What is A Brushless Lawn Mower

What is A Brushless Lawn Mower?

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Brushless lawn mowers are becoming more popular these days. These lawn mowers perform more efficiently and last longer than other ones. So, people are becoming more interested in these types of lawn mowers nowadays.

But most of them don’t have a clear idea about what a brushless lawn mower is. Brushless lawn mowers are those types of mowers that are powered by brushless motors. Brushless motors can effectively use battery power and also generate less noise.

But that raises some other questions like, how does it work? And which type of Lawn Mowers will be good for you? Here in this article, you are going to have all the answers.

So. Let’s get started.

What is a Brushless Lawn Mower?

There are two types of lawn mowers based on the motor used.

  1. Brushed Lawn Mowers
  2. Brushless Lawn Mowers

As I’ve mentioned earlier, brushless lawn mowers are powered by brushless motors. These motors are more efficient because of their power adjustability. Also, they lose less heat energy and perform better than other types.

Brushless motors use magnets to create torque to rotate the rotor. It can change the motor torque according to the demand of a specific job. And thus, it becomes more efficient and durable.

So here comes the next topic,

Differences Between Brushless and Brushed Lawn Mowers?

  1. As the name indicates, brushed lawn mowers have brushes in the motor. On the other hand, brushless mowers don’t have brushes. Rather, it contains a commutator. Brushless motors run by creating a magnetic field.
  2. In brushless motors, the positions of the permanent magnet and winding are reversed. In a brushed motor, the rotor contains winding and rotates inside a permanent magnetic field. The electric power is provided through brushes. This decreases Net-work output.
  3. In brushless one, the absence of brushes increases the efficiency up to 85-90% from 75-80%.
  4. Less friction in brushless lawnmowers generates fewer sounds. So, brushless ones are quieter than brushed lawn mowers. The intelligence in Brushless motors can detect how much power output it should provide, and decide accordingly.
  5. But brushed lawn mowers don’t have this feature, they can’t change their power output and remain constant. 
How Does A Brushless Lawn Mower Work?

How Does A Brushless Lawn Mower Work?

First, I need to explain what Brushless Motor is. Brushless Motors are called “Intelligent Motor”. It has a circuit board on it. It can monitor the demand of specific job situations. A controller is integrated which can control the speed of the motor according to the demand.

As there is no brush in these types of motors, something is needed to power the rotor. Hence, as a replacement, a commutator is used. It creates a magnetic field that runs the rotor, which contains a permanent magnet.

In lawn mowers, brushless motors are used just for this purpose. As there is no brush, friction can be eliminated which results in more power and less noise. The capability of motors to use power smartly makes lawn mowers more durable.

For those reasons, brushless lawn mowers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. But with so many functionalities, there are some drawbacks too.

To distinguish between them, now we’ll see the advantages & disadvantages of a brushless Lawn Mower.

Advantages of a brushless Lawn Mower

  • Brushless motors require less maintenance. There is no hassle to change the worn brushes as it needs in brushed lawn mowers. So, you can save the extra cost of servicing either on your own or by professionals.
  • It generates less noise than other types. So, in residential areas, brushless lawn mowers are best to keep peace with your neighbors.
  • The smart sensors in the motor and batteries ensure the best use of power. They monitor and decide when and how much power to use. In smaller grass, it provides less power whereas in larger grass provides more. So, the battery ensures low power consumption and the durability of the battery increases a lot.
  • Less friction in the motor means less heat generation. So, there is no overheating issue in brushless lawn mowers. This results in more work output and increases efficiency.

Apart from these excellent features, there’re some drawbacks too. Let’s focus on those now:

Disadvantages of a brushless Lawn Mower

  • The price of Brushless Lawn Mowers is more than the brush ones. The complexity of the smart setup to control the mower’s functionalities also increases the setup cost.
  • At low speed, brushless lawn mowers generate little vibration. So, in the smaller lawn, it may be problematic as the operator can’t increase the speed. Though this problem won’t exist at a higher speed. but it may not be a good decision for a small lawn owner.

Are you feeling a bit confused now? which lawn mower should you buy then? Don’t worry. Just let’s jump to our next topic.

Which type do you need and why?

First, if you want to invest once and don’t want to take hassle too much, yes, you deserve a brushless one. This will save your time as it doesn’t require much maintenance. For a comparatively calm environment, you should buy a brushless lawn mower. Because it’ll create less noise and won’t disturb people.

But maybe you’re living in remote places and noise isn’t a fact for you, and of course, you’re not willing to spend that much money. Then, rather than looking for a normal one for your smaller lawn, a brushed lawn mower may be enough for you.


It all depends on what situations you’re in and what meets your purposes most. But in the case of brushless lawn mowers, they’re much more efficient and ensure long-lasting life.

So, for a premium feeling and next-level services, I would suggest you buy a brushless lawn mower if the budget supports it.

Hope you get the answer to what is a brushless lawn mower and its purposes. 

Thanks for reading. Hope this article meets your demand.

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