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Planning to buy a commercial lawn mower for your large lawn? Then go with Toro.

Then you may have a question, why Toro? Well. Because Toro is leading the market in terms of commercial mowers.

Now, you have decided to purchase your commercial mower of this brand. But which one to choose? Here is where the crucial fact comes. 

Throw out all of your troubles and just stay with us. Here we will discuss the best 4 Toro commercial mowers that are definitely worth buying. 

Let’s see.  

Why Should You Buy A Toro Commercial Lawn Mower?

You’re probably asking yourself this question. Well, we can assure you that buying a commercial mower is definitely worth it. That’s because the commercial mowers are made for large scale commercial use, and they are way more powerful than residential lawn mowers.

These mowers have extended runtimes, and they’re also built with better quality materials. So if you want to upgrade your mowing capabilities, then purchasing a commercial lawnmower is the way to go.

Top 4 Toro Commercial Lawn Mowers

Now it’s time for us to go through the following list of the best Toro commercial mowers. You know making this list was an exhaustive task, and we had to test out a lot of commercial mowers to determine which ones deserve to be on this list.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin: 

1# Toro Timecutter 60 in. Fab Deck Zero-Turn Mower

Toro Timecutter 60 in. Fab Deck toro commercial mowers

The Toro Timecutter 60 mower is a heavy-duty riding mower that’s perfectly suited for mowing large yards with many obstacles. In fact, this mower is equipped with Toro’s proprietary Pro-DNA technology that gets the job done correctly and provides the user with a beautiful yard.

The Toro Timecutter is durable and long-lasting. It’s designed in such a way that it provides top-notch cutting performance to the users for years on end. And you’ll be impressed by this mower’s maneuverability. 

Furthermore, this mower doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. You don’t need to spend any time performing routine maintenance or repairs on this lawnmower.

This mower is also quite comfortable to ride. And it comes with a handcrafted high-back seat that provides back-support to the rider. 

Features and benefits:


This mower features smart speed technology that lets you control the mower’s speed effectively. It has a maximum forward speed of 7MPH. The highest speed in tow mode is 5.5MPH.  


The Toro Timecutter has a sizable 60-inch deck. This deck is quite durable, and it’s made of 10-gauge steel. It even features a 4-point deck mounting system that enables you to change the deck height.

Tire Fenders:

This mower comes with protective tire fenders that protect the deck from getting hit by tire spray. They also protect the user from getting by them.


Toro Timecutter is powered by a 24.5 HP 3600 RPM gas-powered engine. It’s more powerful than most of the commercial riding lawn mowers in the market. It has also met all the emission and safety requirements. 

Yet, the Toro Timecutter is one of the best mowers that Toro has ever made. It’s an exceptional lawnmower, and it’s definitely worth considering.

2# Toro 21 in. 159cc Super Recycler Lawn Mower

Toro 21 in. 159cc Super Recycler Lawn Mower

The Toro 21” super recycler is a self-propelled mower that has an incredibly stylish design. It’s quite eco-friendly as it doesn’t release any kind of fumes or other types of emissions.

It’s best known for its superior mulching capabilities, and it’ capable of cutting the grass into finer clippings. It then disperses those clippings around the yard.

You know this will work as a natural fertilizer. Also, this lawnmower features a suspension system that makes using this lawnmower effortless. This mower is even capable of gliding over holes and bumpy surfaces of your yard without facing any issues. 

Furthermore, this mower has a SmartStow design that will enable you to store this mower vertically in your garage. You can save up to 70% storage space. 

This mower has a solid construction, and it will last for a long time. It comes with a rust-proof, durable deck and sturdy semi-pneumatic tires. 

Features and benefits:

Height Adjustment: 

There are seven height options available. You can change the cutting height from 1″ to 4.25″. This will enable you to choose the cutting height that would provide you with optimum performance.


This lawnmower comes with a 21-inch-wide fabricated steel deck. It’s resistant to rust, and it creates the perfect environment for mulching. Since it has a compact design, it can even mow in tight spaces. 


A durable 159cc OHV auto choke engine powers this mower. And this mower won’t bog down even if it has to mow through wet, thick grass. This engine has a torque of 7.25 ft.-lb. 


The super recycler mower is classified as a 3-in-1 mower. That means it’s suitable for rear bagging, mulching, and side discharge.


The Toro 21 recycler mower features a personal-pace self-propel system. Controlling the mower’s speed is fairly easy and it’s maximum forward speed is 4.8 MPH. 

To sum up, the Toro 21 Super Recycler lawn mower is quite versatile and has many exciting features that make it worth considering.

3# Toro 30 in. 223cc TimeMaster Self-Propel Lawn Mower

Toro 30 in. 223cc TimeMaster Self-Propel Lawn Mower toro commercial mowers

The 30” TimeMaster is really fast and durable. It will surely make your lawn look better.

This mower has a large deck, and it can cover a wide path. That’s why it can mow a large yard in just a brief amount of time.

The Toro TimeMaster is quite user-friendly, and it has a stylish design. We were highly impressed by its engine performance.

A Briggs and Stratton OHV engine powers it. And this engine can propel the mower perfectly even in severe mowing conditions.

It will provide you with outstanding cutting performance, whether you’re bagging or mulching. And since it has a compact design, it won’t take up that much storage space. 

Furthermore, it features a personal pace self-propel mechanism that will allow you to adjust the lawnmower’s speed. This feature makes it easy for the user to maneuver the mower.

Features and benefits:


A 223cc 10.00 powers the Toro TimeMaster mower. Gross torque OHV engine. This engine is quite efficient, and it has met all the safety requirements.  


It has a 30-inch deck and it won’t wear down with time. It has a sturdy steel frame. And due to the deck’s compact size, you’ll have the capability of mowing around tight spaces.


This lawnmower features a twin-blade, dual-force cutting system that’s perfectly suited for mulching. These blades are quite effective at cutting grass, and they will provide you with a stunning lawn.


The Toro TimeMaster mower is capable of mowing in different cutting modes. You’ll get fantastic cutting performance no matter which cutting mode you choose.

On the whole, the Toro TimeMaster mower comes with a lot of fascinating features. It will provide you with an exceptional mowing experience. We highly recommend it.

4# Toro Titan 54 in. Fab Deck Zero-Turn Mower

toro commercial mowers Toro Titan 54 in. Fab Deck Zero-Turn Mower

Just like the first entry on our list, the Toro Titan 54 is a zero-turn lawn mower that features Pro DNA technology. This mower is really popular among landscape professionals. It provides extraordinary speed and maneuverability to the user, and it’s also easy to use.

This mower is well-designed, and the seat is quite comfortable. It will provide you with smooth rides, even on bumpy terrains and irregular surfaces. There are even shock-absorbing dampeners on this mower that will make sure you don’t feel any shocks or vibrations. 

The Toro Titan 54 is unrivaled in terms of performance and durability . It’s perfectly suited for mowing huge yards. That’s because it has a maximum mowing capacity of 7 acres.

Features and benefits:


The Toro Titan 54 comes with a 24.5 HP, 708cc Toro engine. And it’s made with Toro’s proprietary technology, which is significantly more powerful than other zero-turn mowers in the market.


This mower has a triple-blade system, and the blades spin at a speed of 18,000 fpm. These blades are able to cut through the grass as a knife goes through butter. 


It has a 54-inch-wide deck that’s made of 10-gauge durable steel. The deck belt is made of Kevlar, and it will last for a long time without receiving any kind of damage. 

Tire Fenders: 

This mower also features tire-fenders that protect the mower. It also protects the rider from getting hit by debris and grass clippings while mowing.


This lawnmower is surprisingly fast, and its maximum ground speed is about 8.5 MPH. It is also able to mow in the reverse direction. Its maximum reverse speed is 4.5 MPH.  

The Toro Titan 54 is an impressive lawn mower, and you’ll surely be satisfied with its performance. Although it’s a little expensive, we firmly believe that it’s worth the money.

Toro Commercial Mowers Buying Guide

Almost all of the commercial lawn mowers that are currently available in the market have similar kinds of features. That’s why in order to find the best one, you need to have the ability to distinguish between these features.

To help you accomplish that task, we will discuss some features in great detail in the guide given below that will ensure a best one for you :

Engine Power 

In order to mow your lawn efficiently, you’ll have to buy a lawnmower that features a powerful engine. Nearly all of the Toro commercial lawn mowers have first-rate engines that are quite effective at generating power.

But we should remind you of the fact that mowers with powerful engines are really expensive. So if you are on a budget, then we suggest you go for a mower with a medium amount of horsepower.

For instance, A 20-24 HP engine is powerful enough to mow through tough, rugged grass with ease. 

Cutting Width

Typically, commercial lawn mowers are made for mowing large lawns. And that’s why most of them have huge cutting decks. 

You know having a large cutting deck makes it easy for the mower’s blades to generate an adequate amount of airflow for cutting the grass. And it helps dispersing the grass clippings on the yard.

So you should check out the cutting width of the lawnmower that you’re going to purchase by considering the size of your yard.

Fuel Capacity 

The mower has to have enough fuel to enable the user to mow the entire lawn on a single run. Otherwise, you’ll have to stop mowing and refill the fuel tank, and that would be tedious for you.

The commercial lawn mower that you’re going to buy should have a fuel capacity of 3-5 gallons of oil.

Speed & Maneuverability 

The speed of the mower is one of the most significant factors that you have to consider. If the lawnmower isn’t fast enough, it will take you many hours to finish mowing your lawn. And that would be counterproductive. 

That’s why we suggest you buy a mower that has a maximum ground speed of 6-8 MPH. 

Another critical factor that you should take into account is the lawnmower’s maneuverability. You should check whether the mower that you’re considering has the ability to take care of hilly surfaces and rough mowing conditions. 

Final Verdict

And that’s all that we had intended to share with you. We hope that our list of best Toro commercial mowers has assisted you in finding the lawnmower that you were looking for.

We can assure that all of our reviews are unbiased, and we have done in-depth research on each of these products. So, don’t you think that our list was helpful? We believe you do.  

And before you click away, don’t you want to know about our favorite pick? 

In our opinion, the Toro Titan Timecutter 60 is undoubtedly the best Toro commercial lawn mower in the industry. It comes with a huge 60″ deck, and it’s extremely fast. It’ll make your lawn look beautiful.

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