Who Makes Honda Lawn Mowers

Who Makes Honda Lawn Mowers?

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Honda manufactures approximately 500 thousand lawnmowers per year in the United States and other developed countries.

Local production of the Honda Lawn Mowers began at an early stage. It went into production in the United States in 1984 and France in 1986.

According to its policy of “making products where there is demand.” They currently also conduct research and development locally.  

All Honda lawnmowers include the GXV or GCV engine that features high enforcement, low fuel consumption, and clean exhaust gas emissions.

Unique transmission of the Honda mower can select the optimum speed fast and easily including a Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) mechanism. It also comes with a smart drive feature that permits free speed control with a lever.

Who Makes Honda Lawn Mowers

So, Who Makes Honda Lawn Mowers?

Honda manufactures with HST in its own factories.

Honda lawn mower is developed with a unique hydraulic step-less shifting mechanism that allows forward and converts motion, and acceleration and deceleration to be freely managed with a single lever.

Improvement of the ultra-compact HST helped the installation of this type of shifting device for the first time in the world.

In addition to lawnmowers, the HST mechanism is used on snow throwers and transport equipment. Read: Ego Lawn Mower Review & Guide

VMS (Variable Mowing System)

This device can adjust the position of the shutter inside the lawnmower cover to various settings.

According to the user needs here the grass cut for mulching. With this view, the grass is cut into fine pieces and returned to the lawn.

When the best looking cut is wanted,100% bagging is selected. And here 100% mulching is selected for getting the work done easily and quickly.

The user of the mover can easily set the desired percentage of bagging and mulching with the control lever.

Safety Mood

Honda is currently developing the BBC*2 safety mechanism that quickly stops the rotation of the blade.

On the other hand, when the clutch is published, and the VMS*3 device allows to freely control the processing method of the cut grass.

Honda’s electric and other lawnmowers are highly acclaimed by users for the diverse range of excellent devices. Users can move it easily.

Smooth Control

It has the most powerful HF2417 and HF2622 engines. Both are available with a hydrostatic transmission controlling system by a single pedal and offer step-less control.

It will also help to give excellent support while you drive to continue cut grass.

If you have no need to cut grass, you can just control your break and move your lawnmower.

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