How To Adjust Belt Tension On Riding Lawn Mower

How To Adjust Belt Tension On Riding Lawn Mower? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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A riding lawn mower is a very convenient tool to make a large lawn lovely and eye-catching. You know a riding lawn mower is made up of different parts. Among them, the lawn mower’s belt plays the most effective role to keep the device on. 

All lawn mowers have a belt that connects the engine to the wheels. It also has a significant role in keeping the lawn mower’s blades moving.

But what will happen if any fault arises, especially when the belt is loose?

It can create problems with the movement of the lawn mower! So do you drive your lawn mower with a loose belt? Note that it will not be the work of a wise person at all.

I guess you don’t want to do this unwise work. Then you have to know the right process of adjusting belt tension.

Are you worried about how to adjust belt tension on riding lawn mower? Push away all your worries.

In this article, we will highlight the possible solution to adjust belt tension on a riding lawn mower. 

Stay with us and sharpen your knowledge.

The Process To Adjust Belt Tension On Riding Lawn Mower

Before starting the task, we need to focus on some tools. These tools make your task easier and comfortable. 

You don’t need a huge amount of tools for adjusting the belt. Only a wrench or a plier is needed for the completion of the task. It will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete this task with these tools. 

How To Adjust Belt Tension On Riding Lawn Mower

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Activate Parking Mode

First, take the lawn mower to a flat surface to facilitate work. Press the parking brake. It brings the mower to the parking mode.

Step #2: Disconnect Battery Cable

Disconnect the lawn mower’s power cable from the battery. This will protect you from being electrified.

Step #3: Pull Lawn Mower Deck Upwards

Some lawn mowers have a plastic or steel deck on top. Pull the deck upwards to find out the belt. Most lawn mower belts are black and made of rubber. The belt is also known as a drive belt. 

Step #4: Locate The Bracket

After locating the belt, you will notice that a spring is attached to the main body of the mower. A bracket is used to attach the screws with the main body. With the help of the bracket, two screws are used to attach the spring with the main body of the lawn mower. 

Step #5: Loosen The Bracket Screws

Now, take the wrench. Loosen the screws by rotating them in a counterclockwise direction.

Step #6: Don’t Remove The Screws

When you loosen the screws, you will see that the bracket and the belt will be loosened. No need to remove the screws from the bracket completely.

Step #7: Adjust The Belt

This time, pull the bracket back and forth. Check the belt repeatedly while pulling the bracket to make sure it is tight.

Step #8: Tighten The Screws

When you feel the belt is tight, settle in that position. Take the wrench and tighten the screws by turning them clockwise. Check the belt again when the screws are fitted.

Step #9: Replace The Deck

If the deck needs to be removed first, then re-establish the deck in its position.

Step #10: Reconnect Power Cable

Reconnect the power cable to the battery. Turn on the power of the lawn mower. Check that the lawn mower is working properly.

How To Adjust Belt Tension On Riding Lawn Mower?


  • Since a lawn mower is an instrument, you should check well after any repair. Because any kind of bad repair can lead to major accidents.
  • Before making any kind of repair, be sure to have the Mower engine properly shut down.
  • Keep your children away when repairing a lawn mower.


  • When dealing with belts, be careful of cutting blades. Because the belt and the cutting blade are positioned nearby which can be dangerous for you.
  • Before starting work, go through the user manual carefully to avoid any kind of unforeseen accidents.
  • If there is still a problem with the belt, then definitely seek the assistance of an expert.

Final Verdict: 

Adjusting the belt tension on a riding lawn mower is not a tough task. Following the above-mentioned steps can make the task easy and simple.

Cutting blades do not work properly when the belt is loose. So, it is recommended to check the belt after a few days intervals when the lawn mower is regularly used. 

And Always be concerned about safety measures. Because a small problem can cause a big accident.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to learn how to adjust belt tension on riding lawn mowers

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