How To Operate A Zero Turn Mower

How To Operate A Zero Turn Mower?

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Have you purchased a zero-turn lawn mower and facing difficulties to operate it? Then be sure, not only you but many users of this mower face this problem.

But trust me, operating a zero-turn lawn mower is not a hectic task at all. Just you need to focus on the operational unit and you can acquire it easily. After all, you have to know the entire process properly.  

A zero-turn lawn mower is quite different in the operating system rather than the regularly used lawn mower. You may miss the typical steering system in this type of lawnmower. 

So, how can you drive it? Is there any proper guideline? Of course, it has. Here you are going to get a detailed guideline that will be handy for you.  

From this article, you will get all the essential information on how to operate a zero-turn mower.

Let’s start.

Guideline On Operating Of Zero Turn Lawn Mower

How To Operate A Zero Turn Mower

Before operating a zero-turn lawn mower, You need to have a clear idea about some basic things. And this basic information about the zero turn lawn mower will help you to learn the operating system quickly.

First of all, you need to know what actually zero-turn stands for. Zero-turn means you can turn the mower without taking too much space.

The turning radius of the mower is around zero degrees. You can even turn the mower instant where you need it. It needs to mention that the typical lawn mower needs 30-60 degrees radius to turn the mower. 

The mowing speed of zero-turn mower is also different from the other typical lawnmower. And we have already mentioned that it minimizes your mowing time.

The regular speed of a zero turn lawn mower is 9 miles/hour. You can focus more on the speed when using a zero-turn mower. 

You should keep in mind that you can merely control the rear wheels of the zero-turn lawn mower. The front wheels are free and can easily turn in any direction.

But you can use the zero-turn mower only on a large lawn. And this type of lawnmower is not suitable for the small and moderate shaped lawn. 

Now it’s time to know the operating process of the zero-turn lawn mower.

Steps to follow: 

Step 1: At first we focus on the control unit of the mower. In the control unit, you will find the following controls.

  1. An ignition switch to start the engine
  2. A parking brake to control the speed of the mower. It also helps to start the engine.
  3. A mower clutch to set the blade into an appropriate position.
  4. A deck height coordination button. It will help you to set the height of the deck above the ground. It will also help determine from which height you want to shape the grasses.
  5. Two steering levers to control the speed, turning radius of the mower. 

Step 2: Before operating the mower, you need to check at the fuel tank, pulley, blades, and tires of the mower. 

Step 3: Take your position on the seat and fasten the seat belt.

Step 4: Before turning on the power of the mower, it is a must to understand the operating process of the steering lever. It will be easier for you to operate if you follow the steps described below.

  1. Adjust the steering lever according to your hand position.
  2. When both lever in a vis-à-vis position, it is called the neutral position. In this position, the mower remains stable. 
  3. If you push the levers forward, the mower will move forward. And when you pull them towards you, the mower will move backward. But always try to operate the levers together in a parallel position. Otherwise, you will lose control.
  4. There is nothing to worry about if the hand is removed from the lever. Both lever back into the neutral position automatically. 
  5. If you want to turn the mower rightwards, hold the left-hand lever steady and move the right-hand lever forward lightly.
  6. When you want to turn the mower leftwards, hold the right-hand lever in the neutral position and move the left-hand lever forward slightly.
  7. Follow the same process if you want to move the mower backward. This time you need to pull the levers towards you. 

Step 5: Now, it’s time to start the mower. At the prior of starting the mower, ensure that the lawn mower is in parking mode. 

Push the parking brake downwards to activate the parking mode. Place the key in the keyhole and rotate it to turn the power on. When the engine crank, pull the parking brake upwards. 

Step 6: Now, set the cutting blade into their position and start mowing.

Done! You are now ready to operate the zero-turn lawn mower.


  • Always wear working boots, goggles when operating the lawn mower.
  • Place the safety shield over the blade. 
  • Go through the operator’s manual carefully to avoid any kind of accidents and serious injury.

Final Verdict:

Operating a zero-turn lawn mower will be more enjoyable if you go through the whole process described above. You know a zero-turn lawn mower won’t come with the typical steering system like other mowers. So you need to be more cautious when operating it.

But be careful when you operate the zero-turn mower into a slopy surface. Because a zero-turn lawn mower can tilt up to 15 degrees.

I hope, this article has helped you to have all the necessary information on how to operate a zero-turn mower.

Just follow the above-mentioned process and save your valuable time. 

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