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Best Rear Wheel Drive Lawn Mowers Reviews and Buying Guide

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Rear wheel drive is the must choose mechanism to mow a lawn which has several obstacles. And the mowers having this technology can smooth your irregular terrain mowing process.

Still, it seems good, right? But will all the rear wheel drive mowers give you the same performance. In short, it’s not possible. Rather, some can bring trouble to you.

And the only solution is choosing the best one that ensures all the required features. And for you, we’ve come out a list of such best rear wheel drive lawn mowers. Hopefully, this list will be handy for you. 

Top 10 Rear Wheel Drive Lawn Mowers Reviews

We have talked to some landscape professionals in order to come up with the ultimate list of best rear wheel drive lawn mowers. And below you will find a rundown of the most popular rear wheel drive mowers in the market.

So, without any further ado, let’s start: 

1# Mellcom Gas Lawn Mower 4-Cycle 173cc OHV 21-Inch Trimming Mower

Mellcom Gas Lawn Mower 4-Cycle 173cc OHV 21-Inch Trimming Mower

Are you searching for a reliable push mower that also has a budget-friendly price? If that is the case, you should go with the new Mellcom Gas 4-in-1 lawnmower.

The assembly process of this mower is relatively straightforward. You’ll have to attach the handlebar and the grass catcher to the mower in order to assemble it. In fact, you can mow in different cutting modes as it comes with a side discharge chute and a mulch plug.

Starting this mower is also really easy. Just pull the cord two or three times, and the engine will get started. 

Features and benefits:


This mower features a powerful 173cc gas-powered OHV engine. This engine is manufactured by RATO, and it has enough power to mow through rugged grass clippings.

Cutting Heights: 

This gas-powered mower will allow you to choose from eight different height adjustment settings. You can adjust the height according to the type of terrain that you’re moving over.


The handle of this mower is collapsible. You can fold it up in just a matter of seconds. Then you can store it in your shed or the garage. Thus it will save you storage space.

Overall, the Mellcom trimming mower is quite powerful, and it can take care of spots that are hard to reach. You can purchase it with confidence. 

2# Toro 22 in. Recycler All-Wheel Drive 163CC 

Toro 22 in. Recycler All-Wheel Drive 163CC  best rear wheel drive lawn mowers

The Toro 22″ recycler lawn mower features All-Wheel-Drive technology, which makes it one of the most efficient self-propelled mowers in the industry. This mower is ideal for homeowners who just want a user-friendly lawn mower that also has excellent features.

We suggest you only mow your lawn in mulching mode while using this lawnmower.

That’s because the Toro recycler mower performs exceptionally well in mulching mode. Moreover, mowing in the mulching mode will give the grass clippings back to the turf, providing nutrients to the soil.  

Features and benefits:

Height Adjustment: 

The Toro recycler lawn mower features nine different height adjustment settings that range from 1 inch to 4 inches. 


This mower comes with a 22 inch compact and durable deck. It has a steel frame, and it enhances the mower’s mulching capabilities.


Although this mower has a compact design, it’s actually remarkably powerful. It’s powered by an EXi 163cc, 7. 25ft. Lb OHV engine made by Briggs and Stratton.

The Toro recycler 22 lawn mower has some extraordinary features, enabling you to mow up to .5 acres on a single run. You shouldn’t miss the chance of buying it.

3# Lawn-Boy 17732 Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 17732 Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower

If you want to have a lawnmower that’s easy to operate, then the Lawn-Boy 17732 self-propelled mower should be your first choice. As it’s quite lightweight and features a self-propulsion system, you can maneuver it with ease. 

This mower features a rear-wheel-drive system that can generate a lot of traction with your lot. And that’s why it can tackle different types of adverse mowing conditions.

Furthermore, it features a tri-cut mechanism that allows various cutting options such as mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge.

Features and benefits:

Cutting Deck: 

The Lawn-Boy 17732 mower features a 21-inch deep-dome style steel deck. And its tri-cut system will provide you with superior cut-quality. 


This mower is powered by a 149cc OHV Kohler engine that has a gross torque of 6.5 


The front tires have a radius of 7 inches, and the rear tires have a radius of 8 inches. As these tires are compact, they are able to maneuver around tight spaces.

The Lawn-Boy 17732 mower has a lot of remarkable features.  And these amazing features have made it one of the most popular mowers that Lawn-Boy has ever made. 

4# Cub Cadet SC 100 HW 21 in. 3-IN-1 159cc High Wheel Push Mower

best rear wheel drive lawn mowers

A list about the best rear wheel drive lawn mowers will remain incomplete if it doesn’t have an entry from Cub Cadet. That’s because Cub Cadet is the leading brand in the lawnmower industry when it comes to mowers with rear-wheel drives. They excel in this technology.

Our top pick from the Cub Cadet is the SC 100HW high wheel push mower. This mower features a 160cc engine made by Honda. 

It’s quite versatile, and it has been categorized as a 3-in-1 lawnmower. That means you’ll get three different cutting options while mowing. 

Furthermore, the SC 100HW mower is made of high-quality, durable materials, and that’s why it can last for years without even getting a scratch on it.

Features and benefits:

Height Adjustability: 

Like the previous entries on our list, the SC 100HW will also allow you to adjust the cutting height of this mower. You’ll get to choose from 6 different settings that range from 1.25″-3.75″.


It features a GCV160 engine made by Honda, and it’s a gas-powered engine.


This mower also comes with a 1.9-bushel grass catcher that’s large enough to store a large amount of grass clippings.

On the whole, if you want a premium quality lawnmower from a renowned brand, then we suggest you buy the Cub Cadet SC 100HW push mower. 

5# Oneinmil Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Oneinmil Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The Oneinmil self-propelled rear-wheel drive mower is a high-performance 4-in-1 gas-powered lawnmower. It has a straightforward and reliable design, and its 173.9cc engine also performs efficiently in different types of mowing conditions.

Since it features variable speed, the user can easily adjust the speed of the mower depending on the ruggedness of the grass. The blade of this mower rotates at a speed of 2800rpm, and that’s why it’s able to cut the grass clippings in just a short amount of time.  

Features and benefits:


You won’t have to push this mower forward as it’s a self-propelled mower. In fact, it can propel itself, and since it has a personal pace system, you can adjust its speed to your liking.

Height Adjustment: 

The Oneinmil mower features eight different height adjustment options. And the cutting heights can range from 0.98 inches to 2.95 inches. 

Cutting Options: 

As it’s a 4-in-1 lawnmower, it’s suitable for mulching, side discharge, and bagging.

Although Oneinmil is a comparatively less known brand to most customers, this self-propelled mower would be an excellent option, especially if you consider its price.  

6# Remington RM410 Pioneer All Wheel Drive Mower

It’s probably the start of spring, and you are seeking a powerful walk-behind mower for preparing your yard. If so, we must suggest you purchase the new Pioneer RM410 mower from Remington.  

It features an effective drive control system that helps the operator to maneuver the mower over rough terrains. You can also engage the front or rear wheels independent of each other. You can even engage both front and rear wheels if you prefer.  

Features and benefits:


The Remington RM410 is powered by a 159cc auto-choke OHV engine. And as it’s an auto-choke engine, it’s fairly easy to start.


The deck of this mower has a width of 21 inches. It also has a deep-dome style design, and it’s capable of rear bagging, side discharge, and mulching.

Selectable Drive: 

The RM410 will allow you to choose the type of drive system that you prefer. It features all-wheel-drive, which means all four wheels of this mower can be engaged.

The Remington RM410 mower will save you a lot of time and effort as it’s quite renowned for its ease of use and user-friendly design. 

7# CRAFTSMAN 12AVU2V2791 149cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower

CRAFTSMAN 12AVU2V2791 149cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower

This self-propelled lawn mower from Craftsman is quite proficient at mowing small lawns. Also, it comes with a six-position height adjustment system that will allow you to adjust the cutting height to match any terrains.

Its 149cc engine is quite efficient, and it does not require any priming or choking. Moreover, its 8-inch tires are really sturdy, and they can easily maneuver over steep, hilly surfaces.

Features and benefits:


You can store this mower anywhere you want after folding its handle. Thus it will save you up to 70% of storage space. 

Drive System: 

It features front-wheel drive, and it’s capable of mowing over rough surfaces with ease. You can also effortlessly turn this mower around obstacles. 


You won’t have to put that much effort into pushing this mower as it features self-propulsion and variable speed. Just adjust the speed of this mower, and you can then comfortably mow your lawn.

It’s a fantastic entry-level lawnmower, and it does have the quality that Craftsman is known for. You can consider it. 

8# Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Mower

Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Mower

If you’re a fan of bagging, there isn’t a better option for you than the P2185020 rear-wheel mower from the Snapper HI-VAC series. Its deck creates an enormous vacuum, making it easy for the blades to cut the clippings and then put them inside the rear bagger.  

This mower has large 10-inch rear wheels. And its rear-wheel drive system makes these wheels generate friction with the ground so that the mower can maneuver over hilly areas.

Besides, it features ready-start technology that makes it easy for the user to start this mower instantly.

Features and benefits:


The 190cc engine of this mower is from the professional 850 series made by Briggs and Stratton. You won’t have to prime or choke the engine while starting it. 

Height Adjustment: 

The cutting height of this mower is easily adjustable, and you can do so by using the adjustment handle. In fact, there are seven height options available that range from 1.25”-4”. 


The Snapper self-propelled mower features a 21-inch cutting deck made of steel. It can generate a lot of airflow in its interior. 

The Snapper P2185020 HI-VAC mower will provide you with whisper-quiet operation, enhanced durability, and reliable power output. We highly recommend it that you should have a try on it.  

9# Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Mower

Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Mower Remington RM410 Pioneer All Wheel Drive Mower

This Honda self-propelled mower features a variable speed control system that allows the operator to choose his desired speed. This mower can also adapt to various kinds of mowing conditions.

Honda has been making energy-efficient and durable engines for decades, and the HRR216K9VKA mower also features one of them. You can comfortably move it around the yard as it can adjust its pace according to the grass’s toughness.  

Features and benefits:

Smart Drive:

It features a smart drive control system that can adjust the mower’s speed when it comes into contact with tall, thick grass. 

Height Adjustment: 

The cutting height of the Honda HRR mower can be adjusted in six different settings. The elevations range from 1.125 inches to 4 inches.

Shut-off valve: 

This mower features a valve that can shut off the mower’s fuel compartment so that it can be safely stored or transported. 

The HRR216K9VKA mower is one of the most versatile lawn mowers that Honda has ever made. You can think about purchasing it. 

10# Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc High Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc High Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Don’t you think performing regular maintenance on a lawnmower is just exhausting? If you do, then the TB220 self-propelled mower has been made just for you. That’s because it won’t require you to change its oil every week. 

Moreover, it won’t require you to push it around the yard manually. That’s because it features a front-wheel-drive that will propel it. And you can control its speed using its variable speed feature.  

There are two levers on its sides that can be used to adjust the lawnmower’s cutting height. Furthermore, the TB220 mower’s Tri-Action cutting mechanism will provide you with a clean and beautiful lawn every time you mow your yard. 

Features and benefits:

Height Adjustment:

You can change the cutting height of the TB220 lawn mower into six positions that range from 1.25″-3.75″.


There is an adaptor located on top of the deck that can be used to wash the underside of the deck. Just attach your garden hose to the adaptor and rinse the grass clippings off the deck. 

3-in-1 mower: 

This mower can be ideal for mulching, but it can be used for bagging and side discharge too. It comes with a mulching plug, a rear bagger, and a side discharge chute.

The Troy-Bilt TB220 mower will definitely exceed your expectations. You may purchase it without any hesitation. 

Buying Guide

Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money on a mediocre product. That is also true in the case of lawnmowers. So, to make sure that you understand all of the critical features of a rear-wheel-drive lawn mower you have to check out, we have made the following guide:


The price of the mower should be your primary concern before purchasing a lawnmower. An entry-level mower can cost you from $200-$300. And if you want to buy a mid-range mower, you can expect to pay roughly $500-$600.  

However, if you want a premium model, you should make a budget of about $700-$1200.

Cutting Width

While choosing the mower, you’re going to buy; you have to match the cutting width with the size of your yard. If you have a large yard, you should purchase a mower with a more extended cutting width.  

And if your lawn is small, then a smaller cutting width of about 14”-17” would suffice. 

Drive System

This list is only about lawnmowers that feature a rear-wheel-drive system. The mowers that have rear-wheel drive are capable of going up hills and can generate more traction with the ground.

But there are also some mowers on our list that have all-wheel drive. These mowers will let you switch between the front wheel and rear-wheel drive.

Cutting Options

Most of the mowers we have listed above have multiple options regarding the grass clippings’ disposal. You must choose which cutting mode you prefer and then buy the mower accordingly. 

Final Verdict

Rear-wheel drive lawn mowers have gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years. And if you want to successfully mow a lawn that has irregular terrains and multiple obstacles, then you don’t have a better option than buying a rear-wheel-drive mower. 

That is why we have tried our best to figure out which mowers deserve to be on a list of best rear wheel drive lawn mowers. These mowers were selected based on their durability, cutting performance, maneuverability, and ease-of-operation.

Hopefully, this list has helped you make a concrete decision. If you’re still unsure, we must suggest you buy the Mellcom gas lawn mower. It has an extremely powerful 173cc engine, and it requires very little storage space.

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