Adjustment Process Of The Throttle On Briggs And Stratton Lawnmower

How To Adjust Throttle On Briggs And Stratton Lawn Mower (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Are you facing difficulties with a loosen throttle on your Briggs and Stratton lawnmower? If so, then unfortunately, with a loose throttle cable, you can’t control your mower accurately. 

As a lawnmower user, you know that the throttle is used to control the swiftness of the mower engine. But when the throttle cable becomes loose, you can’t control the engine according to your needs. 

So, what is the solution to this difficulty? No need to be worried. Adjustment of the throttle cable can relieve you from this difficulty.

Now, have you any idea how to adjust the throttle on Briggs and Stratton lawnmower? I guess you have no idea. That’s why you are looking for help. Right?

Well. In this article, we will give you a proper guideline in this regard. Just keep reading.

Adjustment Process Of The Throttle On Briggs And Stratton Lawnmower

The adjustment process of the throttle is not a laborious work. You merely need to follow some steps to adjust the throttle. 

But before going to the main fact, let’s have a look at the required tools that you need to adjust the throttle. 

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Remove Air Filter

Unscrew the screws attached to the air cleaner by using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Bring out the air cleaner from the air cleaner housing. Store the screws and air cleaner in a protected place for reinstallment

Step #2: Find Out Choke Lever

Locate the choke lever in the engine compartment. It is tiny and plastic made parts. It controls the adjustment of the throttle lever. That means it controls the opening and closing of the throttle lever. 

Step #3: Press Throttle Lever To Fast Position

Now, push the throttle lever towards the fast position. Use the flathead screwdriver to crank the clamp screws. But don’t remove the screws fully. Just loosen the screws slightly which allows you to move the throttle cable freely.

Step #4: Adjust Throttle cable

Adjust the cable of the throttle in the endpoint and tighten the screws of the clamp. 

Step #5: Test Throttle Cable

Push the throttle lever towards the slow position. And again push it towards the fast position to check the engine controls. If it is turned on and off as per your command, then the adjustment is OK.

Step #6: Reinstall Air Filter

Reinstall the air filter in its previous position. Check the condition of the air filter before reinstalling it. Replace the filter if required. 

Adjustment Process Of The Throttle On Briggs And Stratton Lawnmower


  • Disconnect the spark plug from the mower before starting the repair.
  • Wear proper safety clothing and carefully operate the screwdrivers. 

Final verdict

Finally, we can say that you do not need any extra skills to adjust the throttle of your lawnmower. It is a quite simple process and it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to do this.

Since a lawn mower is a machine, always try to follow the cautions before starting any repair. It can save you from any kind of unforeseen accidents.

I hope this article has given you the proper guidance on how to adjust the throttle on Briggs and Stratton lawnmower. 

Have fun.

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