How To Build A Go Kart From A Lawn Mower Engine

How To Build A Go Kart From A Lawn Mower Engine? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Recently one of my friends wants to build a go-kart from his lawnmower engine. But he faced so many difficulties when he disassembled the lawnmower engine and built a go-kart from it. Just because he didn’t know the proper process.  

I guess you are facing the same issue. That’s why you are here. Right? No worries. I have a perfect guideline for you to remove all of your difficulties.  

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Actually a go-kart is a small and light cart driven by small horsepower engines. You know you don’t need to give a huge effort into making a go-kart. If you have a lawnmower, then you can easily build a go-kart at home. Seems great! Right? 

In this article, we will give you a perfect guideline on how to build a go-kart from a lawnmower engine. 

So, without delay, let’s build it. 

The Process To Build A Go-kart From A Lawnmower Engine

How To Build A Go Kart From A Lawn Mower Engine

Actually, for building a go-kart, you need patience and enough time in your hand. It’s a little bit of tricky work. So, you must keep your concentration in the time of building a go-kart. 

Now, at first, let’s have a look at what you will need to build a perfect go-kart at home.

Required tools: 

  • A lawnmower engine
  • Driveshaft cog
  • Axle cog
  • Chain
  • Stainless steel sheet

After collecting all the required tools. follow the steps outlined below to get a proper guideline.

Steps to follow:

Step #1: Remove The Mower Engine

Disconnect the spark plug of the mower and remove the oil drain valve. Pour the full oil in an oil pan. Wait until the tank is fully vacant. 

Remove the lid of the gas tank and also vacant it properly. Tilt the mower in its sideways and wait until the gas is fully drained.

Locate the linkage of the throttle cable with the engine. Remove the screw by using a socket wrench that holds the linkage cable in its place. 

Now, find the starter of the mower and disconnect the cable that attaches it with the engine. 

Tilt the mower at it’s sideways to access the underside of the mower. Take a socket wrench and remove the screw that basically holds the engine in its normal position. 

Remove the drive belt from the pulley and store it in a safe place. Now, hold the engine with both hands and lift it from the lawnmower house. Carefully place it in a safe position. 

If you are buying power tools for this project like a reciprocating saw or an angle grinder we suggest carrying out some research first using a power tool review site, our favorite at the moment is Tool Inspector.

Step #2: Preparation For Installation

Take the proper measurement of the mower engine. According to the size of the engine, you need to prepare a go-kart frame. 

Now it’s time to make a go-kart frame that is properly fitted with the mower engine and capable of taking the weight of the engine. 

Draw the basic dimension of the frame on a flat surface. This will give you better ideas about the size and dimension of the frame. 

Step #3: Make The Go-kart Frame

First, cut the bumper frame of the bumper and use a drill machine to drill holes into it. Attach some tubes in the drilled hole to complete the back of the bumper. 

Now, take a square tube for making the axle of the frame. Cut it 1”x1” section and weld 2 bolts at both ends of the tube. Weld the prepared axle under the base of the go-kart frame. 

Take a stainless steel or metal sheet and drill holes in it to attach it with the base of the go-kart frame. Use bolts to attach it. Tighten the bolts properly because it acts as the base for the go-kart. 

For installing the seat, you definitely need a brace. Take a brace and weld it with the frame. 

Make the go-kart frame

Step #4: Install Steering, Brake Tabs, Spindle Bracket, And Footrest

Cut a 4”x11” gauge section of the tube and weld it with the frame. It will act as the steering tabs of the go-kart. Now, loosely insert a 1” additional spacer with the shaft close to the steering hoops. Drill 3 holes at the end of the shaft and maintain equal distance when drilling the holes. 

Now, attach the steering hoop assembly correctly with the kart. Maintain a 90-degree angle between the shaft and the steering hoop. 

After attaching the steering hoop assembly, install the brake and throttle of the kart. You know these will help you to control the kart. Install them at the front part of the kart. 

Weld a spindle bracket with the front axle. This should remain 1” above the front axle.  

Use a rod for making a footrest for your passenger. Take a rod and bend it by using a hammer. Weld it with the frame of the go-kart for the comfort of your passenger. Don’t forget to weld an orbed ⅜” with the front axle of the go-kart. 

How To Build A Go Kart From A Lawn Mower Engine

Step #5: Install Motor Mount And Other Accessories

Weld the motor mount at the back of the go-kart. This motor mount is used to place the mower engine over it. 

Weld a throttle cable guide bracket and a brake tab with the frame. Use a hammer if the bracket is bent. 

Now, install the seat of the go-kart and attach it with the frame by using bolts. 

Step #6: Install The Motor And The Gearbox

Align the gearbox of the kart properly with the rear axle. Use bolts to attach it accurately. And always try to use 16 teeth sprockets in the gearbox. These teeth basically control the transmission ratio of the gear. 

Attach the manual drive belt between the mower engine and the gearbox. If you do not have a drive belt, you can purchase it from the local automobile stores. 

Finally, use a throttle linkage cable to attach the throttle with the carburetor. Now, clean the whole kart properly to remove all kinds of dust from it. 

That’s all. Now, your go-kart is ready to roar. 


  • Make sure there is no leakage in the mower engine fuel tank. If any leakage is found, just fix it. 
  • Wear proper safety clothes to avoid any kind of unforeseen accidents.

Final Verdict

I think you got the perfect guideline that you were actually looking for. You know building a go-kart is not the fact of money, it’s all about measurement and concentration in the time of working. 

It’s a time-consuming task but once you build it, it really not only gives you the taste of freedom but also exhilarates your mind.     

I hope, now you know how to build a go kart from a lawn mower engine. 

Now, it’s your turn. Build it at home and enjoy the freedom!

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