Best Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes

Best Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes: The review And Ultimate Guide of 2021

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Mowing your lawn from time to time may seem like a challenging task, especially if you have a yard with steep slopes, obstacles, and uneven surfaces. The fact is that if you don’t have the right equipment for the job, you won’t get your desired outcome. 

But, we are here to tell you that you can easily mow your uneven and hilly lawn efficiently if you have a high-quality riding lawn mower

I know you are looking for a lawnmower that can take care of a lawn with steep slopes. In other words, you are looking for a mower that can handle any kind of harsh mowing conditions without an issue.

Some Recommended Lawn Mowers From Amazon

But it is not so easy to find out the best one that can serve this special purpose. But you need not to take any panic as we are here! 

For you, we did in-depth research and bought some of the most well-reviewed riding mowers in the market, and then we tested them out. After doing all that, we have finally come with our list of best lawn mowers for steep slopes. 

We will discuss each of these lawnmowers in great detail. We will also talk about what sets each of them apart from the rest.

So, without further ado, let’s start exploring the world of best lawn mower for steep slopes. 

Top Four Riding Lawnmowers for Steep Slopes

It was a challenging task for us to make this list. That’s because we only choose four riding zero-turn lawnmowers to be worthy of being on our list. You know there are a lot of exceptional lawnmowers in the market that’re quite well-equipped to deal with steep slopes.

But in terms of performance, durability, speed, and cutting ability, the following lawnmowers are unmatched:

NameImageCutting WidthItem WeightPower SourcePrice
Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4
60 InchBattery-Powered mowersboy
TimeCutter MX5000 Zero Turn Riding MowerTimeCutter MX5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower
50 InchBattery-Powered mowersboy
John Deere Z375R Riding Lawn MowerJohn Deere Z375R Riding Lawn Mower54-InchBattery Powered mowersboy
Ariens Zoom Zero-turn Riding Lawn MowerAriens Zoom Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower42-InchBattery Powered mowersboy

1. Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4

Best Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4
Best Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4

The Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4 is a robust battery-powered lawnmower. We were impressed by its exceptional features and product design. It features a sturdy AeroForce max deck and a rigid steel frame. 

We had a lot of fun while testing out the Ultima lawnmower. It’s remarkably comfortable, and it mows smoothly. And since this is a zero-turn lawnmower, it has a turning radius that’s equal to zero.

The ZTX4 lawnmower is quite easy to maintain. You will just need to assemble the mower when it arrives at your doorstep. But that shouldn’t be a problem as it’s quite easy to assemble. Just follow the instruction manual.

That means it can mow around obstacles in the yard, such as trees. It’s also quite safe. You won’t have to worry about the mower tipping over while going over steep slopes or uneven surfaces. 

Features and benefits:

Frame and Deck:

The ZTX4 has a deck that’s made with fabricated steel. The floor pan of the deck is removable. So you can quickly get access to the inside of the deck.  

The ultima ZTX4 also has a tubular frame made of steel. Most importantly, both the frame and the deck are covered with electrically applied paint. This e-coating protects the steel from corrosion. 


The lawnmower comes with a really comfortable seat. The seat’s height can be adjusted. It even has armrests. 


The ultima ZTX4 is designed for bagging. A bagger is included with the other accessories that come with the lawnmower. It’s designed in such a way that it can effectively cut the grass and put the clippings inside the bagger. 

Furthermore, when we tested this lawnmower out, we didn’t find any kind of clumping.


The overall performance of a lawnmower mostly depends on how well it can deal with obstacles. The Ultima ZTX4 was designed for slightly hilly yards. This lawn mower can handle any kind of barriers, no matter how tough it may be.  

Height adjustment:

If you want to give your lawn a beautiful shape, you need to have the ability to adjust the deck’s height. This will enable you to determine what the height of the grass would be after mowing. 

The ZTX4 offers 17 different options for height adjustment that ranges from 1 inch to 4.75 inches. 

Fuel capacity: 

You will need a mower with an extended runtime if you are thinking about mowing a large lawn. As a matter of fact, the Cub Cadet Ultima has a fuel capacity of 5.5 gallons. That means the engine can operate for a long time without requiring to be refilled. 

You won’t have to waste time refilling the engine.


Adding accessories to your lawnmower will enable you to enhance its capabilities. For that reason, the Ultima ZRX4 features a mulching kit, a bagger, and also a cart. 

If you want to have the best mowing experience, then this is the lawnmower that you should buy. 

2. TimeCutter MX5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower

TimeCutter MX5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower For Steep Slopes
TimeCutter MX5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower For Steep Slopes

The TimeCutter is probably the most durable and well-designed lawnmower made by TORO. It performs consistently even when it faces any challenging obstacles.

We really liked the comfortable 18-inch padded seat of the MX5000. It also has a fender on both sides of the seat. They protect you from debris while you are mowing.  

Its sharp blade rotates at a speed of 18,330 FPM. This speed is what enables the mower to cut tall, thick grass with ease. The engine of this lawnmower is capable of mowing large lawns. And since the TimeCutter is a zero-turn lawnmower, it can smoothly go up slopes.  

Features and benefits:


A Kohler 725cc V-twin engine powers this lawnmower. Of course, the engine is powerful enough to deal with any kind of severe conditions.

Deck and Frame:

The TimeCutter lawnmower features a full 50-inch deck made with fabricated steel. A unique feature of this lawnmower is that it uses three blades to cut the grass. 

It features a durable steel frame. There are also two large front tires underneath the frame.

Height adjustment:

There are seven different options regarding the deck’s height. They range from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. 


You can mow your entire lawn within 20 to 30 minutes by using this lawnmower. That’s because the TimeCutter MX5000 has outstanding speed. The mower’s maximum forward speed is 7 MPH, and the maximum reverse speed is about 3MPH.


The TimeCutter MX5000 is categorized as a zero-turn lawnmower. That means it can maneuver around difficult obstacles without an issue. 

If you have a large uneven lawn with a lot of obstacles, then this lawnmower is best suited for you. 

3. John Deere Z375R Riding Lawn Mower

John Deere Z375R Riding Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes
John Deere Z375R Riding Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes

If you are looking for a high-performing and sophisticated lawnmower that is also comfortable to ride on, then the Z375R should be your first choice. We were amazed at its capacity for dealing with slopes and other obstacles. 

You can maneuver with this lawnmower quickly and efficiently. Our lawn looked great after we mowed it using the John Deere Z375R. The grass was uniformly cut, and there were no clumps left on the yard.

Surprised to hear. But it is true. We had such experience.

We also liked the fact that this lawnmower is remarkably fast. We finished mowing our lawn in just 2 hours. It was an uneven lawn that had many trees. Any other mower would have taken at least 6 hours. 

But, one thing to be noted here is that just going faster won’t be enough to cut your lawn into a good shape. You have to mow the lawn effectively. The Z375R’s enhanced mowing capacity and exceptional cutting performance will help you with that. 

Features and benefits:


The Z375R features a Ready-Start mechanism for starting the engine. You don’t have to pull a cord to start this lawnmower. You just need to use a key to start it. 


Its 54-inch-wide deck is what enables it to provide you with a professional cut. As the deck is wide, it yields a lot of cutting surface. This is what makes this lawnmower perfect for mulching.


The frame of this lawnmower is made with welded steel. It’s quite strong. The Z375R’s durable frame and wide sturdy tires enable the rider to maneuver this mower with precision. 


This lawnmower features an 18-inch seat. You can also adjust the seat to make yourself more comfortable.


It comes with two massive rear tires with a radius of 18 inches. These drive tires provide the lawnmower with enough traction to reach a maximum speed of 7 MPH.


The V-twin engine of this lawnmower has a power of 25HP. This engine enhances the mowing capability of the Z375R, and it’s also long-lasting.

Hydrostatic transmissions:

The dual EZT hydrostatic transmissions of this lawnmower provide the user with a wide range of speeds. This type of transfer provides smoother rides. And the mower will last for a long time because of this. Also, it won’t require that much maintenance. 

This mower will cut the grass on your lawn exceptionally well. It’s definitely worth buying. You can rely on our recommendation, be sure.

Riding Lawnmowers for Steep Slopes

4. Ariens Zoom Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower

Ariens Zoom Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes
Ariens Zoom Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes

While the other entries on our list are made for mowing more extensive lawns, the Ariens Zoom lawnmower is made for small or medium-sized yards. It’s a durable and robust mower with a sturdy deck and large tires.

It is a hydrostatic lawnmower that has a foot-lever system. Since it features hydrostatic transmissions, you can mow at different speeds. This option will give you better maneuverability, and your ride will be smoother.

The back seat is quite high, and it’s also really comfortable. It also features armrests and a shoulder support system.

The best thing about this lawnmower is that it’s really user-friendly. It’s also quite fast, and it will give you the ability to mow your entire lawn in just 15 minutes.

One thing we should mention here is that, don’t try to up slopes and irregular surfaces that are too steep. The mower can lose balance and rollover.

Features and benefits:


It features a robust Twin-Cylinder engine that has a power of 19HP. The engine is from the Kohler-6000 series. This engine provides consistent performance even in adverse mowing conditions. 


The deck is made with 12-Gauge steel. It’s pretty durable, and some spindles make sure that enough airflow goes through the deck.

Deck-Hanging System:

The Ariens Zoom lawnmower features a deck hanging mechanism. It makes the ride smoother and increases the mower’s cutting performance.

Height Adjustment:

There is a foot-operated lever, also known as a deck-lift that lets you control the height of the deck. The height can be changed from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches.  


This lawnmower provides a cutting width of about 42 inches.  And that is more than enough to mow tall, rugged grass with ease. 

Zero-Turn Capability:

This riding mower falls under the category of Zero-Turn lawnmowers. The main advantage of using a zero-turn lawn mower is that you can go around obstacles and mow tight spaces with ease.

Unlike regular lawnmowers that are controlled by steering the front wheels, this mower is maneuvered by the rear wheels. That’s what makes it so easy to move around.  


This lawnmower comes with a mulching kit. You can easily install the equipment under the deck. It will also create a chamber where the grass clippings will be cut into even smaller pieces.

Most importantly, the Zoom lawnmower comes with a double-chambered bagger, which is large enough to store a lot of grass clipping. You won’t have to worry about emptying the bag while mowing your lawn. 

On the whole, it’s a great product with exciting features. It’s maneuverability and cutting ability is impressive. You can buy it with confidence. 

What Kind Of Mower Is Best Suited For Steep Slopes?

top Lawn Mower For Steep Slopes

You know there are a variety of lawn mowers available, and each of them have their own functionality. But among them, most of the lawnmowers are unable to go up steep hills and slopes. If the ground is inclined upwards at an angle of 15 degrees or above, it would be considered a steep slope.

Still not clear? Let’s be more cleared. 

The fact is that most mowers don’t have enough power in their engine to maneuver it up the slopes. That is why you need to carefully choose a lawnmower that has the capability of cutting grass on a sloping, uneven lawn.

Walk-behind lawn mowers such as push mowers or automated electric mowers aren’t effective in going up steep slopes. That’s because those mowers are made to be used on flat surfaces.

Then what to do?

You will have to buy a riding mower in order to mow a lawn that has steep slopes and other obstacles. We know that these mowers are way more expensive than the standard walk-behind mowers. But, these are the only type of mowers that can handle such a task.

No other type of lawn mowers can even come close to the quality and efficiency of riding mowers. They are gas-operated, and their engines are extremely powerful. That’s why, you can ride these mowers at high speeds. 

Another vital feature these types of lawnmower must have is Zero-Turn functionality. For a smoother ride on a rough surface, the lawnmower has to be a Zero-Turn mower.

Buying Guide

As mentioned before, not all types of lawnmowers are effective against steep hilly surfaces. You’ll need a specific kind of lawn mower with some effective features to mow a yard with steep slopes.

In order to help you find the best product, we are going to discuss the things that you have to consider before buying a lawnmower.

The features are described below: 

Deck Size:

The effectiveness of a lawnmower depends heavily on the width of the deck. The larger the diameter is, the bigger the cutting surface gets. A large deck provides the blade with enough space to cut the grass clippings multiple times, and it enables the mower to provide an even cut.

A lawnmower with a big deck is also quite easy to maneuver as well. You’ll find it pretty hard to climb up steep slopes with your mower if the mower has a small deck. 

So you should buy a lawnmower that has a deck-width of 42 inches or above. 

Weight of the mower:

Now you might be thinking that a riding mower weighs much more than any other type of mower. That is actually true. However, you need to buy a lawnmower that is lightweight enough to be maneuvered upwards. 

If the lawnmower is too heavy, it will tip over while going up rocky surfaces, and you might get hurt.  

Height Adjustment:

The lawnmower has to have multiple height adjustment options to let you have smooth mowing. An uneven lawn usually has a lot of obstacles in it. In order to maneuver around them, you have to change the height of the deck as well as the blade.

Rear Wheel Drive:

It’s probably the most crucial feature that you should consider. Typically, lawnmowers use the front wheel to maneuver around the lawn. The mowers that use front-wheel drive are best suited for flat yards.

Front-wheel drive lawn mowers are practically useless when it comes to going up steep surfaces. If you try to move your lawnmower 

Zero-Turn Capability:

Zero-turn lawn mowers are quite different from the standard type of riding mowers that use the front-wheels to maneuver itself. Zero-turn mowers are maneuvered by the rear wheels that are why they are better equipped for handling steep slopes.

Since these mowers can be turned fairly easily, they are also better suited for lawns that have a lot of obstacles like trees and bushes.  

Zero-turn lawn mowers are designed to be much faster than traditional lawnmowers. These mowers have a top speed of 5-7 MPH. 

If you need a lawnmower that can handle steep slopes then, you have to look for a Zero-turn lawn mower. 

Hydrostatic Transmission:

The mowers that have hydrostatic transmissions use a hydraulic pump to power the engine. These mowers can mow the lawn at different speeds. You can start and stop the lawnmower with ease. 

This feature also allows the mower to move smoothly on bumpy surfaces. So, make sure your lawnmower has this feature. 

Mowing Slopes Zero Turn Mower

Final Verdict 

As we have mentioned before, we had to test out a ton of lawnmowers to come up with our list. That’s because even though there are hundreds of excellent lawnmowers currently available in the market, very few of them can handle severe mowing conditions such as steep slopes.

We hope that our list has helped you figure out which one would be best suited for you. But we would recommend you go through the features of each of these mowers and check whether they meet your requirements. 

Also, go through our buying guide for getting a clear picture of what you should look for in a lawn mower that can deal with steep slopes.

Are you wondering what our top pick is? Our answer would have to be the Ultima ZTX4. That’s because no other lawnmower even comes close to the quality and design of this The Cub Cadet ZTX4. 

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