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12 List Of Best Toro Mower Parts Near Me

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Toro lawn mowers are so effective, no doubt. But what if any of the parts become dull or damaged. You can’t expect good service with faulty parts of your Toro mower.

Then what is the solution? Of course, the replacement of the damaged parts.

But you know finding the perfect replacement for Toro lawn mower parts is a little bit tricky.

You have to consider several factors here. But you don’t need to go through any hassle!

Want to know why? Just because we have come with Top 10 Toro Mowers parts that will surely meet your demand to have a perfect one for you.

Let’s explore. 

Top 12 Toro Mowers Parts Toro Mower Parts Near Me

In the following list of Toro mower parts, we will reveal some of the best replacement parts of your Toro lawn mower. We will also discuss their pros and cons in great detail.

Hopefully you will find here the best replacement of your Toro Mawer’s part.  So, without any further delay, let’s begin: 

1. Toro 22″ Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P

Toro 22" Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P

This replacement blade is specifically made for Toro riding mowers and Toro recycler mowers. When we tested it out on our lawn, we found that this blade is fantastic to make straight, clean cuts even if the grass is tall or wet.

It comes pre-sharpened. And it’s a durable steel blade that can be sharpened multiple times.  

Features and benefits:

  • This blade is tailor-made for mulching, and it has toothed edges.
  • It has a length of 21.68 inches and a width of 2.25 inches and a thickness of .15 inches. 
  • There are three holes located at the center of the blade that have a diameter of .38”. 

This product would be an excellent replacement blade for your Toro recycler mower for sure. 

2. Toro 114-1585 Trailing Shield

Toro 114-1585 Trailing Shield

Most of the Toro lawn mowers feature a trail-shield. And these shields prevent any kind of debris from hitting the blade of the mower.

You know this trail shield has excellent quality, and it’s also fairly easy to install.

Features and benefits:

  • The 114-1585 trailing shield is compatible with Toro recycler mowers and mowers from the Golden series. (note: trailing shields are different to Trail Lawn Mowers.
  • It’s quite lightweight, and it weighs around .308lbs.
  • It’s made of plastic. 

The 114-1585 trailing shield is quite well-designed, and it’s long-lasting as well.  

3. Toro 120-5218 Rear Baffle

Toro 120-5218 Rear Baffle

It’s an authentic Toro OEM replacement part, and it’s specially made for being used on Toro walk-behind lawn mowers. The installation process of this rear baffle may seem a bit tricky. That’s why we suggest you follow the instructions carefully while installing it.

Features and benefits:

  • This rear baffle is made of hardened plastic. 
  • It’s compatible with multiple Toro recycler models. Just search your mower’s model number to figure whether it would fit your lawnmower or not. 
  • This product weighs around 10.4 ounces. 

4. Harbot LV195EA 640350 Carburetor + 34443D 34443A Ignition Coil + 36905 Air Filter

Harbot LV195EA 640350 Carburetor + 34443D 34443A Ignition Coil + 36905 Air Filter

Although this product was originally made for Toro recycler lawn mowers, it can also be installed on a lawn mower made by Lawnboy. In fact, it includes a carburetor, an ignition coil, and an air filter.

Remember, this product doesn’t come with any instructions related to the installation process, and it might take a while for you to figure out what you should do.

Features and benefits:

  • It fits engines that are made by Tecumseh, such as the LEV100, LEV120, LEV195XA, etc.
  • It’s compatible with almost all Toro recycler models and some Lanwboy models. 
  • This replacement kit also includes a spark plug, a fuel line, and a primer bulb.

You know if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on repairing your old mower, you should go for the Harbot replacement parts.

5. Toro 115-4695 8 Inch Wheel Gear Assembly

Toro 115-4695 8 Inch Wheel Gear Assembly

This gear system is made for Toro 22” recycler mower models. But remember this wheel can only fit mowers that have rear-wheel drives. It has a radius of 8 inches, and it’s resistant to wear and tear.

Features and benefits:

  • It can replace recycler models from 2002-2008. And from 2014 and onwards. 
  • It comes with a claw-tread design. And this pattern increases the wheel’s traction with the ground. 
  • This wheel also has a .5-inch hub made of steel. 

This wheel gear assembly is perfect for replacing the rear wheels of your Toro recycler mower. It’s also cost-effective. 

6. Premium aftermarket Part 22″ Recycler Traction Cable

Premium aftermarket Part 22" Recycler Traction Cable

This aftermarket traction cable for Toro 22” self-propelled recycler mowers will make sure that your mower runs smoothly even in adverse conditions. It’s easy to install, and it’s almost identical to the original in terms of quality and function.

Features and benefits:

  • It is compatible with Toro recycler mowers that have front-wheel drive.
  • This traction cable has a length of 68 inches, and its conduit distance is 54.5 inches.  
  • One end of this cable has a spring, and the other one has a z-shaped bend.

Overall, this aftermarket traction cable has premium quality, and it’s also really durable. You should consider it.

7. 106078, 106637 NEW 3 PK Blades for 48″ riding mowers Toro

Premium aftermarket Part 22" Recycler Traction Cable

This product features three lawnmower blades (3-pack) for Toro riding lawn mowers. These blades are really sturdy, and they will provide you with a high-quality cut. Most importantly, these blades are made with highly durable alloy steel.

Features and benefits:

  • These high-lift blades can replace the OEM blades of Toro 106078, 106637 models.
  • They are only compatible with 48” mowers that have wheel horse decks. 
  • Each of these blades has a length of 16.06 inches. And the center hole has a diameter of .75 inches.

These blades are effective at lifting the grass and then cutting them into small pieces. They have sharp edges, and they provide consistent cutting performance.

8. Toro 115-8447 Side Discharge Chute

Toro 115-8447 Side Discharge Chute

Have you lost the side discharge chute of your Toro lawn mower? Well, fear not, as Toro has already made a replacement side discharge chute for your convenience. It has better quality than the OEM chute, and it comes at a budget-friendly price.

Features and benefits:

  • This side discharge chute is easy to install, and you won’t even require any tools for that. 
  • It’s compatible with dozens of Toro lawnmowers. 
  • It has a length of 8 inches, a width of 8 inches, and its height is also 8 inches.

Mowing the lawn in side-discharge mode is much faster and it saves you that hassle of emptying the bag while mowing. And you need a quality side discharge chute for that. So, you should consider buying this product. 

9. Carbhub Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 

Carbhub Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton

If you have an old Toro or Troy-Bilt lawn mower lying around your garage and want to revive it, this kit will come in handy. It includes a carburetor for a Briggs and Stratton engine, an air filter, a spark plug, and a primer bulb.

Features and benefits:

  • This kit fits all of the Toro, Craftsman, and Troy-Bilt lawn mowers that have a Briggs and Stratton 122000 engine.
  • It’s also compatible with mowers that have four-cycle engines. 
  • This product also includes some accessories such as a fuel valve, a fuel filter, and six clamps. 

It only took us about 12 minutes to install this kit on our lawnmower. And it made our old rusty lawnmower operate as if it was as good as new.  You should consider purchasing it.  

10. Toro 117-1018 V-Belt

Toro 117-1018 V-Belt

This Toro drive belt is made for Toro front-wheel-drive lawn mowers. In fact, it’s made with premium quality materials. This belt has been thoroughly tested in order to make sure that it can perform well even in harsh conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • This replacement belt has a length of 32.375 inches and a width of .375 inches.
  • It’s compatible with 22” FWD Toro push mowers from 2009 and later. 
  • This belt will provide you with better clutching, and it will increase the lifespan of your mower.

This v-belt will increase the efficiency of your drive system and that’s why you should think about buying it. 

11. Antanker Replacement Toro 105-1815 PK2 Wheel Gear

Antanker Replacement Toro 105-1815 PK2 Wheel Gear

Do you want your lawnmower to perform effectively? If so, then you should replace your old parts with some high-quality components.

 And a great example of that would be the Antanker replacement wheel gear. These wheels are highly durable, and they can generate a massive amount of traction with the ground.

Features and benefits:

  • This wheel gear fits all Toro recycler mowers from 20001 to 20111. 
  • It has a radius of 8 inches, and its bore has a radius of .5 inches.
  • It has a claw-tread pattern. 

These wheels will work as an outstanding replacement for your mower’s OEM wheels. And it will only take you half an hour to install them. 

12. Toro 105-3040 Recycler Rear Wheel Gear Kit

Toro 105-3040 Recycler Rear Wheel Gear Kit

This product includes replacement gears for Toro recycler mowers that have rear-wheel-drive. And this gear system will ensure that the self-propulsion of the mower keeps running smoothly. But remember that the gears need to be installed properly. 

Features and benefits:

  • This product includes pinion gears, thrust washers, retaining clips, and springs.
  • This kit is only compatible with Toro RWD mowers that have the part number 105-3040. 
  • The gears are made of metal, and they have a combined weight of 2.39 ounces. 

This wheel gear kit will restore your lawnmower’s rear-wheel-drive system, and it comes at an affordable price.

Final Verdict

After going through our list of best Toro mower parts, you should have a clear understanding of each product’s features.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement for your mower’s blade or you want to install new wheel gear on your self-propelled mower, you’ll definitely find a product that best suits your needs. 

Since our list contains a variety of lawn mower parts, we cannot recommend any particular product that you should buy. That’s why we suggest you carefully check your mower to figure out which parts require a replacement.

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