How To Clean Lawn Mower

How To Clean Lawn Mower? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Suze Orman, an American author mentions ‘cleanliness is the condition of holiness, lucidity, and obviousness’.

But what about a lawn mower? Be sure, the same thing lies here.

If you are a big lawn owner, a lawnmower is a regular companion of your day to day life. 

you know a dirty lawnmower is harmful not only for your mower but also for you. And due to regular mowing, grass cuttings, dirt, and debris enter into the different components of the mower. 

It can reduce the power of the mower and make the mower slower. Therefore, what can you do now? Obviously you need to clean the mower. 

I guess you have some ideas on how to clean lawn mower. But you know, without proper cleaning of all parts, you can not get rid of this hassle. 

In this article, we will guide you with the proper cleaning process of a lawnmower. 

So, why late? Let’s clean it. 

A Complete Guideline On The Cleaning Process Of A Lawnmower

How To Clean Lawn Mower

The manufacturers always recommend cleaning the mower after every use. And when you are unable to clean the mower regularly in the mowing season, you need to clean the mower monthly.   

Let’s find out regular cleaning of which parts make your lawnmower more durable. 

1. Cleaning Process Of The Lawnmower Deck

Cleaning process of the lawn mower deck

The blades are attached to the deck of the mower. When the blades are running, dirt and debris clogs into the decks and makes the deck dirty. 

Sometimes dirt forms a layer of cake under the deck. And this layer blocks the blade and it loses its ability to cut the grass. That’s why you need to clean the deck on a regular basis. Follow the process outlined below to clean the mower deck. You will have to clean the underside of the lawn mower separately. 

Necessary tools: 

  • Take the lawnmower into a flat surface or your garage for the convenience of work.
  • Enable the parking mode and disconnect the power cable or spark plug from the mower. 
  • Vacant the gas tank of the mower. Tilt the mower into its side to reach the beneath of the deck.
  • Now, clean the dirt attached to the deck by using a hosepipe. Spray with water until all the dirt is removed.
  • Use a cleaning brush, liquid soap, and warm water to clean the soil attached to the mower deck. Wash the deck with water and leave it for a while to dry.

Tips: After cleaning the deck, spray a little amount of vegetable oil beneath the mower deck. This will prevent the dirt from sticking to the mower’s deck.

2. Cleaning Process Of The Lawnmower Engine

Cleaning process of the lawnmower engine

Regular cleaning of the engine increases the performance of the engine and makes it more durable. Let’s have a look at what you will need to clean the mower engine.

Necessary tools: 

  • A hosepipe
  • Coldwater
  • A cleaning brush
  • Lubricant oil
  • Take the lawnmower into a flat surface, enable the parking mode, and disconnect the power cable or spark plug from the mower.
  • Be sure to cool the engine before cleaning it. After cooling, remove the hood of the engine compartment.
  • Clean the dirt and debris into the engine compartment by using the cleaning brush. Clean the radiator wings and flywheel wings by using the cleaning brush. 
  • You can also clean them by using the hosepipe and cold water. However, applying water carefully so that water does not enter the other parts of the engine in any way.
  • Clean the Choke, throttle, and the connections of the battery with the engine. Apply some lubricant oil at the connections to prevent rust. 

Tips: Avoid compressed air when cleaning the engine compartment. Replace rusty plugs.

3. Cleaning Process Of Spark Plug

Cleaning process of spark plug lawn mower

When the spark plug is dirty, it is unable to produce the spark that is essential for the starting of the mower. To clean the spark plug:

  • remove the plug from the mower. 
  • Spray some brake cleaner around the spark plug.
  • Leave it for a while to sit.
  • Use a brush made with metal threads to clean the spark plug.
  • Keep rubbing the plug with the brush and continue the process until it is clean.

4. Cleaning Process Of The Fuel System Of The Lawnmower

Cleaning process of the fuel system of the lawn mower

When the lawnmower makes a lot of noise as soon as it is turned on, then it is necessary to clean the fuel system of the mower. The same thing is applicable when it takes a long time to turn on. 

Before cleaning the fuel system:

remove the spark plug from the mower and vacant the gas tank.

Use a hose to clean the fuel transfer system.

As it is a small part of the engine, clean it carefully. 

5. Cleaning Process Of The Carburetor  

Cleaning process of the carburetor

A rusty and blocked carburetor prevents the lawnmower from turning on. So replace the carburetor if you find any rust in it. However, you can also clean a dirty carburetor easily at home. 

Remove the carburetor from the mower and separate each part for the convenience of cleaning.

Mix the carburetor cleaner with water into a container and immerse all parts of the carburetor in the solution. 

After 1 hour, remove the parts from the solution.

This time wash the parts thoroughly using cold water.

Dry the parts well using compressed air.

Of course, remember that all the parts cannot be replaced unless they are well dried.

6. Cleaning Process Of Air Filter 

Cleaning process of air filter

For a foam air filter, remove the lid over the air filter.

Use a brush to clean the air filter compartment and remove all the dirt and debris that block the air filter.

After cleaning, carefully bring out the air filter.

Wash the filter using liquid soap. Use a paper towel to wipe the filter after washing. 

For the paper filter, remove the filter from the air filter compartment. Tap the filter gently by using a hand to remove dirt. 

As the price of the air filter is low, you can replace a new air filter when it is necessary. In fact, it is recommended to change the air filter within six months.

7. Cleaning Process Of The Mower Blade

The cleaning process of the mower blade is really simple.

Tilt the mower into its side.

Clean the surroundings of the blades by using a cleaning brush.

You can use a hosepipe and spray water to clean the surroundings of the blade. 

Keep in mind, when you clean the dirt by hand, wear hand gloves to avoid any unforeseen accidents. If the blade becomes blunt, take out the blade and sharpen it.

Final Verdict

Cleaning a lawn mower is not going to be a big burden for you. You might have to focus on specific areas, such as cleaning the carburetor.. Just follow the above-mentioned process and clean your lawnmower. 

You know regular cleaning of a lawnmower makes the mower faster and durable for a longer period of time. And you can clean the mower at home by yourself. It can save your maintenance cost as well.

Hopefully, from this article, you’ve got a clear concept of how to clean lawn mower. Now, clean it and enjoy your mowing! 

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