How Lawn Mowers Work

How Do Lawn Mowers Work?

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A lawnmower is a machine that is used to cut a grass surface to a certain level. It is powered either by engine, battery or pushes power. The first mower was invented by British engineer Edwin Bunning in 1830. The first combustion engine powered mower came in 1902, and the electric version became available in 1926. There are different types of mowers that are out there such as zero turns, walk behinds, lawn tractors and so on.

So, How Do Lawn Mowers Work?

How does it work?

To understand its functionality, you have to have an understanding of its parts and the range of its operations. The mower has different parts and each one performs their own specific task. For your better understanding, we would like to mention here all the important parts and its functionality.

Ignition coil:

The ignition coil is an induction coil that is located next to the flywheel. the ignition coil generates an electric current to fire the spark plug by transforming low voltages to thousands of voltages.  But the ignition coil is not required for diesel engines that completely rely on compression to ignite the fuel.


The mower gearcase, also known as the transmission, utilizes the power of the motor to turn the wheels of a self-propelled mower.


Oil or lubricant is important for reducing wear and friction.

Air filter:

The air filter of the mowers can clean-off contaminants from the air before it reaches the engine. So the air filter is very important for improving the engine’s efficiency as it helps to reduce the wear and friction of engines.


The blade is one of the most important parts of lawnmowers. The lawnmowers may consist of one or multiple blades for slicing the lawn at a certain level.

how does a riding lawn mower work

Blade adapter:

The blade adapter will allow you to attach the mower blade to the blade drive shaft.


A carburetor is an important part of an engine that mixes the air and fuel to burn.

Carburetor rebuilt kit:

The carburetor rebuild kit consists of several components including gaskets, seals, a hinge pin and so on to refurb the carburetor.

Safety switch:

The safety switch is very important for avoiding an unexpected accident. It can stop the engine when you release the lever on the handle, by stopping the ignition coil from sparking.


The wheel of the mower comes with the rubber tire and it surrounds the wheel axle.

Well, now you have enough understanding about the lawn mowers and how does it work as we have explained with details.

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