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Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies? Here Is The Solution

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A few days ago my brother wanted to use his lawnmower to transform his messy looking lawn into a clean and tidy one. But when he started the mower, it only stayed stable for a few minutes and died. He tried several times but he wasn’t able to start the mower. 

I guess you face the same issue. That’s why you are here. 

You know a lawnmower consists of different small and large parts. And if there is a problem with any part, the whole lawnmower comes to a standstill. Really disappointing! Right? 

Though problem identification is the tricky part, once you identify the problem it becomes easy for you to solve it. 

To make your journey more comfortable, in this article, I will try to cover the most frequently occurring problems and solutions for lawn mower starts then dies.   

So without killing your valuable time, let’s begin. 

Possible Causes and Solutions 

You know a lawn mower is a simple machine and anyone can operate it when he/she has good knowledge about the machine. 

However, operating the lawnmower and tracing problem is not the same thing. It’s a tricky task to identify the problems of the lawnmower. Several causes hamper the starting process of the lawnmower.

And it’s truly a matter of disappointment when people start the lawnmower but it dies immediately. Let’s find out what are the actual reasons working behind it. 

#1. The Carburetor

A carburetor is an indispensable part of a lawnmower. It plays a significant role when anyone attempts to start the lawnmower. It controls the flow of gas and fuel in the time of mower starting. It mixes the gas and fuel and supplies an adequate amount of the mixer towards the engine. 

A loose and dirty carburetor isn’t able to supply the proper amount of gas and fuel mixer towards the engine to crank. If the carburetor is clogged with dirt, then it stops working. And dDue to this reason, sometimes engine failure occurs. 

Use a carburetor cleaner to solve this issue. Spray an adequate amount of carburetor cleaner in all the parts and the connections of the mower carburetor. 

You can clean the mower carburetor in two ways. One is, just spray the carburetor cleaner not separating the mower carburetor from the mower. The other is separating all the carburetor parts from the lawnmower. Read: How To Clean Lawn Mower Carburetor

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies. Problem #1: carburetor

#2. Air Filter

A clean air filter is always a blessing for any lawnmower. On the other hand if the mower air filter is clogged with dirt, it restricts the flow of the air towards the carburetor. 

To inspect the condition of the mower air filter, at first, remove the screws of the mower air filter chamber. After that bring out the air filter from the chamber. If you see any dirt in the filter, just clean it with a wire brush. Replace the air filter after cleaning. Tighten the screws of the mower air filter chamber. 

The price of the air filter is low in the market. So if the filter is damaged, then replace it with a new one. 

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies. Problem #2: Air Filter

#3. Primer Bulb

If the mower air filter is spotless, then check the mower primer bulb. Press the primer bulb consequently three times. Now pull the starter cord of the lawnmower. If the mower starts, then you can rely on the existing primer bulb of your lawnmower. 

If you fail to start the mower in this way, you need to change the primer bulb of the mower. And before replacing, check the mower primer bulb again to make sure that the problem occurs in the bulb. 

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies. Problem #3:  Primer Bulb

#4. Dirty or damaged spark plug 

When you use the lawnmower for a longer period or the lawnmower is sitting for several months, carbon deposits in the mower spark plug socket. The mower spark plug becomes weakened due to carbon deposition. In this situation, remove the plug from the mower and clean the carbon deposits in the plug. 

Sometimes dirt blocks the mower spark plug and makes it disable. All you need to remove the plug from the mower, clean it by using a paper towel and replace it again in its previous position. 

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies. Problem #4: Dirty or damaged spark plug

#5. Fault in the choke 

Fault in the mower choke is a major issue for engine failure. A choke is a metal built flap that controls the entrance of air towards the mower carburetor. In fact, the main function of a choke is to keep the engine cool.

When the choke doesn’t work accurately, the mower engine becomes hot and the engine stops working within a few minutes.  

To get rid of this hassle, just remove the mower air filter and press the choke lever back and forth to ensure that the mower choke is absolutely in good condition.   

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies. Problem #5:  Fault in the choke

#6. Blockage in gasoline cap

Sometimes a lawn mower gas tank has a hole to maintain the air pressure within the mower gas tank.  If any blockage happens in the gas tank hole, it may generate a vacuum within the mower gas tank and disrupt the movement of gas towards the carburetor. 

Use a thin and small wire to clean the gasoline cap hole of the mower gas tank. If you find any damage, just substitute it with a fresh one. 

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies. Problem #6:  Blockage in gasoline cap

#7. Overfilled oil reserver

Overfilled oil tanks are a possible cause of lawn mower sudden stal within a few minutes of starting. If you see any white smoke that is coming out from the mower engine, it indicates the oil reservoir is overfilled. 

Remove the lid of the mower fuel tank and check the dipstick attached to the lid. You can easily identify whether the fuel tank is overfilled or not. 

If the fuel tank is overfilled, just tilt the lawnmower into it’s sideways to remove some oil from the tank. Collect the excess oil in a pan. Now lower the mower and check the level of the oil by using the dipstick. Try to remain the oil between the ‘add’ and ‘full’ mark of the dipstick. 

Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies. Problem #71:  Overfilled oil reserver

Final Thoughts

I think it’s no more a troublesome task for you to identify the reason for your lawnmower sudden stall. 

Hopefully, from this article, you’ve got the possible reasons for lawn mower starts then dies. 

If the above-mentioned possible causes and solution won’t work for you, then consult an expert technician to find out the actual reason. 

Now, find out the cause, fix it, and enjoy mowing! 

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