If your self-propelled mower suddenly turns into a mower, if it works poorly or if it does not start, do not panic. You may not have to bring it to service yet. Use these tips to fix the problem. Many of these solutions work regardless of whether you have a gas, electric or radio model.

You should consider some certain things to repair self propelled lawn mowers. To troubleshoot the self propelled lawn mowers, first you need to fix the problem. The best way of repairing a self propelled lawn mower is to fix the problem first, and then performing the appropriate action.

A self propelled lawn mower consists of some important accessories. Most frequently, they can get in trouble. Read the whole article to know how you can repair them.

Craftsman self propelled lawn mower repair manual PDF: Download All

Transmission or Transmission cable:

If the transmission or transmission cable becomes loose or damaged, your mower stops automatically. Check the entire cable from the handlebar to the transmission. Make sure that it is firmly connected at both ends and does not need to be replaced by wear or damage.


Remove grass residue and dirt from the bottom of the mower. If the sheet is obviously bent or damaged, replace it. If it looks good, but you still have a bad mood, remove it. Check the balance with a balancer or hang a nail through the center hole. If one side hangs lower, a file that edge until the blade hangs straight. Sharpen the blade every two weeks for the best cut.

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Motor shaft

Once you have the blade removed, you will see the rod or shaft connecting the blade to the motor. If it has run on big stones or tree trunks, it can be bent. If it is damaged, we recommend bringing the mower to a mechanic.


If you’ve left gasoline in the tank all winter without using a stabilizer, the gas may be spoiled. Does it smell bad? Remove all fuel, change the filter and then add new gas to the tank. (At least for 4-cylinder self-propelled engines, you do not need to mix gas and oil).

Electric wire

Electric mowers depend on extension cords and these cables can be easily damaged. Try another cable and test the power outlet to make sure it works.

Clean the air filter or replace it if it is dirty. Cleaning a carburetor is a great job, but not impossible. See if your mower’s manufacturer gives you advice, or bring your mower to a mechanic.

If the warranty on your cutter has expired and repairs are too expensive, you should buy a new self-propelled lawn mower. Take a look at the reviews of the latest and greatest models. Discover which features make your cut easier.

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