The Husqvarna Group, which manufactures a wide range of products around the world, manufactures Husqvarna sweep mowers and lawn mowers. In addition to lawn mowers, Husqvarna manufactures bicycles, motorcycles, garden and forestry machines, cutting machines and sewing machines.

Who Makes Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mowers

So, Who manufactures Husqvarna mowers?

Husqvarna was opened in 1689 as a weapons foundry and eventually deepened the sewing machine, the kitchen equipment and the production of bicycles and motorcycles. When the company acquired the Swedish company Norrahammars Bruk in 1918, it added to the growing list of lawnmower products that represent a variety of human drives. In 1959 Husqvarna decided to try his luck with electric lawnmowers. In the years that followed it was taken over by Electrolux and then split again. Today, Husqvarna produces and sells its long product list under its own name and with other well-known.

Husqvarna comes with a wide variety of mowers, including Robotic Lawn Mowers, Zero Turn Mowers, Stand-on Mowers, Riding Lawn Mowers, Walk Behind Mowers, Commercial Walk Mowers and Riders.

You can open up for your new possibilities with Husqvarna. As it comes with the new innovation, so it can be a smarter choice ever than before.

Husqvarna owns several brands including Husqvarna, Gardena, McCulloch, PoulanPro, WeedEater, Flymo, Jonsered, Klippo, Diamant Boart, RedMax and HTC.

Some remarkable things about Husqvarna that you need to know. The Robotic mowers that come with Husqvarna is a smarter choice ever than before. The Husqvarna Automower becomes a naturalistic part of your dawn routine. The Automower is now compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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To know details about the Voice controlling Automower, visit Hasqvarna’s website. It is easy to get started with. You just need to link the Automower with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa account. You have to follow some steps.

First of all, verify your Automower model that is compatible with Automower® Connect, or install the Automower® and connect hardware on your compatible model.

Secondly, download the latest version of the Automower® Connect app on your smartphone, and create an account if you don’t have one, then connect your Automower®.

Then, download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. And create an Amazon account. Open Amazon Alexa app. Open menu and select Skills/Games. Select search and type “Automower”. It is noteworthy that you need to deselect Alexa in your Wi-Fi settings when the app is offline.

Later, select Automower®, and activate Automower® Skills. Use Automower® Connect user data to log in. Congratulations! Alexa and Automower® are now connected!


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