A golf ball and tee sitting on a square of artificial grass.

Artificial grass is an increasingly popular alternative to natural grass. You may also be considering switching your property to artificial grass. Knowing the pros and cons can give you the confidence to make that choice. This is what those pros and cons are.

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A closeup of the corner of an artificial grass soccer field.

Artificial grass is tempting due to its low maintenance requirements. However, while it may win out over natural grass in this area, does it last as long? In other words, just how long does artificial grass last?

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A soccer player about to kick a soccer ball on an artificial grass field.

Artificial grass is a popular alternative to natural grass, and that popularity is only growing. Knowing this, you may be curious about artificial grass or considering how to use it. With that in mind, this is what artificial grass is and why people use it.

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Man mowing straight lines with a riding lawn mower.

Ever wanted to have a beautiful-looking lawn with a riding lawn mower? We tell you how by giving you all the tips you need for how to mow straight lines with a riding lawn mower!

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How to Cut Tall Grass without a Mower

Are you in charge of cutting extremely tall grass but don’t have a mower? We’ll give you the ultimate solution on how to cut tall grass without a mower!

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Grade a Yard with a Tractor

If you want to grade your yard with a tractor and you don’t know how, we’ve got a simple step-by-step process to guide you through the process.

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Diesel Kill Weeds

If you’re using diesel, for whatever reason, you’ll want to consider whether diesel kills grass or not. We’ll explore the answer throughout this article.

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Measure Lawn Mower Cutting Height

Now you might ask, “How to measure lawn mower cutting height of the lawn mower?” It is very important to measure the cutting height of your lawn mower each time you go to cut your lawn.

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Dump carts are the preferable choice for professional gardeners and homeowners who are known to manage their yards and gardens. Dump carts help to make it easier to move the lawn equipment and debris along the lawn and garden. They are used by homestead and farm owners and go by the various names, which are […]

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Common Lawn Weeds and How to Get Rid of Them

In this guide you’ll learn about the most common lawn weeds and how to get rid of them with natural methods. A weed is just an unwanted and difficult to manage plant. Seeing stubborn weeds growing all over your lawn or in the walkway tends to bring bouts of annoyance and irritation that can drive […]

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