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Best Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers Review

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What if you get the best zero turn mower from the most trusted brand? You will surely be relaxed that you’ve got the best quality.

Zero turn mowers are great in mowing the lawn. And when it comes with the most reputed brand, then undoubtedly it becomes unmatched in performance, right?

Now as Cub Cadet produces numbers of zero turn mowers, then there is, of course, a possibility of wrong purchasing. But we always want you to win in buying your lawn mower!   

As you rely on us, we try to give you the effort. And be sure, our effort will be reflected in our best Cub Cadet zero turn mowers list. 

And with the detailed features of our mentioned lawn mowers, it will be easy for you to pick the best one for you. 

Then shouldn’t you start searching for the best one here? Of course. Then let’s start. 

Top Ten Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers 

Cub Cadet is the leading manufacturer of zero-turn lawnmowers. In fact, they have made some exceptional zero-turn lawn mowers in recent years. That’s why it was pretty tough for us to come up with a list of best Cub Cadet zero-turn lawn mowers.

After thoroughly researching and testing out some of the most popular Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers, we have concluded that the following mowers are the best zero turn mowers made by Cub Cadet: 

1. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 54″ Zero Turn Mower

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 54" Zero Turn Mower review
Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 54" Zero Turn Mower

The Ultima ZT1 is, without a doubt, one of the most popular zero-turn lawn mowers in the market. It’s from the Cub Cadet Residential Ultima series.

The mower is surrounded by a tubular frame that protects the engine from receiving any kind of damage. And it makes the ZT1 mower robust and durable. 

The front axle of this lawnmower is off-center. So, it will help rotate the mower around obstacles and cut grass near the narrow corners.

This mower is comfortable to ride. It doesn’t cause any vibrations, and the seat is adjustable. It even has a foot pedal that can be used to lift the mower. 

Features and benefits:


The ZT1 lawn mower features an AeroForce deck made of fabricated steel. AeroForce technology helps you mulch better in mowing. 

Deck-Wash :

This mower comes with a SmartJet deck wash. So it will easily clean the debris and grass clippings that get stuck to the deck. 


A 24 HP 725cc V-twin engine powers this lawnmower. This engine is from the KOHLER 7000 series, and it’s really powerful. 


This mower is ideal for you if your lawn has rolling hills and slopes. You can mow up to four acres of land with it.  

After reading about all of the exciting features of the ZT1 mower, we hope that it has become clear to you why the ZT1 lawnmower took the top spot on our list. 

2. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50  best Cub Cadet Mowers Zero Turn review
best Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50  Mowers Zero Turn review

We were impressed by the ZT1 50 lawnmower’s design, power, comfort, and performance. This mower is really fast, and it doesn’t bog down while going uphill. Most importantly, it has comfortable handles, and it’s effortless to control. 

It even has LED lights on the front of the mower. That means you can mow your lawn even if it’s dark outside. The only thing that we had an issue with was that the deck of the mower vibrates a lot while the engine is running. 

It also comes with a deck wash. It can even clean the debris that gets caught on the inside of the deck. 

Features and benefits:


A 23HP twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine powers this lawnmower. This V-twin OHV engine is from the FR series. It’s powerful and sturdy.  


This mower is quite fast, and its maximum ground speed is 7MPH. It can even mow in reverse, and its maximum reverse speed is 3.5MPH. 


It has a 50″ deck, and a triple blade mechanism is situated underneath the deck. These blades are extremely efficient at cutting grass.  

Fuel Capacity:

The ZT1 50 mower has a fuel tank with a capacity of 3.5 gallons. That’s why you won’t have to worry about changing the oil that often. 

We must say the ZT1 50 is an innovative lawnmower that’s made of premium quality materials. And you should definitely consider purchasing it. 

3. Ultima ZT1 42

Ultima ZT1 42 best Cub Cadet Mowers Zero Turn review
Ultima ZT1 42 best Cub Cadet Mowers Zero Turn review

This is the smallest model of the ZT1 series, and it has a 42″ deck. It’s best suited for you if you have a medium or large-sized lawn. It’s powered by a 22HP KOHLER engine that has an adequate amount of power output. 

It won’t face any issues while going up inclines, and it won’t get bogged down by wet grass. 

The engine doesn’t make any noise or vibrations. In fact, controlling this lawnmower is pretty straightforward.

It has a control section on the right-hand side of the mower. It consists of a key, a button for blade engagement, and throttle for speed control. 

Features and benefits:


This lawnmower is perfect for mowing lawns that have bumpy surfaces, steep slopes, and a lot of obstacles. It can mow up to two acres of land. 

Deck and blades:

It has a stamped deck made of 13-gauge steel. It has a twin-blade system under the deck. And of course, the blades provide superior cutting performance. 

Height Adjustment:

You can choose from 15 different deck positions. The height can be adjusted from 1” to 4.5”.   


The front LED lights illuminate the path, and which is why the user can even mow in low light conditions. 

Now, in brief, we can conclude that the ZT1 42 has a compact design, and you can maneuver it easily. It performs exceptionally well even in harsh mowing conditions. We highly recommend it. 

4. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 46

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 46 best Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers  review
Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 46 best Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers  review

The ZT1 46 is a zero turn mower that has a ton of exciting features. First of all, the seat and handlebars of this mower are customizable. And it comes with a deck that will help you in keeping your mower clean.

The floor pan of the deck is removable, and you can quickly get access to the deck by removing a bolt.

We must remind you that the ZT1 46 is a residential mower, and you shouldn’t use it for any other purpose. This mower can mow up to 2-4 acres of land, and it can easily deal with slight obstacles. It can also go up inclines of up to 15 degrees. 

Features and benefits:

Control and Transmissions: 

The ZT1 46 mower is controlled and maneuvered using two lap bars. You can also stop the mower using these bars. It also has hydro-transmissions. 

AeroForce Deck:

The 46” deck of this mower is made with 11-gauge fabricated steel. The integrated AeroForce technology provides durability and strength. 


The maximum forward speed of the ZT1 mower is 7MPH, and its maximum reverse speed is 3.5MPH.

Cutting Modes:

It’s a 3-in-1 lawnmower that’s suitable for mulching, bagging, and side discharge. It also comes with a mulching kit. 

On the whole, there are lots of reasons to like the new ZT1 46 zero-turn lawn mower. You can buy it with confidence. 

5. Z-Force S 60

Z-Force S 60 Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers  review
Z-Force S 60 best Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers  review

The Z-Force S 60 is the mower that you should buy when you’re thinking about long-term use. It’s a steering type lawnmower that has a deck size of 60”. 

It has really sharp blades, and they are quite durable. You won’t have to sharpen them that often. 

This mower won’t get damaged even if you hit hard obstacles such as wood or rocks. We tested the Z-Force S 60 mower out on some tall, rugged grass, and we were surprised at how well it had performed. 

The best part is it comes with a large fuel tank that can hold up to 2.8 gallons of gas. You can mow your lawn multiple times on that much fuel.

Features and benefits:


In terms of power source, a 25 HP KOHLER professional-grade V-twin OHV engine powers this lawnmower. 


It has a large 60” mowing deck made of fabricated steel. Underneath the deck, there is a high lift triple blade system. 

Height Adjustment:

There is a hand-operated lever that is used to adjust the cutting height of the mower. You can change the height from 1” to 4” by increments of .25”. 


There are two robust greaseable gauge wheels on this mower. There is also a premium nose wheel. They protect the deck when the mower goes over bumpy surfaces.  

It’s an exceptional lawn mower with innovative features. You can definitely consider it. 

6. Ultima ZT2 50 lawnmower

best Cub Cadet Ultima ZT2 50 lawnmower Zero Turn Mowers  review
best Cub Cadet Zero Ultima ZT2 50 lawnmower Turn Mowers  review

The ultima ZT2 50 lawn mower is best suited for residential use. It’s a sturdy lawn mower, and it’s pretty easy to use. It has a comfortable seat, and the controls are easily accessible to the rider. 

This mower can mow up to 2 to 5 acres of land on a single run. As it comes with a Bushel grass collector, you can use it for bagging. You can even move snow, dirt, or gravel by attaching the plow attachment to the ZT2 lawnmower. 

The ZT2 mower can even go up inclines of 5-10 degrees. You can also attach a towing hitch to the mower for carrying around your essential tools. 

Features and benefits:


This mower can hold up to 3.5 gallons of oil. You won’t have to worry about refilling the tank that often. 


It comes with a SmartJet deck wash system that uses pressurized water for cleaning the deck. 


The ZT2 50 mower is remarkably fast, and it has a maximum forward speed of 7.5MPH and a maximum reverse speed of 3.5MPH. 


It features a 20-inch-high back seat. The seat suspension system is made of a durable polymer. It will make the ride a comfortable experience for you. 

The ZT2 is one of the best zero turn lawn mowers made by Cub Cadet. It will help you in making your lawn look beautiful.

7. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT2 54

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT2 54 Zero Turn Mowers
Cub Cadet Ultima ZT2 54  Zero Turn Mowers

The ZT2 is a far more advanced lawnmower than the ZT1 model. It’s packed with exciting new features.

This mower uses a powerful 23 HP Kawasaki engine. And its ZT-2800 hydro-gear transmission system provides the user with smooth maneuverability. 

The transmissions are serviceable, and you can easily fix them if anything goes wrong. It has large 13” front tires. They can pivot for about 180 degrees. The tires are designed in such a way that they won’t damage your turf. 

You’ll be able to finish mowing your lawn quickly with this one. That’s because the ZT2 mower is agile, and its large tires provide the user with smoother rides. 

Features and benefits:


It features a square tubular frame that wraps the engine. It protects the engine from receiving damage, and it makes the mower durable. 


This mower can take care of slight hills and steep surfaces. You can mow up to five acres of land on a single run. 


A 23HP 276cc Kawasaki V-Twin engine powers this mower. And the engine is pretty strong and powerful. 


It has a heavy-duty 54” deck. The deck is made of 11-gauge fabricated steel. This deck also has a triple-blade system installed under it. 

Overall, buying the ZT2 would be a fantastic deal for you, especially if you consider the price.  

8. Z-Force SX 54

Z-Force SX 54 
best Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers  review

The Z-Force SX 54 is a high-end residential lawn mower that’s perfectly suited for lawns with a lot of hills and obstacles. It has a comfortable high back seat, and there is a lever under the seat for adjusting the seat’s position. 

You can control the front wheels with the steering wheel. Since it’s a zero turn mower, it has a turning radius of zero degrees, and you can easily mow around the obstacles like trees with this lawnmower. 

It comes with two fuel tanks, and you can choose the tank that you want to use by turning a knob. The tanks can hold a total of 5.6 gallons of oil. it will last for a long time as well. 

Features and benefits:

Height Adjustment: 

You can adjust the cutting height of this mower from 1” to 5”. 


The SX 54 is exceptionally fast, and it has a top speed of 8 MPH. The maximum reverse speed is 4 MPH. 


A 24HP professional-grade V-Twin Kawasaki engine powers the SX 54 lawn mower. 

Deck & Blades:

It has a robust 54” deck, and it is made of 11-gauge fabricated steel. The deck has a triple-blade cutting mechanism installed. 

To sum up, it’s a premium quality lawnmower, and you’ll surely love mowing with it. It’s definitely worth buying. 

9. Cub Cadet RZT SX 42

Cub Cadet RZT SX 42 Zero Turn Mowers  review
Cub Cadet RZT SX 42 
best Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers  review

The Cub Cadet RZT SX 42 is the most compact steering-wheel type zero-turn lawn mower in the Cub Cadet lineup. It features a 42” stamped deck and a twin-cylinder Cub Cadet engine. 

It has a nice padded seat, and there is a lever under the seat that’s used for seat adjustment.  

The fuel tank has a cutout that shows how much gas is left in the gas tank. There is also a tool holder and a cup holder on the right-hand side of the mower.

Apart from that there is the PTO switch and the throttle control on the right side of the seat. You can even mow in the reverse direction. 

Features and benefits:


This mower has a tilt steering column that has LED headlights installed on it. Thus you will have the ability to mow in low light conditions. 

Height Adjustment:

There are eight different height adjustment options available to you, and you can change the height from 1.5″ to 8″.


It has a compact 42” deck made of 13-gauge stamped steel. 


It comes with EZT 2200 hydro-gear transmission. And the transmissions are efficient and consistent. 

The SX 42 is a well-designed lawnmower. It has many fantastic features, and you can add attachments to it to increase its functionalities. 

10. Cub Cadet RZT SX 50

Typically, a zero-turn lawn mower doesn’t have steering wheels, but the SX 50 mower is an exception to that. Cub Cadet has incorporated the hydrostatic pumps with the front steering wheels.

This mower has all the benefits of a zero-turn lawn mower, and it’s also designed like a lawn tractor. That’s why it’s effortless to maneuver.

The RZT SX mower is remarkably stable, and it can handle steep slopes without facing any issues. Cub Cadet’s proprietary EFI engine powers it. And the engine doesn’t require any kind of chokes for starting. It also operates quite well in cold weather. 

Features and benefits:


It has a robust full-length frame that’s made of 12-gauge steel. 

Height Adjustment:

The RZT SX 50 mower features an eight-position height-adjustment system. The deck height can be changed from 1.5” to 4”.  


There are two greasable wheels on this mower that protect the deck from receiving any kind of damage during mowing.


The mower has a top speed of 7 MPH. It can even mow in reverse, and its maximum reverse speed is 3 MPH.

After all, it’s a long-lasting mower that has impressive cutting performance. You should definitely consider purchasing it.  

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers Buying Guide

best Cub Cadet Mowers Zero Turn Buying Guide

Now that you have read about the best zero turn lawn mowers that Cub Cadet has to offer, we are going to explain to you which factors you need to consider before buying a zero-turn lawn mower. 

Here are the aspects that you have to consider before purchasing a zero turn mower made by Cub Cadet:

Engine Power 

The overall performance of your lawnmower ultimately depends on its engine’s capacity. Typically, the engine’s power output is calculated in horsepower (HP). The more HP, the engine of a lawnmower has, the better that mower is at cutting grass. 

Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers usually use KOHLER engines or Kawasaki engines. Some of them also use Cub Cadet’s proprietary engines as their power source.

The quality of the engine heavily depends on its brand. So, we suggest you buy a zero turn mower that uses a Kawasaki engine. That’s because Kawasaki engines are unmatched in terms of quality and performance. 

Cutting Deck

The width of the cutting deck is an essential factor to consider before buying a zero-turn lawn mower. And the cutting width of the mower depends on the size of the deck. 

Many people think that having a bigger deck will make it easy for the lawnmower to cut grass. But they are wrong. That’s because if the mower has a large deck, it would be really tough for that mower to move around obstacles. 

That’s why you should buy a lawnmower that has a medium-sized deck. The width of the deck should be from 42” to 54”. 

Fuel Capacity

The zero-turn mowers that we have listed above are gas-powered riding lawn mowers. That means these mowers need gas to operate. So you have to check the fuel capacity of the lawnmower before purchasing it. 

If the mower has low fuel capacity, then you’ll have to go through the hassle of refilling the gas tank from time to time. So, we suggest you buy a mower that has a fuel capacity of at least 3.5 gallons. 

Zero Turn Capabilities 

You should know that the zero-turn lawn mowers are much more expensive than regular lawnmowers. But if you have a large lawn, then this investment would be worth it. 

The zero-turn lawn mowers have a turning radius that’s virtually zero degrees. That means they can quickly turn around obstacles without facing any problems. This enables the mower to mow around tight spots and edges. 

Zero-turn mowers have better maneuverability than any other type of lawn mowers. That’s why you should check the zero-turn capabilities of the mower before buying it. Otherwise, you may have to face some Cub Cadet zero turn mower problems. 

Weight of the lawnmower

The weight of the lawnmower should also be considered. If the mower is too heavy, it would be difficult for you to maneuver it. On the other hand, if it’s too lightweight, then the mower won’t be able to perform well. You should buy a zero turn mower that weighs 500 lbs. To 600 lbs. 

Final Verdict

Finally, we suggest you buy a zero turn mower that best suits your needs regardless of what other people have to say. Don’t just go for the lawnmower that’s the most popular in the market right now. Rather you should consider what type of lawn you have and buy a lawnmower accordingly. 

If you are thinking about the cost of the lawnmower, then we can assure you that we have only included lawn mowers that are budget-friendly on our list. 

All of the lawnmowers on our list of Cub Cadet zero turn mowers are excellent, but still, we want you to buy the best one. That’s why we suggest you buy the Cub Cadet ZT1 54″ zero turn mower.

It comes with an AeroForce deck, and it’s cutting ability is unmatched by any other lawnmowers in the market. 

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