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Where Is The Primer Button On A Craftsman Lawn Mower

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Having more knowledge about a lawn mower goes a long, long way. This is true for any lawn mower, including Craftsman lawn mowers. One basic thing that’s very important, but can be overlooked, is where the primer button is on a Craftsman lawn mower.

Let’s get to it.

What Is A Primer Button And What Does It Do?

Man taking a look at his lawn mower.
It’s important to know as much as you can about your lawn mower.

If you’re like us, you may have fond memories of seeing your mom or dad press a little rubber button on a lawn mower before starting it up. You may have even pressed that button too, not knowing what it does. Well, that button is the primer button, but what does it do?

The primer button has one job and one job only: to get gas into the carburetor so that it’s ready to work. It does this by creating suction that pulls gas into the fuel lines and then into the carburetor. So, is there a best way to use a primer button?

How To Use A Primer Button On A Lawn Mower

First, put your lawn mower on level ground. Then, press the primer button all the way 3 times. Last, start the engine, which should get going just fine.

If, for whatever reason, the engine doesn’t start, wait a few seconds, then try starting it again. In cold weather, repeat the priming and starting process if the engine doesn’t get going on the first try.

So, where is a primer button located on a Craftsman lawn mower?

Where Is The Primer Button On A Craftsman Lawn Mower?

In short, the primer button is located on or near the carburetor on a Craftsman lawn mower. The button is going to be soft, rubber, and typically red so it can be easily located. Sometimes this is also called a bulb.

If you’re having trouble locating the primer button, you may want to check your owner’s manual. Owner’s manuals will go over all the parts and procedures for lawn mowers, so this can save you a lot of headache.

What Do I Do If My Primer Button Is Faulty?

Sometimes, the primer button is old or just won’t work. In that case, you may need to prime your lawn mower without it, but how do you?

First of all, if you’re not comfortable with this process, we recommend having a professional replace the primer bulb. If you want to go ahead, the first thing to do is to remove the air cleaner cover. Next, remove the air cleaner.

Afterward, take some starter fluid and put one spray into the back of the air cleaner housing. Then replace everything quickly but correctly and start your lawn mower.


A primer button may seem like a small, unnecessary part of a lawn mower, but even the smallest parts can have the biggest jobs. A primer button is no different. So, it really does pay to know here the primer button is on a Craftsman lawn mower.

So, what was your first experience with a primer button like? Had any similar experiences with other lawn mower parts? Let us know in the comments below!

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