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6 Steps For How To Use Carburetor Cleaner On Lawn Mower

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A lawn mower is an important tool for most people. It also needs a lot of care. In this article, we’re focusing on just one thing: how to use a carburetor cleaner on a lawn mower.

What Does A Carburetor Do?

For lawn mower engines, the carburetor mixes air and fuel to keep them running. There are multiple steps to cleaning these important parts. Before we get to those steps, let’s talk about how they get dirty in the first place.

How Does The Carburetor Get Dirty?

Dirty carburetor requiring knowledge on how to use carburetor cleaner on lawn mower.

There are a few ways that a lawn mower’s carburetor can get dirty. One way is the air filter. If it has cracks, dirt from the filter can get into the carburetor.

Another possibility is too much engine oil. If there’s too much of it, the oil can get into the carburetor. This allows dirt to stick more easily to it too.

Also, sometimes a carburetor starts to go bad on its own. When this happens, it can let things in that shouldn’t be in there.

How Will I Know When To Use Carburetor Cleaner On My Lawn Mower?

In general, follow the product manual for cleaning your carburetor. You may want to check it once a season anyway as part of a general checkup. The following issues are also good ways to know if your carburetor is dirty or broken. Please note that these can also be indicating other problems too, so it may be a better idea to have a professional check them out instead.

Emitting Black Smoke

Another issue is black smoke, which is the result of incomplete combustion. This incomplete combustion could be the result of a bad mixture of air and fuel. A dirty carburetor could be the cause.


When air and fuel are poorly mixed, the engine needs to work harder. As a result, the engine starts overheating. Left unchecked, this can lead to even worse issues.

Poor Performance

Maybe your lawn mower is suddenly unable to cut the grass evenly. Maybe it isn’t cutting dense grass well. Either way, this could be the cause of a dirty carburetor.

Sudden Shutdown

In general, a lawn mower can cut grass for one or two hours without any trouble. But if the lawn mower suddenly shuts down, this could be another sign of a dirty carburetor.

6 Steps For How To Use Carburetor Cleaner On Lawn Mower

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Ready to start cleaning your carburetor? Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Get Your Tools Ready

2. Make Sure You’re Safe

First, put on your work gloves and safety goggles. Then put on loose-fitting clothing, take off any jewelry, and make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. Remember that if you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, get the help of a professional.

A Quick List Of More Safety Tips And Best Practices

  • Don’t clean a lawn mower that’s hot
  • Always check the inside of a lawn mower for exposed wires or other issues before doing any work
  • Avoid touching the wires as this can cause the lawn mower to not start
  • Before removing anything, take a picture so you can put it all back the same way as before

3. Turn Off The Engine And Let It Cool

If your engine is running, turn it off. Give it time to cool down before you touch any parts or clean them.

4. Remove The Air Filter

When the engine is cool, grab the screwdriver and turn on the light. Using the screwdriver, remove the air filter cover. Then, remove the air filter, carburetor cover, and linkages. Last, remove the carburetor.

5. Clean The Carburetor

First, use the dust cleaner to clear off as much dirt as you can. Second, wipe the carburetor down with your rag. You may have to take apart the carburetor to do this inside too.

If you did take apart your carburetor, put it back together. Put it and all other parts back into the engine. Then, follow the directions for using the carburetor cleaner.

Now, this is where the steps can go in different directions. Some carburetor cleaners will require you to pour them directly into the fuel tank, fill up the rest of the tank with fuel, then start the engine. Other carburetor cleaners will require you to spray them directly onto the carburetor. Either way, follow the cleaner’s directions to clean the carburetor and you’ll be just fine.

6. Start The Engine

After finishing the above steps, start the engine and let it run for 15 minutes. If it runs well, you should be in good shape.

In Conclusion: How To Use Carburetor Cleaner On Lawn Mower

When it comes to how to use a carburetor cleaner on a lawn mower, you’ve got all the knowledge and skills you need now. We hope the process goes smoothly and easily for you. That said, we’d love to hear your most interesting stories on lawn mower maintenance. So, let us know in the comments below!

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