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Best Commercial Lawn Mower ( A complete buying guide)

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Commercial lawn mower, the name itself is enough to make you understand the purpose of it. You know the uses of this type of mower and now you need the best suited one for.

All seems great.

But you know a critical thing is finding the top rated one. All the commercial lawn mowers are not superb in quality and service that the manufacturers claim.

Seems a little bit of a hazard? Throw out all of your tension. The best commercial lawn mowers are here!

Yes, we’ve come with a couple of the best products for you. Let’s explore. 

Top 7 Best Commercial Lawn Mower Reviews 

Now, let’s explore these sincerely sorted out commercial mowers with their detailed features and specification. And surely the deep sing of the product will let you have your suitable one. 

1. Snapper CP215520HV / 7800849 Lawn Mower

Snapper CP215520HV / 7800849 Best Commercial Lawn Mower

The Snapper CP215520HV is a HI VAC RWD Commercial Series Lawn Mower that is featured with Honda GXV160 Engine. And this commercial mower is built to last longer, thanks to its heavy duty design and construction.

The mower is constructed with the robust cutting deck, heavy duty bracing, steel made axle, and so on. And it comes with the rear wheel drive system. 

It is fitted with 10” rear wheels that offers excellent maneuverability as well as better traction on the toughest terrain. With this premium quality mower, you will be able to excellently mow your lawn. 

Features and Benefits:

Design and Construction: The mower comes with an ergonomic design with the robust construction. 

Engine: The mower is powered by a Honda GXV160 OHV engine that makes it perfect for heavy duty operation. 

Cutting Deck: The mowing device has a 21” HI VAC deck that is made out of 14-gauge steel. And that makes it highly durable. The deck is even equipped with a specially designed sharp blade. 

Cutting Quality: With the heavy duty mowing deck and its sharp blade, the mower can amazingly cut the overgrown grass of your yard. 

Cutting Height: The mower will allow you to balance the height of the cutting deck in 7 different stages between 1.25-inches to 4-inches.

Drive System: The Snapper CP215520HV is featured with the rear-wheel drive that makes sure smooth operation. 

Maneuverability: Indeed, you will get better maneuverability with this mowing device, thanks to its durable 10” rear wheels. 

The mower is designed to be perfect for commercial purposes. In fact, it is a high-performance lawn mower that is perfect for heavy duty operation. 

2. Swisher Z3166CPKA Zero Turn Mower

Swisher Z3166CPKA Zero Turn Best Commercial Lawn Mower

Are you looking for the best zero turn mower to mow your lawn? Then this is absolutely for you.

The mower is featured with the patented rapid response control system that offers excellent comfort. In fact, you will also get better control with this mower. 

In fact, this advanced quality mower is featured with the commercial grade engine that makes it more powerful. Moreover, the device is featured with the hydro gear 3400 transmissions that enhances its power. 

Besides that, the mower is equipped with a commercial grade heavy duty mulching blade. And the blade spindle is made from commercial grade cast iron. Overall, the mower is an excellent option for the home owners who have large lawns. 

Features and Benefits:

Engine: The Swisher Z3166CPKA is powered by a 999 cc Kawasaki engine that is rated at 31 HP. You know it really can produce huge power to mow your lawn. The engine is fitted with a couple of large fuel tanks, and each one can contain 4 gallon. 

Cutting Deck: You will be amazed to know that the mower is fitted with a 66 in. fabricated deck that is made from durable materials. It is also featured with the electric deck height adjustment system as well as electric tilt up for easy and efficient maintenance. 

Cutting Quality: With the commercial grade blade, the mower makes sure better mulching. 

Comfort: This one is featured with the deluxe adjustable suspension seat which will allow you to sit for a long time. For your convenience, you can adjust the seat at your convenient height.

Headlights: The Swisher Z3166CPKA boasts a couple of LED headlights with which you will be allowed to work even in the dark. 

The mower is proudly made in the USA. So you can choose this mower with confidence.

3. Snapper CRP218520 Lawn Mower

The Snapper CRP218520 is another great commercial series lawn mower that features a rear wheel drive system. And this mower will also last longer owing to its heavy duty design and construction.

Like other commercial models, the mower features a robust bracing, durable axle, steel made deck, and many more. You can smoothly turn this mower in the tighter spaces.

The mower is featured with an amazing blade that offers better mulching. And this blade can be adjusted in several positions depending on your cutting needs. 

Features and Benefits:

Engine: The CRP218520  mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 850 professional Series engine that offers smoother and reliable operation. In fact, this engine has a spin on oil filter that enhances its longevity. 

Cutting Deck: The mower incorporates a 21” deck. And the deck is made from 14 gauge steel that makes it long lasting. Apart from the durable deck, the mower is featured with the robust axle and advanced-quality bracing. 

Cutting Quality: The device boasts a ninja blade that offers 6 powerful cutting surfaces, so it can perfectly cut the overgrown grass of your lawn.  

Cutting Height: You will be able to easily adjust the cutting height of your mower in seven different positions, ranging from 1.25 inches to 4 inches.

Traction and Maneuverability: With the durable 10” rear wheel and the rear wheel drive system, you will get improved traction. In fact, you will be able to smoothly maneuver it without damaging the grass of your lawn.

By considering these impressive features, the mower is surely a smart option for the conscious homeowners.

4. Swisher RC14544CPKA Lawn Mower

Swisher RC14544CPKA Lawn Mower

Are you looking for an advanced quality lawn mower to mow a large overgrown grassy field? If yes, then the Swisher RC14544CPKA is the model you can go with.

This mower can be attached to your ATV or UTV with ease. And once you attach it to your ATV, it will perform like a giant. In fact, you will be allowed to mow a large yard within a very short time. So it will save your time as well as reduce your hassle. 

Features and Benefits:

Design: The mower comes with sophisticated design with durable construction. 

Engine: The Swisher RC14544CPKA  is powered by a 603 cc Kawasaki engine that is rated at 14.5 HP that offers amazing power. However, you will be amazed to know that the engine starts with electricity. The engine is commercial grade that makes it highly powerful. 

Mowing Deck: The mower is equipped with a 44 in. welded deck that is made from 11 gauge steel. So this deck would be long-lasting. 

Mowing Quality: Surely the mower has impressive mowing capacity, thanks to its twin swinging blades.

Cutting Height: The device is featured with a convenient single-point cutting height adjustment system. In fact, you will be allowed to set the cutting height between the range from 3 – 7 inches.

Wheels: The mower is featured with a couple of 16 inches pneumatic sealant filled tires that offer better traction on the rough terrain. 

So if you are looking for the best commercial lawn mower for a large yard, then this one would be a perfect solution for sure. 

5. Streamline Industrial 60” Commercial Lawn Mower

This is a similar type of mower to the previous model. You need to attach this mower with your ATV or UTV. 

The mower will perform like a pro when you attach it to the ATV. And the mower comes with a 60” cutting width that makes it giant. 

With this mower, you can mow a large grassy field with minimal effort and time. The mower is made in the United States. 

Features and Benefits:

Engine: The Streamline Industrial incorporates an extremely powerful mower that is rated at 18.5 HP. You know this powerful engine makes the mower perfect to perform heavy duty tasks. The engine starts with electricity that makes it an eco-friendly option.


Cutting Deck: This commercial mower is equipped with a 60” large cutting deck that covers a wider area on a single pass. 

Cutting Quality: With this heavy duty cutting deck, you will be able to cut the overgrown grass of your large field or lawn. In fact, this mower is perfect for larger properties. 

Wheel: The device is featured with the top-quality wheels that offer improved traction while mowing the lawn. You may even get better maneuverability. 

Overall, this mower is a great option. If you have enough budget, then you should have a try on this top-quality mower. 

6. Greenworks 2501202 Pro 21-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Greenworks 2501202 Pro 21-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower

If you are looking for the topmost commercial lawn mower for the money, then the Greenworks 2501202 Pron would be a perfect selection for you.

The mower comes with a 80 V/ 4.0 AH battery along with a rapid charger. And the battery of this mower offers up to 45 minutes of run time.

However, the mower is featured with a brushless motor that is really dependable. In fact, it can perform like a 160 cc gas-powered engine. 

Moreover, the mower boasts innovative and smart cutting technology that runs your blade with the optimal speed. In addition, the mower comes with a 3-in-1 design that means it can perform mulching, rear bagging as well as side discharging.

The mower is easy to carry and store as well, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Best of all, you can start this mower just with a simple push on the start button.

Features and Benefits:

Operation: The mower is fitted with a brushless motor that is powered by a 80V battery. With this powerful configuration, the mower offers smoother and reliable operation. 

Cutting Deck: The device comes with a 20” durable steel deck that can perform heavy duty tasks. And the deck is made with durable construction that makes it long-lasting.

Cutting Quality: Boasting a Smart Cut load sensing technology, the mower can cut the grass of your lawn like a pro. 

Mowing Options: The mower boasts 3 mowing options that makes it versatile. However, with the 3-in-1 mowing options, you will be allowed to perform mulching, rear bagging, and side discharging as well.

The Greenworks 2501202 Pro always makes sure of a smoother and noise free operation. So you can choose this budget-friendly option.

7. Swisher FC14566CPKA Commercial Pro Trail Mower

Swisher FC14566CPKA Commercial Pro Trail Mower

Well, we are going to conclude our list with a giant commercial mower. 

Surely the Swisher FC14566CPKA is a powerful commercial lawn mower that is powered by a top-quality engine. Moreover, it is fitted with a large cutting deck that can mow a large grassy field with ease. In fact, it requires minimal time and effort, thanks to its powerful engine. 

Moreover, the mowing deck of this device is equipped with a 3 G6 Gator commercial grade blade. It also comes with the blade spindles that are made out of commercial grade cast iron. For your safety, the mower incorporates an electronic safety switch. 

Features and Benefits:

Engine: This giant commercial mower is powered by a 603 cc Kawasaki engine that is rated at 14.5 HorsePower. The engine of this device is electric powered.

In fact, it is powered by a standard battery which is not included in this package. So you need to purchase this battery separately.

Mowing Deck: The mower boasts a 66 inches advanced-quality cutting deck that has amazing side discharge capacity. This mowing deck is made of advanced quality materials. 

Mowing Quality: The mowing deck is equipped with the 3 G6 Gator commercial mulching blades with the top-quality cast iron blade spindles.

Cutting Height: The device will allow you to adjust the cutting deck in a variety of positions within the range of 1-inches to 5.5-inches.  

Safety: So far as the safety is concerned, the mower is featured with the lock-out system. Apart from that, it is featured with the safety tether kill switch that makes it highly secured. It will also allow to control the blade engaging as well as disengaging. 

Even though the mower is a bit pricey, it will serve you the best. So of course, you can opt with this powerful mowing device.

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Commercial Lawn Mowers

When it comes to choosing the best commercial mowing device, you certainly need to consider some important things. Alright, feel free to follow the following guides to get the best one.

And if you truly follow the guides below, surely you will be able to pick the most-suited commercial lawn mower to mow your larger properties.

Types of Mower

The operator position is really an important consideration while choosing a commercial lawn mower. In fact, you must need to determine whether you are comfortable with the riding or walk-behind mower. 

Basically, the maneuverability and the efficiency mostly depend on the types of mower. Even the comfort may vary from type to type. So choose the mower depending on your needs. 

The walk-behind mower is the best solution if you are looking for a mower to mow the tighter space. However, we’ve included a variety of mowers including walk-behind mowers. And all the mowers are perfect for commercial purposes. 

Cutting Width

Indeed, cutting width is an important consideration in terms of choosing the best commercial lawn mowers. In fact, it is the most important issue to look for.

If your mower comes with a large cutting width, you will be able to mow the lawn quickly and efficiently as well. So if you have larger properties, then you should choose the mower with more cutting width.

Mowing Options

First, you have to think about what you expect from a commercial lawn mower. In addition to the essential mulching, bagging as well as side discharging, the mower may come with more advanced features. So choose the model that meets your expectations. 


First you need to decide whether you are looking for a gas-powered or an electric lawn mower. Once you decide, then make sure that the mower comes with a powerful configuration.

If you choose a gas-powered lawn mower, then make sure that its engine has more horsepower. Likewise, choose the electric model that has better battery configurations.

Discharge Preference

The commercial mower may come with side discharge or rear discharge capability. However, now the question is which one is more suitable. 

Basically, it depends on the area you are cutting. If you want to get convenient cutting with quality, then the mower with side discharge capability would be the best. In contrast, it is better to opt with the mower that is featured with the rear discharge capacity for the roadside contracts. 

Mowing Deck

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a commercial mower. However, you need to make sure that the mowing deck is large enough as well as it is made from durable materials. 

Most importantly, it should be equipped with sharper blades that feature efficient cutting. It is worth mentioning that most of the mowers in our list have large cutting decks. And all the mowers have durable cutting decks. 


Well, now you know what types of features a top-rated commercial lawn mower should have. So do not forget to consider these features while choosing a commercial lawn mower. In fact, you should opt with the model that comes with more sophisticated specs and features. 

Apart from the features and benefits, you need to concentrate on your budget. And you can’t overlook this anyway. 

If you ask what is the best commercial lawn mower in this list, I’d say Swisher Z3166CPKA Zero Turn Mower. The mower comes with the zero turn capability as well as a heap of impressive features.

However, it’s my personal opinion. You can choose whatever the model you want. Happy Mowing!

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