How To Put Bag On Lawn Mower

How To Put Bag On Lawn Mower? [Step-By-Step]

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When you are using a lawn mower, the bag might get ripped due to the heavy workload. And that’s why you are to change the lawn mower bag. Hence in some cases, the lawn mower brand doesn’t provide us with the built-in bag. 

You should know how to put the bag on your lawn mower in order to properly utilize it.So right after buying a lawn mower one of the first questions one should have in mind is, how to put a bag on the lawn mower. 

You may even want to learn how to put a bag on lawn mower if you want to give your yards a neat look.

Well, in this article, we will provide in this regard. Let’s get started.

How To Put Bag On Lawn Mower

Normally the lawn mower bag arrives from the factory dismantled. Before you install it, you’ll have to set it up.

Though there are varieties of lawn mowers in the market now, you only need to follow some simple procedures to put the bagger on most of the lawn mowers.

In order to properly put the bag on the lawn mower, you should follow these simple steps.

Putting The Bag On The Rear End

Putting The Bag On The Rear End

As there are several types of lawn mower in the market, you need to follow the instruction manual of your lawn mower to make necessary adjustments in the following steps. Double-check if your lawn mower follows any exception when putting the lawn mower bag.

Step #1

You will see your bag and some structure (where you can put your bag) when you get your lawn mower. You have to install the structure for your bag by reading the instruction manual.

Step #2

Open the rear panel from the back of your lawn mower. It kind of looks like a cover. There you need to remove the mulching plate (if you have any).

Step #3

There you will see 2 clamps on both sides of the rear panel. Furthermore, you will also find two hooks on the frame of your bag. Now, you need to adjust the hooks of your bag to both of the clamps.

Step #4

Finally, you just have to close the cover of your rear panel and you are good to go.

Putting The Bag On The Side End

Lawn Mower The Bag On The Side End

Step #1

Open the discharge area cover of your lawn mower. There you need to remove the mulching plate (if you have any).

Step #2

You have to install your discharge chute in the docking area. You will find hooks on the docking area where the discharge chute can easily connect.

Step #3

Now, you have to assemble your bag. Assembling the side bags is a little bit different than it is in rear-end bags. You can attach hooks of the bag with vinyl binding.

Step #4

Fit the bag in the discharge area with the help of the hooks, or in some cases with a twist.


You have to always check if you turned off your spark plug or not while putting the bag in your lawn mower.

The hard part of your lawn mower bag should be in the outward direction from your lawn mower so that you can manipulate it easily.

After closing the back cover of your lawn mower, make sure that it is perfectly fit and not in a frail state.

One way to check if your lawn mower is in a sturdy position is to test run your lawn mower.

After 2-3 minutes of test run if your lawn mower is running okay, then you have installed the lawn mower bag successfully.


While it may appear simple to install a lawn bag, errors that can develop might have aggravating or dangerous effects if neglected. Incorrect installation of your lawn mower’s lawn bagger might jam your lawn mower blades. Thus it may hinder the capacity of your mower to cut the lawn effectively.

So we should be careful when putting the lawn mower bag on our lawn mower. 

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