Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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No one wants to go through the hassle of handling the pulling cord of the lawn mowers. You also, right?

Then as a lawn owner, you should choose cordless electric lawn mowers that will let you stay hassle free. In fact, they are environment-friendly as they don’t emit any fumes.

Now the question comes, are all of the cordless mowers good to use. Not at all. Like all other tools, quality and performance vary here. But you can be relaxed as you are here!

Yes, in this article, we’ ve compiled a list of 10 best cordless electric lawn mowers for you. Glad to hear.

Okay. Not only that. You will find here all the essential features of those products in review, even negative aspects of them. 

Let’s make a long story short and start digging. 

Top 10 Cordless Electric Lawnmowers

NameImageCutting WidthItem WeightPower SourcePrice
Greenworks 25322Greenworks 2532216-Inch37.5 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Snapper XD 82VSnapper XD 82V
19 Inch59.5 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Sun Joe iON16LM Sun Joe iON16LM16-Inch37.3 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Sun Joe MJ401C-PROSun Joe MJ401C-PRO14-Inch23.1 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
EGO Power+ LM2000-SEGO Power+ LM2000-S20-Inch56.2 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa

In this list you will find the best cordless electric lawn mower that’s currently available in the market. You will also find in-depth analysis of the different features of each one of these lawnmowers in great detail. 

So without further ado, let’s start exploring the new world of cordless lawn mowers:

1. Greenworks 25322 Cordless Lawn Mower 

Greenworks 25322 Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
Greenworks 25322 Cordless Lawn Mower

The Greenworks 25322 lawnmower is incredibly efficient at cutting grass. It has excellent performance, and this mower will make it especially easy for you to mow your lawn.

This mower is battery-powered, and so it won’t require any expensive gas. It won’t cause any fumes or emissions, and it won’t require that much maintenance.

It features innovative Li-ion batteries that provide the user with 40 minutes of runtime on a single charge. You can start the engine just by pushing a button instead of pulling a cord.

The battery of this mower is charged using a smart charger, and it has a 70% faster charge time than any other Greenworks mowers. You can also use the battery on other Greenworks 40V equipment. 

Features and benefits:

Cutting Performance: 

The Greenworks lawnmower can mow up to .5 acres of land on a single charge. The mower has a total runtime of 45 minutes once it is fully charged. 

Type of Mowing:

This mower is capable of mowing in two different modes. It can be used for bagging as well as mulching.  

Height Adjustment:

There are 5-height settings available in this lawn mower, and you can change the cutting height by using a single lever. 


A 40V 4.0Ah battery powers this lawnmower. There is an onboard battery charge indicator that shows how much charge is left in the battery. 


This 25322 mower has a 16” wide deck and 7-inch rear tires. It can easily maneuver through small yards. 

I guess you have already been convinced that why is it the 1st product of our list? The Greenworks 25322 is a durable mower, and it has many exciting features. So you should consider buying it.  

2. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 

 Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
 Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Lawn Mower  Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The Snapper XD is ideal for you if you live in a suburban area, and you have a small lawn. This mower is eco-friendly, and it won’t release any kind of fumes or emission like a gas-powered mower. 

Also, it’s pretty quiet. So, you won’t have to worry about your neighbours complaining about any kind of noise.

This mower uses 82V Li-ion batteries, and they are pretty lightweight. They weigh much less than the lead-acid batteries that some old lawn mowers used. 

You’ll surely be impressed by the cutting quality of this lawnmower. The Snapper XD can mow thick, rugged grass without any difficulty. It’s better suited for mowing in bagging mode. You can quickly empty the bag and reinstall it back to the mower.

Features and benefits:


This mower has an ergonomic design, and you can control this mower with comfort. The handlebar has a layer of rubber that covers it. It provides the operator with a comfortable grip.

Smart Operation: 

The Snapper XD lawn mower features load sensing technology. It can determine the toughness of the grass and adjust the power output of the mower. 

Height Adjustment:

There are seven different height options available to the user. You can choose your preferred deck-height.


The Snapper XD mower is powered by an 82V Li-ion battery that provides the user with a total runtime of 45 minutes. 


You can fold the handlebar of this mower and store it vertically. It will save a lot of space for you.

This is one of the most efficient lawnmowers that a homeowner can have. It’s easy to use, and it’s suited for harsh mowing conditions. Overall, it is worth considering. 

3. Greenworks 40V 2500502 Cordless Lawn Mower 

Greenworks 40V 2500502 Cordless Lawn Mower
Greenworks 40V 2500502 Cordless Lawn Mower  Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks is one of the most popular brands in the lawnmowers industry. They have made some exceptional cordless electric mowers over the years, and the 2500502 model is also one of them.

It’s powered by two Li-ion batteries, and the mower has a total 60 minutes runtime .  

As the name suggests, this is a cordless mower, and you can easily start it by pushing a button-down and then pulling a lever. It is extraordinarily, powerful, and fast.

It can mow through tall, thick grasses without an issue. You can adjust the cutting height by using a lever that’s located near the rear wheels. 

It has large rear tires that make it easy for you to push the mower forward. It’s easy to control, and you can push it forward just by using one hand.  

Features and benefits:

Mowing ability: 

This mower has a battery life of 60 minutes, and it can mow up to half an acre on a single charge.

Type of Mowing:

This two-in-one mower can be used for bagging as well as mulching. 


This mower has 8-inch rear tires and 7-inch front tires that make it easy to maneuver around yards that have obstacles.


The Greenworks 250052 mower features single lever height adjustment, and it has six different height options that range from 1.25 inches to 3.5 inches.

To sum up, this is a lightweight lawnmower that provides a smooth mowing experience to the user. It’s definitely worth considering. 

4. Sun Joe iON16LM Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Sun Joe iON16LM Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower
Sun Joe iON16LM Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Why has this mower been enlisted here? lets’ know

The Sun Joe ION16LM comes with a powerful 40V rechargeable Li-Ion battery as a source of power. This battery provides you with 40 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime on a single charge. The battery is also compatible with other tools made by Sun Joe that use 40V batteries. 

It’s environmentally-friendly, and it doesn’t release any kind of carbon emissions. It has even Energy-Star certification because of its energy-efficiency. It has a safety key near the battery compartment. And you can take the key out if you want to prevent your kids from starting the lawnmower. 

It has a 16-inch wide deck and a durable steel blade. The ION16LM comes with a grass bag that can hold up to 9.2 gallons of grass clippings. The grass bag even has an indicator that will let you know if the grass catcher is full.

Features and benefits:


The iON16LM features a durable blade made of fabricated steel. It has a cutting surface with a width of 15”. 

Height Adjustment:

There are six options available to you regarding height-adjustment. You can change the height from 1.18” to 3.15”. 

Source of Power:

A 4.0Ah battery powers this mower. It is quite energy-efficient. The 600W brushless motor helps you maneuver this mower with ease. 


The iON16LM mower’s deck is made out of ABS plastic. It has a width of 16 inches. 

If you have a small yard and you are looking for a high-quality lawnmower with exciting features, then the iON16LM is the mower for you. 

5. Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower
Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

This 14-inch cordless lawn mower made by Sun Joe has a very  compact design, and it’s best suited for mowing small yards. This mower is self-contained, and a built-in battery powers it. There is a safety key and a battery-gauge near the battery compartment. 

The battery of this mower will take four hours to recharge. But, once fully charged, the battery will last for a long time.

This mower only weighs 23 pounds. So, it would be effortless for you to maneuver it around your yard. Its default method of mowing is bagging. Removing and reinstalling the bag is also pretty straightforward.

But you can buy a side discharge chute separately from Sun Joe and mulch your lawn. Pushing this mower is effortless, and anybody can operate this mower.

Features and benefits:

Safety Key:

A 28V 4Ah Li-ion battery powers this mower. There is also a removable safety key that’s attached to the handlebar near the start button. It prevents the lawnmower from being started accidentally. 

Height Adjustment:

You can manually adjust the cutting height of this lawnmower. There are three height adjustment options available. 

Mowing capacity:

The Sun Joe mower has the ability to mow .25 acres if the battery is fully charged.  


This mower comes with a removable grass catcher that can store up to 10.6 gallons of grass. That’s why you won’t have to worry about emptying the bagger while mowing.  

This mower has impressive performance and durability. We can assure you that it will surpass your expectations.  

6. BLACK+DECKER CM2043C Cordless Mower 

 BLACK+DECKER CM2043C Cordless Mower  Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
 BLACK+DECKER CM2043C Cordless Mower

The Black+Decker CM2043C has a stunning design, and it comes in handy in different kinds of mowing conditions. It’s easy to assemble, and you can do that in just a few minutes. This mower is also exceptionally lightweight. That’s because it’s almost entirely made of plastic.

You have to insert a key and then squeeze a lever to start the mower. The CM2043C mower is remarkably quiet. Also, it can provide you with extraordinary cutting performance no matter how bumpy or uneven your lawn may be.

We were pleased by its cutting ability. We mowed more than an acre of land, and the battery of this mower still had a lot of charge left in it. Furthermore, this mower has a compact design, and that’s why you can easily store it in your garage.

Features and benefits:

Efficient Design:

This mower features EdgeMax design. That is what enables the CM2043C lawnmower to mow effectively around the edges of the yard. This mower is also quite fast-paced.

Height Adjustment:

This mower features single lever height adjustment, and you can change the deck’s height from 1.5″ to 4″.


Two 40V Max Li-ion batteries power this lawnmower. Since it has two batteries, it provides the user with better runtime than other mowers. 

Type of Mowing: 

The Black+Decker CM2043C is a 3-in-1 lawnmower that is suitable for bagging, side discharge, and mulching.

On the whole, It’s an excellent lawnmower, and we only have nice things to say about it. You should give it a try. 

7. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 61940S 

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 61940S
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 61940S

The Scotts 61940S lawnmower has all the features that you desire your lawnmower to have. Anyone can use this mower as it’s user-friendly and lightweight.

It has as much power as a typical gas-powered mower. And this mower is energy-efficient, and it also has a long-running time.

You can mow your lawn in whichever mode you want while using this lawnmower. You can even mow your entire yard by using just 50% of your battery’s power.

Additionally, you can easily store this mower. It has foldable handlebars. You can fold them and store the lawnmower vertically

Moreover, this mower can determine whether the grass is thick or not and then change its speed accordingly. 

Features and benefits:


A single 40V 5Ah Li-ion battery powers this mower. It also comes with a fast charger. The mower also features a brushless motor. This motor doesn’t generate that much heat and your engine won’t get heated. 


This mower has a wide 19″ deck. And, unlike most of the lawnmowers that are on this list, the Scotts 61940S lawn mower has a deck made of steel.

Vertical Storage:

The handlebar of this lawnmower is adjustable, and you can fold it up. You can also store it vertically to save space. 

Type of Mowing: 

It’s a 3-in-1 mower that can be used for mulching, bagging, or side discharge. It comes with a bag that can hold up to 16 gallons of grass.

After all, this is an excellent lawnmower, and it’s definitely worth considering.

8. Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric Self-Propelled 20-Inch Lawn Mower 

Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric Self-Propelled 20-Inch Lawn Mower  Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric Self-Propelled 20-Inch Lawn Mower

The Snapper HD mower provides the user with 60 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime. It’s a battery-powered cordless lawnmower, and so it doesn’t require any gas. It’s easy to maintain, and it doesn’t release any fumes. 

This mower features a rust-resistant steel deck. And so it is suited for all types of mowing. It comes with a bagger, a side discharge chute, and also a mulching plug.

The Snapper HD mower starts quickly, and it can reach top speed in just three seconds. It also features load sensing technology that enables it to adjust the power level of the mower for maximum efficiency. 

You can change the height of the tires by using a single lever that’s located near the rear wheels.

Features and benefits:


A 48V Max 5.0Ah Li-ion battery powers this cordless lawnmower. This battery provides the user with a total runtime of up to 60 minutes.

Smart Operation:

The Snapper HD lawnmower features innovative load sensing technology. It enables the mower to detect rugged grass and increase the mower’s speed. 

Height Adjustment: 

You can easily adjust the cutting height of this lawnmower using a lever situated near one of the rear tires. There are seven height-adjustment options available to you.  


You can fold this mower and store it vertically in your garage and inside your house. 

The Snapper HD lawnmower is a fantastic cordless lawn mower that will satisfy all of your requirements. You should not leave it grabing. 

9. EGO Power+ LM2000-S Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ LM2000-S Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower
EGO Power+ LM2000-S Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower

The EGO Power+ LM2000-S is best suited for mowing lawns that have a lot of hilly terrains and other obstacles. This mower has almost as much torque as a gas-powered lawn mower. It can even deal with wet grass. 

This mower has a user-friendly design. In order to start this mower, you’ll have to unfold the handle and insert the battery into the mower. Then press the safety button and pull the starting lever up. Just release the starting lever if you want to stop the engine. 

The quality of the cut provided by this mower is outstanding. In fact. it doesn’t require that much maintenance, and assembling this mower is also pretty straightforward.

Features and benefits:


This lawnmower is powered by a 56V EGO Power+ arc Li-ion battery. It can mow up to 2 miles on a single charge. 


What makes this lawnmower unique is that it features LED lights. You can even mow your lawn at nighttime.  

Height Adjustment: 

This mower features a 5-position cutting height-adjustment system. You can adjust the deck height using a single lever.

Type of Mowing: 

This mower can be used for mulching, bagging, and side discharge.

This mower features long-lasting battery performance, and it’s suited for mowing in all kinds of weather conditions. You can undoubtedly buy it with confidence.

10. CRAFTSMAN V60 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, 21-Inch (CMCMW260P1) 

CRAFTSMAN V60 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, 21-Inch (CMCMW260P1)
CRAFTSMAN V60 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, 21-Inch (CMCMW260P1)

This mower is part of a package that also includes a trimmer, a blower, a hedge trimmer, and a chainsaw. A powerful V60 Li-ion battery powers it.

Assembling this mower is simple and straightforward. You won’t need any kind of additional tools for that, the hardware included with the mower will be enough.  

But you’ll have to adjust the handle and then lock it in place. And not forget to insert the safety key before starting the mower. After that, just attach the bag, and you are good to go. 

This mower features six different height adjustment options. 

The best part is that the battery of this mower runs for a long time before it gets drained out. You can mow your entire lawn multiple times before needing to recharge it.

Features and benefits:

Height Adjustment: 

You can use a lever to adjust the cutting height of the lawnmower from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. 


This lawnmower has a large deck with a width of 21 inches. The deck is durable, and it’s made of metal.  


This mower has a compact design, and you can store it vertically.

Type of Mowing: 

The Craftsman V60 mower is described as a 3-in-1 mower. That means it’s compatible with bagging, side discharge, and mulching.  

The Craftsman V60 lawnmower is easy to use, and we were impressed by its features and performance. We highly recommend it. 

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Now as we have reviewed the ten best cordless electric lawn mowers, it’s time for us to go over the features that you should consider before buying a cordless lawnmower. 

When you are looking for a cordless lawnmower that is fast and performs well even in severe mowing condition, then you should consider the following factors before buying one:

Battery & Runtime

Almost all of the cordless lawn mowers are battery-powered. Frankly speaking, battery-powered lawnmowers aren’t that powerful. And, they are considerably less powerful than gas-powered mowers.  

But, cordless battery-powered lawn mowers are best suited for small to medium-sized lawns. They don’t cause much noise, and they are suitable for the environment.

So while buying a cordless lawnmower, you must consider the battery power and efficiency of that mower. The battery has to be powerful enough to handle rough mowing conditions. Also, you must consider the total runtime of the mower.

The mower should have at least 45 minutes of runtime. That would provide you with enough mowing time to finish mowing your entire yard. The battery should have a lifespan of two to three years. 

Starting Mechanism 

The most significant advantage of having a cordless electric lawn mower is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of pulling a cord multiple times to start the mower. You can do that just by pushing a button.  

Make sure that the mower you are considering to buy has a user-friendly starting mechanism, and it comes with a safety key. Having a safety key in your mower will prevent the engine from getting started accidentally.

Weight of the Lawnmower

Usually, cordless mowers are a little heavier than other types of electric mowers. If you buy a lightweight mower, then it would be easy for you to maneuver it around your lawn. You should purchase a mower that weighs 50 to 60 pounds.  

Deck Height

You should buy a lawnmower that provides the operator with multiple height adjustment options. You may want to choose different cutting heights depending on the season and other mowing conditions.  Also, make sure the mower features single-lever height adjustment. 


Since a cordless lawnmower is typically used on small sized lawns, they must have a compact design. So, when you’re buying a cordless lawnmower, you have to check the design of the mower and check to see whether it’s compatible with your lawn.

Final Verdict

When most people buy a cordless lawnmower, they usually check how fast it is or how long the battery lasts. But, the fact is that choosing the best cordless electric mower isn’t that easy. There are many factors to consider in order to determine the quality of a lawnmower. 

In order to make the task of finding the best electric lawn mower easy for you, we had had to perform extensive research on cordless lawnmowers, and we also had to test out a lot of them. We hope that our article has helped you in figuring out which mower best suits your needs.  

Finally, do you want to know which cordless lawnmower is our favorite?

Then we must say it is the Greenworks 25322 lawnmower. It’s an excellent lawnmower that has many exciting features. It can maneuver around uneven surfaces and it has amazing bagging capabilities. So obviously, you can go with it. 

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