Who Makes Bad Boy Lawn Mowers

Who Makes Bad Boy Lawn Mowers?

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While the idea of ​​the popular zero-turn mower came into being in a garage when the founders of Bad Boy Mowers began manipulating the prototype, Lancaster began the actual production of Bad Boy Mowers in a 20,000-square-foot installation at Batesville Industrial Park.

Phil Pulley and Robert Foster are the founders of bad boy lawnmowers.

That was in 2002 when the company started with 20 employees. Twelve years later, Bad Boy covers an area of ​​800,000 square meters and employs more than 400 people.

The original 20,000 square meter facility only houses parts and service departments. And these departments will soon move into a new building of 60,000 square meters as the company continues to expand.

Who Makes Bad Boy Lawn Mowers

Bad Boy now has the production capacity, so the expansion is planned to meet the growing demand of the company’s mowers.

As the parts and service departments move into the new 60,000-square-foot building on the current Bad Boy campus, the manufacturing division will be expanded to parts and service, Lancaster said.

He described the manufacturing area as the “bottleneck” of the manufacturing process, as metal forming and welding takes more time than assembling all the parts.

They have always built the mowers the way they used to, with a design standard that has nothing to do with disposable quality.

From the beginning, they have built on the belief that a bad boy can be the last lawn mower you need.

But it is thanks to the strength of their people that they have grown as far and as fast as they have. The same people who built the first mower are still here to make sure every mower that follows is a bad boy.

They also show that the good old manufacturing in the heart of America is alive and growing.

The never-ending promise, never stop innovating, has been at the heart of the business from the beginning.

The patented innovations set standards in terms of accessibility, comfort and cut quality. With history as a guide, the best is far ahead of the company.

To keep pace with growing demand, they are investing heavily in next-generation manufacturing technologies, including a fully automatic robotic platform bending machine.

They develop and improve functionality with integrated manufacturing software and complimentary shipping programs.

This internally developed software tracks all mowers manufactured from the ground up and classifies the tow loads for efficient delivery throughout the country in our fleet of trailers for purpose-built tractors.

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I wish I’d read this prior to buying this mower, because the description online states that it can cut up to 4”. I followed the instructions and raised it to 1.75” thinking there was another step after that, since it was obviously no where close to 4”. The instructions actually say,”Other cutting heights can be obtained by positioning the bolts through other hole locations.” That would be great if I wasn’t left to guess what holes to use and the company hasn’t responded to my message asking for further instructions. Any advice?


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