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Best Troy Bilt Self Propelled Mower: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Are you looking for a good self propelled lawn mower? Then why don’t you rely on Troy Bilt, the world’s most reputed mower brand?

Listen, I am not only alone, most of the lawn mowers believe that the troy bilt produces the best mowers. This trustworthiness has been built as a quality product of these brands.

Now, as you’ve decided to go with this brand, then one more important thing remains. And that is what are the best self-propelled mowers of this brand?

Okay. You can assume that you are easily going to know it as you are here!

Yes, we have designed this article with 5 best Troy Bilt self propelled mowers.

Let’s start digging!

5 Best Troy Bilt Self Propelled Mowers

Let’s know the process of how we came out with this list. I am sure you will be glad to know, we did really hard work for that.

First of all, we went through intensive research. And then we tested out our sort listed products. 

Finally we got these 5 best Troy Bilt Self Propelled Mowers. Let’s start exploring them.  

1. Troy-Bilt TB210 Self-propelled Mower

Although the Troy-Bilt TB210 is an entry-level walk-behind lawn mower, it comes with all the features like a premium-quality gas-powered mower. 

Basically, this mower is the best-suited for small to medium sized yards. And this easy-to-start mower features an excellent cut.

And what about its performance? Keep reading to know how it performs!

You know cleaning the mower is not an easy task at all. But the convenient thing is that the TB210 comes with a built-in deck wash system. And you can attach the garden hose to this mowing device to make it clean.

Unlike most self-propelling models, the Troy Bilt TB210 is a front wheel drive mower. So you can easily maneuver it around the lawn. 

Moreover, the mower is fitted with a side discharge chute that can be removed. So overall, this lawn mower is one of the best walk-behind lawn mowers with self-propelling features.  

Features and Benefits:

Design and Construction: The Troy Bilt TB210 comes with a heavy-duty design and construction that makes it durable and reliable. 

Engine: With a 159 cc OHV engine, the mower offers a high-performance operation.

Mowing Options: The device comes with a 3-in-1 mowing option, so you can mulch, side discharge as well as rear bag. This is perfect for 1/4 to ½ acre area.

Cutting Quality: The Troy Bilt TB210 comes with a 6 height adjustment position. So the cutting height can be changed from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

Apart from that, the device is featured with the TriAction Cutting System. So it may even cut the grass evenly in all environments. 

Deck: The device is outfitted with a 21” symmetrical cutting deck that is powerful enough to mow the lawn. And it is equipped with a specially designed blade for efficient cutting. 

Wheels: The model is fitted with 8 inches front as well as rear wheels for better traction. And it features a front wheel drive system that makes it easy to maneuver throughout your lawn.

Now, i must say if you are looking for the best gas powered lawn mower with self-propelling features, then this is a perfect option for sure.

2. Troy-Bilt TB490 XP Lawn Mower with Self Propulsion

Have you been looking for a heavy-duty lawn mower that offers extra torque? If so, then the Troy-Bilt TB490 XP would be a great option for sure.

The mower is the best in its class with this price range. And this self-propelling device comes with a powerful technical configuration. It is even fitted with a high-performance engine that is powered by gas. 

One of the most impressive things is that the TB490 XP features triple mowing options that makes it versatile. The mower itself is fitted with a grass bag with which you can dispose of the grass.

The best thing is that this high-performance mower features hassle free maintenance. Best of all, you can comfortably operate it.

Features and Benefits:

Engine: The TB490 XP boasts a robust and powerful 190cc Honda gcv Series engine that features automatic choke system (acs) starting. And this engine features a variable speed four wheel drive system.

The engine is equipped with a large fuel tank that can hold up to 12 oz oil.

Cutting System: When it comes to talking about mowing capacity, this gas-powered lawn mower is significantly powerful. It is featured with a TriAction cutting system that makes sure feasible cutting. 

Deck: The model features a 21” cutting deck that is durable and reliable. This deck is featured with the deck wash system that will keep your mower clean after mowing.

Height Adjustability: With a dual-lever deck Height adjustment system, you can set the height of your blade in 6 positions while cutting the grass. 

Comfort: The model comes with an ergonomically designed handle with comfort grip that can be adjusted in three positions.

Wheel: The TB490 is outfitted with 8″ front and 11″ rear tread wheels that make it perfect for all types of terrain. 

With impressive specifications and features, this gas-powered mower is one of the best options. And this lawn mower performs well, thanks to high-performance design and construction.

3. Troy Bilt TB200 Lawn Mower

Are you looking for the best troy bilt self propelled mower for the money? If yes, then look no further. This sophisticated lawn mower would be the best option with this price range.

The mower comes with simple but powerful design and construction. In fact, this lawn mower has all the features like a high-performance lawn mower. 

With a heavy-duty engine, this lawn mower offers outstanding performance while mowing the lawn. And it’s impressive cutting quality is a plus. 

Overall, this comfortable lawn mower is affordable for most of the lawn owners.

Features and Benefits: 

Power: The TB200 is powered by a high-performance Briggs and Stratton engine. And this engine is featured with the Prime N Pull E-Z starting system. So the model can give you an easy and reliable starting. Apart from that, it comes with the single speed drive system.

Mowing Options: With the double mowing options, this versatile mower offers reliable mowing. The notable thing is that the model features a mulching kit as well as side discharge chute. So you can keep your lawn greener and clean with this top-quality lawn mower.

Cutting Quality: Troy Bilt always pays attention to cutting quality. This is why the lawn mower has superb cutting capacity.

Specifically, it comes with a dual lever and six position height adjustment system. The blade can be set from 1.2 inches to 3.75 inches depending on your cutting needs.

Ease of Use: Well, the mower features a soft comfy gripped handle for your convenience. Not only that, it is easy to operate due to its 

Single speed drive system. You may even maneuver it with ease through obstacles.

This decent lawn mower is perfect for those who are looking for the best walk-behind self-propelled lawn mower under $300. 

4. Troy Bilt TB270 XP Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a high-performance mower to make your lawn well-groomed, then the Troy Bilt TB270 XP is an unmatched option.

The mower is equipped with a 160 cc honda engine that features an auto choke system. And unlike other self-propelled mowing devices, this powerful unit features a variable speed front wheel drive transmission system.

Now, it’s time to talk about its cutting capacity. Well, its cutting capacity is really impressive due to its 21” heavy-duty cutting deck. The deck of this mower is fitted with a deck wash adapter that makes the cleaning process easier.

The most convenient thing is that the mower comes with all the necessary attachments that make it really versatile. Best of all, it is incredibly easy to maintain.

Features and Benefits:

Performance: With the powerful engine and impressive features, the mower will perform excellently like a top-rated lawn mower. 

Cutting Options: Well, the device has three cutting options: bagging, mulching, and side discharging. One of the most remarkable things is that it is featured with the Triaction cutting system.

And the cutting deck of this mower is made from 15 gauge steel that makes it durable.

Height Adjustability: This heavy-duty lawn mower features dual lever with which the height of the blade will be adjusted in six positions based on your needs.  

Ease of use: The mower remarkably emphasizes on the comfort and ease of use. Firstly, it is featured with the fuel stabilizer that makes it easy to maintain. Infact, it helps to increase the overall longevity of the lawn mower.

Attachment: The mower comes with the side discharge chute as well as integrated clip. Moreover, it incorporates a grass bag for keeping the clippings.

The device is featured with a built-in deck-washer for keeping it cleaner after cutting the grass. 

Overall, this unit is perfect for those who are looking for something extraordinary for the money.

5. Troy Bilt TBWC 28 Lawn Mower

If you are looking for the best walk-behind self-propelled lawn mower under $1000, then the TBWC 28 is the model that you can pick with the confidence. 

The model is equipped with a 28” cutting deck for perfect cutting. This mowing deck is made from high-quality steel that makes it significantly durable.

Featuring simple and reliable starting, this mowing device is incredibly easy to operate. And the mower offers outstanding features owing to its 195 cc gas powered engine.

The Triaction cutting system is another remarkable feature that makes it excellent to mow the lawn. And the best thing is that the model offers outstanding controls and better movements due to its front wheel drive system. Let’s explore it’s worth mentioning features.

Features and Benefits:

Performance: Boasting a powerful OHV engine with auto choke features, the mower is highly efficient to deliver heavy-duty operation while mowing the lawn. Apart from that, the mower features InStep speed control system that offers better traction on the toughest or hilly terrain. 

Cutting Quality: With a heavy-duty cutting deck and Triaction cutting system, this lawn mower provides a well-groomed appearance of your lawn. 

Cutting Height: The Troy Bilt TBWC 28 features a single lever for adjusting the height of your cutting blade in six options ranging from 1.25” to 3.75”. You can set the cutting height depending on the grass density.

Maneuverability: The mower is fitted with 8 inches front wheels and 10 inches rear wheels. And the model features a rear wheel drive system that offers great traction on the hilly terrain. 

Maintenance: This gas-powered lawn mower is fairly easy to maintain. It features all the essential mulching kits. It is even fitted with a built-in deck washer that ensures easy and efficient cleaning. 

It may even come with a 2 bushel grass bag for easy disposal of the grass. And you also can use fuel stabilizer for maintenance. But it is not included in the package. You need to purchase it separately.

However, you should look no further if you are looking for a top-rated gas powered mower with self-propulsion within this budget.

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Troy bilt Self-Propelled Lawn mower

troy bilt self propelled mower

You have already got to know the top self-propelled lawn mowers that come with Troy Bilt. Now let’s know some of the important factors that will ensure you the best one.

You know there are some considerations checking out which is a must to have the best self propelled mowers. Let’s have a look at them.     

1. Engine

A powerful and heavy-duty engine is a must-have in order to get optimal performance while mowing the lawn. In fact, a top-rated self-propelled mower should have a reliable engine that has a long lifespan with lower maintenance costs.

Here we have reviewed 5 lawn mowers with different engine configurations. You should choose the model that fits your needs. 

2. Drive System

Basically, the drive control system is an important aspect as the comfort of the user mostly depends on it.

So you should choose the model that comes with an easy and comfortable drive control system.  Because with an easy-to-drive mower, you can mow the lawn for a long time easily and comfortably.

3. Versatility

Some of the Troy Bilt self-propelled mowers come with advanced features. Specifically, they come with bagging, mulching and side unloading capabilities.

Apart from those, these types of lawn mowers have powerful engines, efficient drive systems, and impressive cutting quality. You can consider them

Final Verdict: Here we’ve reviewed 5 best Troy Bilt self-propelled mowers that have a multitude of amazing features. Surely, getting known about the features and benefits of these mowers briefly in our article, you have already got to pick your desired one. 

However, I’d like to mention again that these high-performance self-propelled mowers boast trending technology. So you can confidently pick a mower based on the size of your lawn.

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