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Where Are Craftsman Lawn Mowers Made?

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Craftsman manufactures a range of useful tools, lawnmowers, and outdoor gear. They were mainly part of a larger brand called Sears, but today they are completely independent and produce some of the best mowers to assemble. The trademark of Craftsman was registered in 1927.

Now, you may have a question, where are Craftsman lawn mowers made? Well, Craftsman Lawn Mowers are mainly produced in China, although some are manufactured in Taiwan.

Sears has never made Craftsman products themselves, rather than relying on other manufacturers to manufacture them to Sears’ designs and specifications. After manufacturing, they just use the name of the Craftsman brand.

Where Are Craftsman Lawn Mowers Made

Who Made Craftsman Lawn Mowers: Everything That You Should Know

Sometimes, Craftsman branded products contain exclusive features or features that distinguish them from the manufacturer’s brand or other brands made by the manufacturer. In other cases, Craftsman products with models from other brands have the same name.

The hardline mechanic’s tools have been produced over the years by a variety of manufacturers, including New Britain, Moore Drop Forging. The screwdrivers were manufactured by Pratt-Read and Western Forge. Now they are almost exclusively supplied by Western Forge, which also supplies clamps and adjustable wrenches.

Beginning in 2010, hand tools such as ratchets, baseboards, and keys made by Craftsman’s Apex Tool Group (formerly Danaher) were purchased overseas, while the tools were made for Craftsman.

Like the adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and larger mechanical tool kits, these are also manufactured by Western Forges in the United States.

The whole thing has moved to Asia. Sears still has an industrial line that is distributed through several authorized dealerships. These tools are made in the USA. UU., Which looks identical to their former non-industrial counterparts from the US. UU., except for the name “Industrial”, which is printed on them.

They are manufactured by Apex in the USA. UU This was the origin of the US-made Craftsman standard product. UU Before the production was relocated abroad to Asia.

Many craftsman portable power tools were manufactured by Techtronic Industries. Previously, these products were manufactured by Diehl Motor Company (a division of Singer) and Ryobi.

Both singers and Ryobi have been condensed under the umbrella of Techtronic (these tools have the prefix “315” or “973”, the majority of the product “315” was made in the United States).

Sears hand tools were also manufactured by DeWalt. These tools usually have a model prefix of “900”. Some, such as wireless and wireless drills, were indistinguishable except for the color and decals.

Many Benches Craftsman and stationary power tools have been manufactured by Emerson Electric Company under the code pattern “113” (formerly under the code pattern “103”, this was King-Seeley, but Emerson bought them in the 1960s) and DeWalt.

The air compressors were manufactured by DeVilbiss Air Power (part of Dewalt) and previously by Campbell Hausfeld. (The DeVilbiss source units have a model prefix of “919” and Campbell Hausfield had a model prefix of “106”).


That was the brief discussion on where are Craftsman lawn mowers made. Hopefully, you have enjoyed all the in-depth information that we have brought up here.

Of course, before punching any product, you should know the origin. And the Craftsman lawn mower is not the exception here.

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