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Greenworks Mower 40v: Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you are in search of a 40V mower, then this article can be handy for you. Let me explain to you before you jump!

First of all, the 40V electric lawn mower is very effective to provide hassle free mowing. And all of the entries on our list are from world-class brand Greenworks.

I guess , somehow, you are clear now why you should stay with us till the end.

You know Greenworks have lots of worth mentioning mowers coming with this power. And you may get stumbled to figure out the best one.

Then? Throw away all of your confusion. We have brought up here best 5 Greenworks mower 40V for you. 

Let’s see. 

Top Five Greenworks Mower 40v

NameImageCutting WidthItem WeightPower SourcePrice
Greenworks 40VGreenworks 40V20-Inch42.5 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Greenworks G-MAX 40VGreenworks G-MAX 40V
16 Inch37.5 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Greenworks 2501302Greenworks 250130219-Inch50 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Greenworks MO40L01Greenworks MO40L0121-Inch62 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa
Greenworks MO40B410Greenworks MO40B41014-Inch31.9 pounds
Battery Powered mikestoolsusa

Finding the best Greenworks 40V lawn mowers was not an easy task for us. That’s because the market is saturated with Greenworks products, and finding high-quality lawnmowers is extremely difficult. 

But how did we come out successful? We did it as we conducted extensive research into the matter. we have finally come in decision that the following lawnmowers are the best in the business: 

1. Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower
greenworks mower 40v

If you are looking for an excellent alternative to gas-powered mowers, then the Greenworks Twin force lawn mower would be an excellent choice for you. This mower is roughly 40 pounds lighter than the average gas-powered mower. 

In fact, it’s powered by two G-Max Li-ion batteries that provide the user with a runtime of about an hour. And the Greenworks twin force mower has superior mulching capabilities. That’s because it features twin cutting blades that rotate in two opposite directions. 

The blades will provide you with a smooth and even cut. It also features a push-button starting system, and you can quickly start the mower. 

Features and benefits:


It features a dual-port battery system. And it holds 4Ah and 2Ah batteries inside the battery compartment. In case one battery drains out, the mower automatically switches to the other one in order to provide you with continuous runtime. 

Smart Cut Technology: 

This mower comes with an innovative load sensing technology that can detect the toughness of the grass and increase the speed of the lawnmower. 


It features large 10-inch rear tires and 7-inch front tires. These wheels are capable of maneuvering on uneven surfaces. 


The Greenworks twin force mower has a 20″ wide deck that’s perfect for mowing small to medium-sized lawns. 

Of course, there is a reason why this mower is number one on our list. And that is the Greenworks twin force lawn mower’s cutting performance is unmatched. So we highly recommend it. 

2. Greenworks 25322 Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25322 Cordless Lawn Mower
Greenworks 25322 Cordless Lawn Mower greenworks mower 40v

Just like the previous entry, the Greenworks 25322 lawnmower is part of the G-Max series made by Greenworks.

An interesting fact about the Greenworks G-Max series is that they are all powered by the same type of 40V Li-ion battery. That’s why you can use the battery that comes with the 25322 mower on other Greenworks products. 

What we really liked about this mower is its mulching capability. It also comes with a rear flip that protects the user from getting hit by rocks and other debris. 

Its battery is quite efficient, and it consistently provides power to the lawnmower. Eventually, you’ll have the ability to mow your entire lawn on a single run. 

Features and benefits:


This mower has an average runtime of 45-60 minutes. That will provide you with enough time to mow up to half an acre of land.  

Height Adjustment: 

The 25322 lawn mower features a 5-position height adjustment system. You can change the height from 1.25” to 3.375”.

Cutting Mode:

It comes as a 2-in-1 lawnmower. In other words, it’s capable of mulching and rear bagging. 


It has a compact 16” deck that creates the ideal environment for mulching. It also makes it easy to maneuver this mower. 

To sum up, the Greenworks 25322 lawnmower is an exceptional mower that comes with a lot of exciting new features. You should consider buying it. 

3. Greenworks 2501302 Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 2501302 Cordless Lawn Mower
Greenworks 2501302 Cordless Lawn Mower greenworks mower 40v

The Greenworks 2501302 is a well-designed lawnmower, and it has an impressive cutting performance. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable price.

As it’s a cordless electric lawn mower, it doesn’t require any gas, and it’s also surprisingly quiet. It provides the user with up to 60 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime. 

But we must remind you that this mower is best suited for small lawns that have flat surfaces. So if you have hilly terrains, then we suggest you take a look at the other entries on our list. 

But it has better mulching capabilities than most other electric lawnmowers

Features and benefits:

Load Sensing Technology: 

It features a smart cut technology that slows down or speeds up the blade’s rotational speed depending on the amount of resistance the mower receives from the grass. 

Height Adjustment: 

The Greenworks 2501302 lawnmower has a 7-position height adjustment mechanism. You can change the cutting height from 1.25 inches to 3.5 inches. 

Cutting Mode:

This mower is quite versatile. And it’s categorized as a 3-in-1 lawnmower. In other words, it’s capable of mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging. 


This lawnmower is powered by a 40V G-Max Li-ion battery. The battery even has a battery-life indicator that shows how much charge is left in the battery. 

You’ll surely be impressed by the Greenworks 2501302 lawnmower’s performance. It’s quite user-friendly, and anyone can use it. You can buy it with confidence. 

4. Greenworks MO40L01 Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks MO40L01 Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower
greenworks mower 40v MO40L01 Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

The Greenworks tools always provide its customers with the ultimate outdoor power equipment. That is also true in the case of Greenworks MO40L01.

It’s powered by a G-Max 40-volt Li-ion battery. This battery is used in a lot of Greenworks products, and this battery is the best in the lawnmower industry. 

This 20″ cordless lawnmower is perfect for mowing small to medium-sized yards. It’s also ideal for mowing lawns with steep hills.

Its instant starting system makes it possible for you to start the mower in just a matter of seconds. 

Its brushless motor provides the user with ultimate power, durability, and performance.

Features and benefits:

Dual Port Batteries: 

You won’t have to stop working even if your battery drains out. That’s because this mower has a dual-port battery system. And its double port battery compartment lets the user store an additional battery. 


You can fold the handles of this lawnmower and store it vertically in the garage. Thus, it will save you up to 70% of storage space. 

Height Adjustment:

The Greenworks MO40L01 mower comes with a convenient height adjustment lever. You can choose from seven different settings for height adjustment. 

Cutting mode:

The MO40L01 mower is a 3-in-1 lawn mower. It features a grass bag, a side discharge chute, and a mulch plug. 

On the whole, this mower is easy to use, and it’s much more economical than a gas-powered lawnmower. You can definitely consider purchasing it. 

5. Greenworks MO40B410 Cordless Lawn Mower

greenworks mower 40v  Greenworks MO40B410 Cordless Lawn Mower
Greenworks MO40B410 Cordless Lawn Mower

The Greenworks MO40B410 lawn mower is quite durable, and it has an impressive cutting performance. And you’ll surely be satisfied with this mower’s versatility and durability. 

It’s user-friendly, and you can quickly get the hang of it. Assembling the mower is also quite effortless. 

It only took us 15 minutes to assemble the mower. This mower is quite useful while mowing irregular surfaces.

It can also take care of tight spots and obstacles. It’s pretty lightweight, and that’s why you can easily pick it up using the handles and move around. 

In fact, while we were testing this mower out, we noticed that it did not face any difficulty while mowing tall grass.  

Features and benefits:

Runtime and Cutting Performance: 

This lawnmower has a total runtime of about 45 minutes. It can mow up to half an acre of land on a single run. 

Height Adjustment:

It features a 5-position height adjustment system. You can change the cutting height by using a single lever. The cutting height options range from 1.25″ to 3.375″.


The Greenworks MO40B410 features a 14” cutting deck. It’s made of plastic, and that makes the mower lightweight. The deck is even quite durable and versatile. 

Cutting mode:

This mower is designed as a 2-in-1 lawnmower. So it’s capable of rear bagging and mulching. 

The Greenworks MO40B410 is an exceptional lawnmower, especially considering its price. It’s definitely worth considering. 

Buying Guide

greenworks mower 40v

When you set out to look for a Greenworks 40V lawn mower, it’s essential for you to consider some of the features of these mowers. Your aim should be to find a mower that would be perfect for your lawn. 

Hopefully, the following guide will help you understand the factors that you need to think about before buying a Greenworks lawn mower: 

Type of the lawnmower

All of the above-mentioned mowers are electric lawn mowers. And you must know that Greenworks mainly makes two major types of electric lawnmowers- corded and cordless.

The corded type of electric lawnmowers is connected to an electrical port on the wall by an electrical cable. That’s why they are called corded mowers. 

These types of mowers have an unlimited power supply, and that’s why they don’t have a limited runtime.

But one downside of these mowers is that they are not suited for large yards. That’s because they are constrained by the cord’s length. These mowers are best suited for small-sized lawns as their cables can only extend up to 100 feet. 

On the other hand, cordless lawnmowers use a battery as their power source. Greenworks has made some outstanding cordless lawnmowers in the recent few years. These mowers are lightweight, and they have extended runtime. 

We suggest you go for a cordless lawnmower because they are much more convenient. 


Most of the Greenworks electric lawn mowers have decent amounts of runtimes. The overall runtime of the mower will ultimately depend on the efficiency of the mower’s battery. Typically, you’ll get a runtime of 45-70 minutes from a Greenworks 40V lawn mower. 

That’s more than enough for mowing a small-sized yard. You can mow up to .5 to 1 acres of land in that amount of time. 

Cutting Modes

Not all lawn mowers made by Greenworks are effective in all types of cutting modes. That’s why you have to check whether the mower you’re going to buy is compatible with the cutting mode that you prefer. 

Height Adjustment

If you cut the grass too short, it will damage your lawn. On the other hand, if you let the grass remain too tall, it will also be detrimental to your yard. 

That’s why it’s necessary to have the option of adjusting the cutting height of your lawnmower. 

The mowers that we have included in our list feature a single lever height adjustment that lets the user adjust the height of all the wheels at the same time. 

Final Verdict

We believe that our comprehensive reviews of the best Greenworks mower 40V have helped you in finding the mower that you’re looking for.

You know the mowers we have brought up here have a wide variety of features, and they are all made considering different mowing purposes.

That’s why you have to buy the one that fulfills your requirements. Also, make sure to go through our comprehensive buying guide to understand the factors that you have to consider before purchasing a mower. 

Finally, we would like to tell you which one is our favorite. And that is the Greenworks twin force lawn mower.

As because It comes with a ton of outstanding features, and we were impressed by its smart cut technology. 

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