Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener (2022)

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Are you having trouble cutting the overgrown grass on your lawn lately? Chances are that your lawn mower blade has lost its sharpness.

But you don’t need to throw away the dull blades just yet. All you need is a quality blade sharpener to restore the edges of the blades. 

The market offers many convenient options for your needs, but how do you choose given all of the choices? And, how can you possibly choose the right one within your budget? Check our analysts’ list of the best lawn mower blade sharpeners to get the answers.

In this content you’ll learn:

When Does Your Lawn Mower Blade Needs Sharpening?

Almost every lawn mower blade needs resharpening at some point. Sometimes, you may have to resharpen sooner than your usual intervals. Your lawn mower with dull blades will start to reveal notable signs.

Uneven Height

It’s the most obvious sign to detect problems with the blade. Dull blades can’t maintain uniform speed while cutting the grass. And it results in uneven grass height in random order.

Multiple Passes

Uneven ground, slopes, rough lawn terrain will require more passes. The same goes for tougher grass varieties. Poor cutting of the grass will force you to make additional passes.

Lengthy Mowing

Dull blades can no longer deliver precise cutting of the grown turfs. The blades keep struggling to slice the grass. And it eventually leads to a noticeably slower cutting speed.

Harder Pushing

Also, you may have to push the lawn mower harder than usual. The blade will generally struggle further with taller, thicker grass. This means more physical energy to make the lawn mower work.

Torn or Ripped

Harder push and slower speed put extra force on the blade’s rotation. That’s when the blades start ripping or tearing off the turf. You can identify the issue from uneven slicing.

Dented or Bent

Observe the blades closely under natural light. Dents actually mean a slightly broken or missed portion along the edge. The presence of dents or bends around the edge confirms dullness.

The warning signs are almost linked to one another. One problem leads to further problems. So, you must pay attention to the mowing to detect any of the issues listed above.

10 Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Reviews

Almost all the available options can sharpen different tools at a time. Fancy ads can lead you to purchase the wrong sharpener, but we have only listed the absolute best lawn mower blade sharpeners.

Let’s dive into the expert reviews to explore our top choices.

#1 OMB Warehouse Blade Sharpener (RBG – 712)

The brand new RBG 712 aims at simplifying the task of blade sharpening, and the OMB Warehouse product seems to handle standard lawn mower blades.

You can achieve razor-like sharpness for the dull blades with excellent precision. Its preset blade guide will let you restore the blade’s factory flattened edge.

Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Features and Benefits

Powerful Motor

A built-in ½ HP motor delivers up to 1725 RPM speed for the disc. And the power remains consistent to ensure optimum sharpening. You just need to connect the 15Amp device to a 110V outlet.

Extended Usability

It can effectively sharpen almost any type of flat blade, but reverse left-hand and standard right-hand blades achieve the best result. The design even lets you grind any length of the blade edge.

Optional Collector

RBG 712 is committed to reducing wheel dust and wheel dressing. Attaching an excluded collector bag will lessen your cleanup. It also encourages your workshop safety without any flying debris.

High-Quality Parts

Extremely durable 11-gauge formed steel shapes the entire exterior. Its 7″ sized fast grind remains intact to deliver unrestricted sharpening of blade edges. That’s why the disc lasts many years.

Consistent Angle

The sharpening angle measures a non-adjustable 30° for the grinder. You should use it on straight blades like mulching or gators. No adjustment settings make it unsuitable for chipping or non-flat blades.

#2 All American Blade Sharpener Model 5005 (Gen 2)

The Model 5005 Gen 2 is a versatile tool to work with most blade types. All American Blade Sharpener managed to design the perfect tool here.

Its well-efficient mechanism can sharpen the blades almost effortlessly. Expect precise sharpening of the lawn mower blades to slice the grown grasses.

All American Blade Sharpener Model 5005

Features and Benefits

Usable Design

This compact design enables high portability anywhere, anytime. You can keep it attached to your truck or trailer with the mounting bracket. The bracket can even hold it to a vice or benchtop.

Pivoting Head

The featured pivoting head helps with the blade sharpening with consistency. It keeps the angle uniform, especially for the mulching blade. You’re free to sharpen one or even both edges at once.

Angle Adjustment

Model 5005 allows you to sharpen the right-hand and left-hand blades. The minimum locking angle is 15° against a maximum of 45°. And the built-in angle settings are available at a 5° increment.

Flapper Wheel

Integration of a functioning flapper wheel gets you precise grinding performance. It also covers a 24-grit up to the 60-grit range for the action. You can handle standard and high-lift blades from there.

Easy Sharpening

The machine allows easy assembling with simple operation. An articulating arm holds the grinder in a consistent position. It also keeps the blade steady to ensure uniform sharpening of the edges.

#3 SHARPAL 103N All-in-1 Tool Multi-Sharpener

Do you have many tools in the garage to require frequent sharpening? Well, SHARPAL has a universal solution to all your sharpening needs.

The multi-sharpener is ready to resharpen everything in your workshop, and its excellent performance is sure to meet your desired satisfaction.

SHARPAL 103N All-in-1 Tool Multi-Sharpener

Features and Benefits

Abrasive Sharpening

Its premium abrasive material ensures absolute sharpening performance. It actually consists of carbide with ceramic, this durable combo should withstand more than 10,000 field applications.

Multiple Functionality

There are five different sharpening parts with three slots for proper angles. It allows you to restore the edges of almost anything and the optimal angles are ready to sharpen or hone the intended tools.

Versatile Application

The sharpener can handle almost any tool except serration. It goes for a knife, scissors, scraper, shear, single/wide bevel blades. Of course, you can also reset the sharpness of your lawn mower blades.

Fully Secure Handling

The Featured 1.375″ wide hand-guard keeps a safe distance from the sharpening bars. So, no more worries about your hands. Its oversized handle will give your gloved hand enough holding space.

Additional Features

The non-slipping rubberized base ensures steady sharpening and the lanyard hole enables consistent abrasion. Also, you can achieve different preset angles for different tools without adjustments.

#4 Oregon 88-025 Lawn mower Blade Grinder

The metal grinder is one of the most useful sharpeners for lawn mower blades. Oregon develops the manual grinder to reset the precisely cutting sharpness.

A powerful yet secure operation will make the invalid blades fully workable in seconds. It’s an economic as well as ergonomic choice for conscious buyers.

 Oregon 88-025 Lawnmower Blade Grinder
Lawnmower Blade Grinder

Features and Benefits

Powerful Motor

It promises to deliver consistent power to sharpen your blades. The non-reversing motor generates 1/3 HP output for grinding, and the rotating disc features about 1750 RPM speed constantly.

Height Settings

Simple height adjustment settings let you handle blades of any size. Proper height will ensure optimum edge sharpening in no time. However, you can only sharpen the blades in one direction.

Grinding Stone

The sharpening process uses an 8″ sized Oregon grinding stone. The stone remains intact while shaping the blunt or dull lawn mower blades. It also restores the factory sharpness with precise grit.

Optional Features

You can mount an additional light using clips to focus on the edges. Also, Oregon leaves several options to make other attachments. You can purchase a grit dresser focusing on light & balance tools.

Easy Operation

The device can handle any length of cutting edge for standard lawn mower blades. Manual powering reduces the chance of accidental starts. Still, a built-in safety switch keeps the sharpener off-limits.

#5 MB Machine LLC Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

MB Machine brings in a highly effective sharpener for grass-cutting blades. The device works with all types of grinders for the process.

Setting up the assembly requires only one to two minutes. After that, you can save the guesswork from resharpening the blades by yourself.

MB Machine LLC Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Features and Benefits

Portable Design

Its unique framing allows you to carry the sharpener anywhere comfortably. The assembled device can easily be attached to a bench. Also, you can even use its built-in mounting option for storage.

Proper Angle

The featured vice head holds the lawn mower blade in a steady position and the articulating arm allows you to attach the grinder. This combination enables precise sharpening of blades at the right angle, every time.

Universal Adapter

Additionally, it includes a universal adapter pin to work with standard grinders. In fact, almost all grinders can work with the pin. It helps you work on extremely damaged blades to bring back their sharpness.

Flapper Wheel

The disc should measure 4.0″ or 4.5″ in diameter for general use, but you should stick to the 4.0″ sized disc for lawn mower blades. It’s preferable to use a 60-grit or 80-grit flapper wheel for dull blades.

Head Settings

The integrated head remains adjustable to handle different types of blades, so it works on standard and mulching blades. But the actual sharpening angle is always fixed within the machine.

#6 All American Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Model 5000

Another top-notch design from the All American Lawn Mower is ready for the job. Although the Model 5000 is slightly inferior to the Model 5005, you don’t have to compromise with the precise sharpening in any way. A built-in pivoting head handles the essential steps for you.

All American Mower Blade Sh
All American Mower Blade

Features and Benefits

Portable Design

It’s best to use a mounting bracket to store the sharpener. It should keep the device safe inside your truck or trailer while carrying it. The design allows you to attach cordless grinders for additional portability.

Flapper Wheel

It features a standard 24-grit to 60-grit flapper wheel for grinders, we suggest choosing a matching 4.5″ sized disc for the best result. However, you’ll have to purchase the grinder separately.

Adapter Pin

You don’t have to worry about the grinder’s suitability with its universal adapter. The adapter pin comes with a perfectly sized M8X1.25 thread. This combination supports almost all standard grinders.

Easy Sharpening

Its optimum sharpening can be used for the standard and mulching blades. The initial setup only takes a few minutes to get ready. You can even sharpen multiple lawn mower blades at once without defects.

Steady Action

The featured articulating arm keeps the used grinder in position, the blades will hold their steadiness undoubtedly. Thus, you can achieve a precise angle while sharpening the steel.

#7 Lovppy Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

It’s an option for anyone looking for a specialized lawn mower blade sharpener. Lovppy comes with a full package to resharpen your dull blades.

You’ll get three 2″ x 2.5″ sized sharpeners with one included balancer. Adequate quantity with exact sharpening is obviously worth the money.

Lovppy Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Features and Benefits

Upgrade Version

The latest design features several upgrades from the earlier designs. Its protective double-layer base comes with a spring-loaded buckle. The upgrade also provides greater precision with additional safety features.

Durable Materials

The sharpening grinder is made from premium-grade corundum. Its superb strength, durability, and consistency offers a cleaner sharpness. The reusable material is also resistant to wear, tear & self-abrasion.

Blade Balancer

The package includes a usable lawn mower blade balancer, however it only works from model 42 to model 100. You can instantly check the cutter balance to ensure an even sharpening of the blades.

Wide Application

You can use the sharpener on several other tools in addition to lawn mower blades. You can use it with a power drill or hand drill, it will effectively work with both. It can effectively sharpen knives, rototillers, shovels, and other.

Simple Operation

It only requires 10 seconds to complete the full setup. The double-layered multi-rotary whetstone is very accurate & fast. Therefore, you can easily set the preferred grinding angles for the blades.

#8 Professional Electric Knife & Tool Sharpener (WSKTS2)

Work Sharp comes with a perfect sharpener to handle all your tools. Its improved design pushes its integrated features to the limit.

The pro-level device needs no expertise to get the best results and you can restore the edges of many garden/workshop/garage tools.

Professional Electric Knife & Tool Sharpener
Electric Knife & Tool Sharpener

Features and Benefits

Two-Speed Motor

A featured two-speed motor ensures an exact output power. Its lower speed enables full control over the sharpening process. Still, you can have the blades sharpened in minutes.

Improved Design

The design incorporates coarse, medium, and fine grits to deliver optimum performance. It can handle almost anything in your workshop, you can even consider knives, scissors, or edged tools.

Flexible Belts

A built-in belt allows you to enjoy the pleasure of professional sharpening. Its consistent running restores the dull edges of your lawn mower blades. Also, the strap makes the process simple and fast with a fluid rotation.

Sharpening Guide

An included guide aims at achieving the proper sharpening angle every time. You can change the angle from 20° to 25° depending on the tool type. It comes with a scratch-resistant leather lining.

Accurate Edging

An additional guide holds the entire knife/blade all the way to its tip. Again, its design enables simple flipping of the blades/knives. You can expect absolute edging consistency while sharpening.

#9 SHARPAL 121N Dual-Grit Diamond Stone Tool Sharpener

Do you want something simple rather than the usual sharpeners? Well, SHARPAL designs a simple yet highly effective stick for the job.

You can handle almost anything with a pocket-sized sharpener. Its ergonomic design also makes the manual process easy & effortless.

 SHARPAL 121N Dual-Grit Diamond Stone Tool Sharpener
Diamond Stone Tool Sharpener

Features and Benefits

Diamond Stone

The sharpening aspect features a high-quality monocrystalline diamond stone. Its exceptional strength imparts impressive durability. And the stone’s hardness won’t let the sharpener fall apart or break down easily.

Dual Grit Design

The stone features two different grits to accomplish the desired sharpness. Use the coarser (325-grit or 45-micron) one for initial sharpening, and the finer (1200-grit or 9-micron) one helps with the honing.

Superb Tech

Its built-in Dia-Uniform tech offers consistent & precise sharpening. The Diamon-Duo tech holds the exterior diamond coating and the MirrorFlat Surface tech ensures even contact with the edges.

All-in-1 Action

This simple device restores the original factory-made sharpness for all kinds of tools. It works for knives, edged camp, garden tools – you name it. You can even sharpen pointed tools, like fishhooks & drills.

Solid Support

The one-piece solid stainless steel exhibits a diamond coating throughout the exterior, and the ergonomic handle is made of a high-quality polymer. Its resistance to skid keeps the handle steady in your palm.

#10 Work Sharp WSKTS-KO-W Ken Onion Tool Sharpener

Renowned knife maker Ken Onion teams up with Work Sharp to manufacture the sharpener. The design is serious about keeping your tools sharp all along.

And the overall quality stands uncompromised and satisfactory from every aspect. Many upgrades make it the ultimate device for any cutting-edged tool.

 Work Sharp WSKTS-KO-W Ken Onion Tool Sharpener
Ken Onion Tool Sharpener

Features and Benefits

Variable Speed Motor

The 1.5Amp 120V motor can handle every sharpening task. Its varying (1200 SFM – 2800 SFM) speed covers grinding to honing. Grinding removes the dullness, while honing makes the edges smooth.

Adjustable Guide

The edging angle allows adjustability within an integrated range. To set the guide, you can select the bevels between 15° to 30°. It should help you achieve the exact sharpness of any lawn mower blade.

Flexible Abrasive Belt

The high-quality abrasive belt makes uniform contact with the steel edges. A strong, even, convex edge will make the blade shine like new. Also, the consistent edge can ensure prolonged sharpness.

Multi Functionality

You don’t have to limit its use to lawn mower blades only. Its expanded action can handle common household and garage tools. You can easily resharpen knives, gut hooks, serrations, scissors, and edge tools.

Precise Sharpening

No initial setup time is necessary to start sharpening your blades. It doesn’t need calibration or initial testing to check for the results. The outcome is always accurate, fast, uniform, and repeatable.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener?

Not all sharpeners can meet your requirements while maintaining your budget. There are different choices with many variations and features. It’s important to know the essential facts when choosing your ultimate lawn mower blade sharpener.

Sharpener Power

There are two types of sharpeners: electric and manual. 

Electric sharpeners have motors that require a nearby outlet, but the manual sharpeners run by hand-induced rotational power.

Manual sharpeners are considerably slow to deliver the desired sharpness; while motorized electric ones can accomplish the task in two/three minutes, but you’ll have to check for the HP/RPM.

Most of the sharpeners offer 1/4HP up to 1/2HP for about 1700RPM. Higher HP means further efficiency and faster output. But anything more than 1/2HP will increase the prices significantly.

Also, there are three different types based on the design: handheld, drill attachment, and angle grinder. You can opt for simplistic handheld ones to sharpen blades to maintain smaller lawns.

Drill attachment and angle grinders are preferable. Drilling sharpeners require expert hands to avoid overdoing the process. In contrast, angle grinders can handle other sharp tools.

Overall Usability

Do you just want to sharpen the lawn mower blades only? Or, do you have several other tools that require sharpening? The answer will decide whether you want a single or multipurpose sharpener.

You must ensure the device’s usability on flat blades designed for mowing. Almost all of the common ones can sharpen standard and mulching blades. You may have to look further on non-lawn mower blades.

Multipurpose machines should relieve you of the confusion. The sharpener can restore almost anything from your garage, but always contact the seller or manufacturer to ensure its suitability.

Sharpening Material

This specifically refers to the abrasive material used for sharpening/grinding. The material can vary from product to product, depending on the intended use. However, most options feature either carbide or corundum.

Affordable devices settle for carbon-rich carbide instead of corundum. It offers great stability, strength, and consistency in shaping the edges. Corundum is superior to carbide and comes with the drilling sharpeners.

Guiding Angle

Sharpeners should have an element called ‘a guide’ to ensure proper angle. The angle defines the slope from the edge to the core. Sturdy plastic is often used to make the guide in order to set a balanced blade holding.

Standard lawn mower blades require about 30° to 45° angle for resharpening, but not many sharpeners are available with angle adjustments. The angle in manual ones is mainly fixed to one specific degree.

Whatever you do, don’t press the grinder too hard on the working blades. It can eventually damage the guide to change the actual angle and so you won’t be able to achieve the rightful sharpness anymore.

Simple to Operate

You obviously don’t want to handle difficult-to-operate sharpeners. That’s why you should skip the drill-attached ones. Only professionals or experts can effectively handle its highly sensitive sharpening.

Also, pay attention to your own safety while doing the work. Wearing gloves and goggles can protect your skin/eyes from flying debris. Always maintain a distance from the high-speed grinder.

Several sharpeners offer convenient mounting options. Look into the mounting brackets used by professionals. Don’t forget to check the optional or additional features you may have to buy separately.

Other essential points like quality, frame, and durability should be examined. The longevity depends on careful application & frequency of use. Anything else like lights, grit dresser, or dust catcher would be a plus.

How to Use a Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener?

Of course the sharpening process is noticeably different for the reviewed options. However, each one shares some common steps to accomplish the task.

  1. Setting up the sharpener with the necessary tools in your garage is the first step.
  2. Removing the blades from the lawn mower to clean the material would come next.
  3. Properly grind and hone the blade as per the opted sharpener’s user manual.
  4. Maintaining balance is essential to ensure constant sharpening of the edges.
  5. Reinstall the resharpened blades into the lawn mower assembly to finish the task.
  6. Test the lawn mower on your lawn to confirm precise, consistent, and uniform cutting.

Some lawn mowers don’t allow the removal of the blades from the assembly. You should check for other options to resharpen fixed lawn mower blades. It’s always good to remove the blades to get the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a lawn mower blade sharpener actually work?

Answer: Of course. You’ll have to maintain the right angle with proper grit.

What grit is the best for sharpening lawn mower blades?

Answer: CAMI scale from the USA determines 60 – 80 grit for lawn mower blades.

How frequently should I sharpen the lawn mower blades?

Answer: Sharpen the blades every 25 hours of cutting or twice per season.

When do the blades need replacement instead of sharpening?

Answer: One rule of thumb implies annual replacement instead of resharpening.

Do I need razor-like sharpness for the lawn mower blades?

Answer: Average sharpening is fine, as extremely sharp blades become dull quickly.

When do I need to sharpen my lawn mower blades?

Answer: Poor slicing or uneven cutting height usually indicates a need for resharpening.

Do the new lawn mower blades require any sharpening?

Answer: No. New blades are sharpened perfectly while being manufactured.

Wrapping Up

You can’t expect blunt blades to make uniform or precise cuts and that’s why you must invest in a good-quality sharpener. Any of our best lawn mower blade sharpeners can resolve the issues efficiently.

We would like to suggest the All American Model 5005 Gen 2 as the best. It specializes in sharpening the standard lawn mower blades. The compact sharpener holds everything necessary for a dependable outcome.

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