A man working on his green lawn mower, which is having a problem.

These reasons your lawn mower is rattling are the top ones because you’re more likely to face them than others. Troubleshooting rarely goes past these issues. If it does, contact a professional.

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A man in jeans kneeling by a lawn mower while outside.

Over time, lawn mowers can start to show all kinds of issues, especially with a lack of regular maintenance. One of those issues is your lawn mower running slow. But just what makes your lawn mower run slow?

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An upset woman leaning on her lawn mower.

Your lawn mower is sputtering or can sputter for many reasons. To help, we’ve listed the top ten reasons below and what to do for each one. So, what are those reasons, and what do you need to do to fix them?

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A man studying his lawn mower's dipstick outside.

Lawn mowers fail for many reasons. However, some are more common than others. So, these are the top ten reasons your lawn mower is failing.

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A man mowing thick grass with a smoking lawn mower.

Issues happen with lawn mowers, even with the best preventative maintenance. One issue is your lawn mower smoking, but just what causes this issue? 

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A man looking at his riding lawn mower engine and wondering what to do.

If your lawn mower starts then dies, something is restricting your lawn mower’s engine from operating at its best. This could be due to various issues, so following a troubleshooting checklist is best. This allows you to rule out potential causes and ultimately find the right one.

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