What Does CC Mean In Lawn Mowers Engine Capacity (CC)

What Does CC Mean In Lawn Mowers?

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Do you know, every year only in America about 4 to 5 million lawn mowers get sold? If you are thinking about the long summer ahead and the time you will spend behind your lawn then it is high time to think about your machine. There are three things that mainly looked before to buy lawn mowers and they are performance, comfort, and durability.

As we know that Cc stands for cubic centimeters, which is a unit of volume. Like if you say 1500 Cc that will essentially 1.5 liters. There is a example like walk mowers engine range starts from 140 Cc to 190 Cc. It has to determine by you, what type of mower you want to manage your lawn.

You need to remember nothing is like to kill your spirit on a sunny day with a wrong lawnmower and this is the time you need to be appropriate on certain things always. The right mower can make your lawn a pleasure to cut. 

What Does CC Mean In Lawn Mowers Engine Capacity (CC)

So, What Does CC Mean In Lawn Mowers?  

There are mainly two types of lawn mowers, you can choose a riding mower or a walk behind mower. After you select which type of mower you need then, you will again face two facts on buying the mower and they are your budget and your comfort. If you spend more on a mower you will get some versatile, intuitive and fast mower.

If you want to have a single cylinder engine which could be in size with 344 to 38 cc and 10 to 11 hp. On the other hand, you can choose a double cylinder engine and that will drive you to 450 to 150 CC engine. This is up to you and you need to determine the facts on engines. 

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