG779 Lawn Mowers Review

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Are you planning to purchase the best quality Lawn Mower? If yes, then you may consider you the luckier ones!

This is because we have come with a really effective lawnmower here. And you know this mower will save your time and money as well.

WORX WG779 Lawn Mower is a unique and stylish product that can cut any kind of grasses according to users’ needs. You will just need to adjust the height properly when cutting grass in the yard.

Moreover, it can be the best choice Lawn Mower for those users who are searching for an entry-level Lawn Mower.

For your help, we have come with all the details about this topmost Lawn Mower. Let’s drive below for more.

WORX WG779 Lawn Mowers Review

WORX WG779 Review

WORX WG779 Lawn Mower is one of the most popular cordless Lawn Mowers on the market. It comes with two 20v, 40. Ah, Li-ion batteries that can store enough charge to give a long run time.

In addition, this mower is really packed with amazing features. And It can produce speed up to 360 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

This 14-inch cordless mower can provide additional power based on requirements of grass cutting. So you can cut grass smoothly anywhere.

This brand brings a 2-in-1 package like a cordless mower and turbine blower. Importantly, you can use the same battery for the mower and turbine cordless mower.

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 rear discharge
  • Can be operated by one-hand
  • Comes with two 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries
  • TURBINE cordless blower included
  • Can produce up to 360cfm
  • Has a durable blade
  • Easy to maintain


  • Package Dimensions: 37 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 38.4 pounds
  • Battery: Attached

Things To Consider When Purchasing WORX WG779 Lawn Mowers

The WORX WG779 mower comes with different features. That’s why we have explained some of the most effective features that you should consider before purchasing this cordless mower.

Power System

This Cordless Lawn Mower is generally powered by two lithium-ion batteries. That’s why the engine of the mower works well when someone cuts grass in the yard.

The batteries can be fully charged by 2 hours. And these are reusable with a different mower. So you can easily change them.

In addition, this high-performance cordless mower comes with two 20v batteries that enable the mower engine with more power than other cordless power tools.

This mower also comes with an eco-mode that saves power when you cut long grass.

And the battery level indicator light is placed on top of the mower so that you can see the life of the battery.


The quality of the engine is the most important part that you should consider when choosing a mower.

WORX WG779 Lawn Mower comes with a high-performance engine that can produce enough speed for cutting grass smoothly.

However, you can get many Lawn Mower brands online. But they bring low-quality engine mowers. Unfortunately, if you select their product, then you may lose your healthy lawn. So you should never allow them.

And that’s why you need to consider the mower’s engine. Furthermore, this mower is developed with the best quality engine. So you can confidently use it.


It is one of the most effective features that you must consider before purchasing a mower. Basically, this mower comes with a 34 cm wheeled metal blade that can cut grass less quickly than plastic blades.

Moreover, wheeled metal blades can be most effective for cutting grass properly. Even, you easily can replace these types of blades if needed.

This mower blade ensures a clean cut for your healthy lawn.

Height Adjustment

It is a very effective feature that you need to know when purchasing a mower. And you will be able to cut grass properly if you have a mower with a height adjustment feature.

Importantly, you will need to adjust the height of your mower when you will cut tall grass.

Luckily for you, WORX WG779 Cordless Lawn Mower comes with height adjustment features. So you easily can adjust the height when cutting grass in the yard.


Thanks for reading the whole article. Hopefully, you have found here all effective information about the WORX WG779 Lawn Mower.

We also think that you are more now clear why you need to consider this mower for your yard.

It comes as a 2-in -1 package- 14″ cordless mower and turbine cordless blower. The blower can produce 360 CFM of air to tackle any blowing job.

And considering all of these unique features, you should choose it as your lawnmower.

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