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Best Toro Push Mower Reviews

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Toro is the leading mower brand, no doubt. But if we speak about categories, push mowers bear the real significance of this brand.

You know Toro manufactures considerable numbers of push mowers. So if you want to choose the best one, you have to consider several factors.

Narrowing down a product list is a really hectic task. It requires a huge time. But you don’t want to go through any hassle, right?

Then this Best 4 Toro Push Mowers is for you. Keep trust on us, you won’t be disappointed. 

So, let’s start exploring. 

About Toro:

Toro is an American Brand that designs and manufactures a variety of power tools. The Toro was established in 1914. And now it is one of the best power tool manufacturers based in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Toro boasts 100 years of experience. Now it has been serving all over the world. The brand mostly emphasizes on the lawn mowers. In fact, you will get a variety of mowing devices from this top-leading brand.

The Toro brand is always committed to offer innovative solutions. They have been applying advanced technologies to develop their product.

Top 4 Toro Push Mower Reviews

We gave our best effort to make this comprehensive list. You know the process was not easy at all. We have to test several products to come out with the best four. 

And finally. We could pick these four. Hopefully you will find your one here.

1. Toro 20353 Push Lawn Mower Review

best Toro 20353 Push Lawn Mower review

Have you been looking for a top-rated toro push mower? If so, then the Toro 20353 is for you. The mower comes with a wide variety of impressive features.

The mower is fitted with a 22” durable stamped deck. And the deck can be adjusted in a variety of positions. This gas powered push mower boasts self-propelling features. However, the device runs on a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine that can deliver excellent power.

What’s more? Well, the mower features superb cutting quality. And it is equipped with an ultra-sharp blade. With a 21.75” cutting width, the mower can mow up to ½ acre area with ease.

Moreover, you will get a grass bag for easy grass disposal. It is mentionable that the mower comes with the side discharge capability.

In addition, the mower is fitted with 8” durable wheels that offer better traction over the rough terrain.

Features and Benefits:


The Toro 20353 is featured with the 163 cc engine that is rated at 7.25 HP. And the engine delivers enough torque to operate the device. It also comes with a 1.1 qt. fuel tank. 

Mowing Deck:

The deck of this device is made from top-quality steel that makes it highly durable. This heavy duty deck increases the overall performance of the device. 

Mowing Quality:

Owing to the sharp blade and a 21.75” wider cutting deck, the mower is highly impressive to mow the lawn. You will be allowed to adjust the cutting height in 9 positions, ranging from 1” to 4.5”. 


The mower is armed with a sharp blade that has 17,082 ft./min of speed. 


The mower features a comfortable handle for your convenience. You may even be allowed to adjust the handle with ease.


The mower is outfitted with 8” front as well as 8” rear wheels. So you will get excellent traction on the toughest terrain.


With this mower, you will get a side discharge chute as well as a large grass bag for efficient grass disposal.

Ease of use:

The mower features recoil starting type. And it also comes with a self-propelling feature that makes it incredibly easy to use.

If you are looking for the best toro push mower for small yards, then this one would be the best option for you.

2. Toro Timemaster 21199 Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Toro Timemaster 21199 Self-propelled Lawn Mower

The Toro Timemaster 21199 mower is an upgraded model. In fact, it is a more powerful mower than the previous model. And the Toro Timemaster 21199 mower is one of the most popular lawn mowers today on the market.

The mower is featured with the heavy duty configurations. With a 223 cc powerful engine and a durable stamped deck, the mower can impressively mow the overgrown lawn.

Moreover, the mower comes with variable speeds and self-propelling features. It also features a recoil starting system. So you can easily operate this mower. The mower is the best in its price range.

Features and Benefits:


The red colored mower comes with an ergonomic design that makes it elegant. And it also features durable construction, so it will last longer.


The mower is outfitted with a 10 HP Briggs & Stratton engine that delivers enough torque to power the device. And the fuel tank itself can contain 1.2 qt. However, the engine is powered by gas, so it will perform well.

Cutting Deck:

It comes with a 30” Stamped deck that is equipped with a couple of sharp blades. For your convenience, you will be allowed to adjust the cutting deck in 7 options from  1.250”  to 4.250”. 

However, the deck is made of high-quality steel that makes it incredibly durable. Most importantly, the deck can cover a wider area on a single pass.


Well, the mower has 2 sharp blades that have the speed of 18,000 ft./min.


Owing to its comfortable and adjustable handle, you can easily mow the lawn. Apart from that, you can easily carry and store this mowing device.


The mower offers excellent traction and better control while mowing the lawn, thanks to its durable 8” front as well as 10” rear wheels. Another reason is that the mower features a rear wheel drive system.


The mower features a side discharge chute and a 16” x 17” grass bag for easy disposal.


So far as the safety is a concern, the mower boasts the Blade Stop System which will prevent mishaps.

This mower is intended for residential purposes. However, it is perfect for small to medium-sized lawn. Surely you can choose this mowing device with confidence. 

3. Toro 21385 Push Lawn Mower

Toro 21385 Push Lawn Mower

The Toro 21385 is a Super Recycler mowing device that comes with the self-propelling feature. In fact, it is one of the best push mowers under $500. It’s a gas-powered mower that runs on a superior engine.

The mower is featured with the rear wheel drive system. Moreover, it comes with a 21” durable mowing deck that can be positioned in 7 options. However, it features 20.895” cutting width. 

Want to know more? Keep reading until the end.

The mower is equipped with only a blade that is ultrasharp. And the blade has the speed of 17,082 ft./min. 

Moreover, the device is featured with the variable speed control system. And it is outfitted with durable wheels that offer improved traction on the rough lawn.

Features and Benefits:


The Toro 21385 is powered by a 159 cc reliable engine that is rated 7.25 ft.-lb. And with this powerful engine, the mower can easily mow up to ½ acre area. The engine itself has a fuel tank that can hold 1.1 qt. 

Mowing Deck:

The mower has a 21”  fabricated mowing deck that is made from top-quality steel. So the deck will last longer. 

Mowing Quality:

WIth a heavy-duty deck and an ultra-sharp blade, the mower features an impressive mowing capacity.

Cutting Height:

The mower will allow you to adjust the cutting height in 7 positions. In fact, you can adjust it from 1 inch to 4.5 inches based on the grass density of your yard.


The front and rear wheels of this mower are 8”. And you will have excellent control while mowing the lawn, thanks to its durable wheels. 


The mower has a comfortable and reliable handle that makes it easy to operate. The handle also can be adjusted for easy carry and storage as well.

You may consider this top-quality lawn mower as it has a lot of stunning features.

4. Toro 21387 Push Lawn Mower

best Toro 21387 Push Lawn Mower

The Toro 21387 mower is almost similar to the 21385 model. But it is a little bit upgraded than the previous model. The mower boasts a mighty Briggs and Stratton engine with the displacement of 190 cc. 

Like other Toro push mowers, the 21387 model also comes with a heavy duty mowing deck that is made from durable material. And the mower features a high precision blade for efficient cutting.

Basically, the mower is designed for residential purposes. However, it is perfect for ½ acre lawn. The mower comes with a self-propelling feature that makes it easy to operate.

Moreover, the mower features side discharge capability. And the model incorporates a 18” x 14.5” large grass bag for easy disposal. 

Features and Benefits:


With the 8.75 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, the mower delivers superb power to mow the lawn. And it features a recoil starting system as well as rear wheel drive system. 


The mower is equipped with a 21” fabricated cutting deck that features a 20.895” cutting path. The deck is made of high-quality cast aluminum.

Cutting Quality:

Featuring a keen blade with the speed of 17,082 ft./min, the mower can cut the grass with high precision.

Cutting Height:

You will be allowed to adjust the cutting deck between 1” to 4.5” while mowing the lawn. In fact, you should adjust it based on the grass density of your lawn.


The mower incorporates an easy-to-fold handle. So you will get comfort while operating it. You will also be able to store it with ease.

The mower is fairly easy to start. You may even start it with a simple push. So this mower would be the best for those who are looking for an easy-to-use push mower with self-propelling features.

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Toro Push Mowers

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Toro Push Mowers

There are some important things that you should consider while choosing the best push mowers.

Power: You should always need to make sure that you are going to purchase a powerful mower. To be more specific, make sure that it is featured with a powerful battery or engine. However, all the models listed above are gas-powered mowers and each one is featured with a reliable engine.

Mowing Capacity: It seems to me that the mowing capacity is the most important consideration to choose the best mowing device. Basically, the mowing capacity depends on the cutting deck, blades and its sharpness. So you must choose the model that comes with a heavy duty mowing deck ,and sharper blades.

Cutting Height: Basically, it’s a common feature of a lawn mower. However, make sure that your intended mower offers a variety of cutting height adjustment options.

Self-propelling Features: Surely it’s a great consideration while choosing a push mower. A self-propelled mower is much easier to operate. So it is better to purchase the mower that has self-propelling features.

Comfort: It’s also an important factor for choosing a lawn mower. The push mower with an ergonomically designed handle with comfy grip. It should also be adjustable. Because it will make sure of a comfortable and stress free operation.

Durability: The mower will last longer if it is made from durable material. So you need to purchase the mower that is made of top-quality steel or other durable metal. After all, choose the model that comes with durable design and construction.

Final Verdict: Here we’ve reviewed 4 best push mowers from the Toro which is a number one brand in the USA. However, these are gas-powered lawn mowers and each one boasts a ton of stunning features.

Here we have made a comprehensive guide to make your decision easier. So do not forget to follow the above things to pick the best one.

However, the Toro Timemaster 21199 Self-propelled Lawn Mower is the ultimate winner today. 

If you are looking for the best push mowers for large lawn, then you should consider this device. And the rest are perfect for small lawns. Happy Mowing!

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